100 thoughts on “John Kasich: ‘Everyone Wanted To Play Santa Claus’ After Economic Growth | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. The Republicans trash the budget & the Democratic’s take 8 years to fix it, Obama fixed it & here we go again, this guy is part of the problem & not the solution ?

  2. Nonsense, the Democrats are the ONLY ones who have addressed the debt in the last 25 years. But this last sweep, the GOP absolutely totally owns this one. STOP blaming the Democrats when the GOP is totally in control. When did the GOP ever work with Democrats to fix anything on this. I have blamed the Democrats in the past, but this time it is REPUBLICANS.

  3. Same neocon trickle down economics BS. For decades they have been giving the rich and corporations tax breaks. And every time they tell us it's going to create jobs. We will be better off.
    Instead what we have gotten is decades of stagnant wages and reduced benefits. An unstable work environment.
    And after giving these tax breaks they then turn around and tell us we need "entitlement" reform. Medicare and Social Security are entitlements that you paid for out of every paycheck.
    They give tax breaks to the rich then turn around and pick your pocket. They say "we can't afford it ".
    Consider the following. America is about 4% of the world population and its people controls about 40% of the world's wealth. About 20% of that wealth is controlled by only 1% of Americans.
    So we're supposed to believe that American corporations cannot afford to pay living wages and our government cannot afford to fund the programs that we have directly pay for out of every paycheck we have gotten.

  4. are u serious u don't know why trump thinks like that ? he doesn't care about ANYONE. why politicians and news ppl so afraid to risk sounding biased by pointing out that simple fact?

  5. The more trump emphasizes his innocence, the more guilty he appears and remember also, that trump has not a shred of proof to back his lies, whereas Cohen and others have provided physical proof of the habitual lies coming from trump. Keep twittering trump – you are simply digging your own grave, and all around you know it too! He is too laughable to be taken seriously; IMPEACH trump now! Don't let him destroy any more of America than he has done already. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  6. Get elected, spend your unborn grandkid's taxes and yell "I don't care", "I won't be in office that long". Trump mentality

  7. I'm suprised people want to run for office. The coming economic calamity could be worse than 2008. Possibly as bad as 1896 when the silver shortage caused a 14% unemployment rate ? I wouldn't want to captain that sinking ship.

  8. Kid just died on the border. Wonder how long until MSNBC video comments accuse Trump of murder. Will start count now: 2:26pm ET.

  9. It's already over the cliff, and you are right, I worry about my grandchildren, and what they are facing, in the future. What Trump has done is bury their future, as I see it.

  10. Not "Everybody" Mr. Kaisich…..Mr. G. W Bush and especially Mr. Liar-in-chief Trump wanted to cut taxes on themselves and their friends. Mr.Obama had to save the economy from Mr. GW Bush which he did and then the Repugs took the House and Senate. Are you prepared to raise taxes on the filthy rich and feckless? Are you willing to control the health insurance companies and big pharma…..how about huge Agra which brings us ebola and salmonella every other week while raising prices? I lived through the inflation of 1980 looks like we're right back there and we know who the enemies are.

  11. If you know anyone who works for the Federal Government, they will certainly tell you how crazy it is the way they spend your tax money!

  12. Trump represents a radical shift in power.
    This Power was taken from the elites. The same elites trying to install a one world government.
    A government set out to control all carbon molecules (all food, water, life) by taxing it.
    The unelected bureaucrats and the fake news media are affecting a civilian coup against a duly elected official.

  13. I have never been a fan of John Kasich, but at list with this kind of republican would the whole world be in a much better shape than it is now…

  14. No amount of proof will be sufficient for the GOP to admit their emperor has no clothes.
    When 45 eventually loses what is left of his tiny a-Brain and begins running around on the White House grounds naked, the GOP will lavish him with compliments & praise on his new stylish attire.

  15. How about we start buying smart in the military? These ridiculous contracts with weapons manufacturers are insane. We spend so much money on the military and so much of it is waste. We build too many tanks that are just sitting. We need to spend this money on infrastructure!

  16. All liberals, what if you make $12 an hour, and hear that in Mexico City you can do the same job and make $32 an hour, and even better, the government will give you up to $800 a month for food, and things like soap and laundry detergent, and pay part of your rent allowing you to actually save money, would you do it? Be4cause that is what all Mexicans and Hondurans are doing to use. YOU American citizen are responsible for the debt our nation borrows to pay for it, they are not!!! They lie saying it is dangerous and gangs? Detroit, Chicago and parts of LA are even more dangerous, and in fact LA is dangerous from the Latino gangs!!!! The Jews are behind this, the Jews promote race mixing because they hate the white race for always following Jesus Christ. The Jews are anti Christ Satanist for the most part and as such hate the white race, they want to have a lower brown race to rule over with all white race Christians gone off the earth. Why do you think Hollywood Jews push non-stop race mixing only against the white race?

  17. If you live in a out and out capitalist society, this is what happens, companies move where it’s cheapest unfortunately. I wish the GM workers the best of luck though, unemployment sucks.

  18. John Kasich is one of the few that uses common sense. He is right about the deficit and also about letting the justice system do it's job unhindered. He will never be elected saying unpopular but truth. He is also too middle of the road. That is unfortunate. Credit card debt (and government debt) is out of control not only because of stagnant wages but also the "I want but don't want to earn" syndrome.

  19. These corporations don’t have to always put their shareholders first. If your business model is greed, and money first, then this is true. If your business model is to be compassionate to your employees, then you will put your workers first. And there was a day, in this country when that was true.

  20. Kasich just went off the rails too. That 'budget deal" was about ARMS SPENDING and the Dems simply enforced the matching rule for FUNDS FOR THE CITIZENS.

  21. Mr. Kasich your "criticism" of the GOP reigns hollow as you don't ask for the rich who's taxes have been low for decades and the average American has to work multiple jobs because businesses low ball their workers on wages. Even if wages went up its not keep up with the cost of living especially in the South and parts of the Midwest ironically areas that voted for Trump.

  22. Biggest mistake is the huge tax cuts for the wealthy by the republicans. If tax cuts were to happen it should of been to those that are the engine of an economy the working middle class. Just look at the stock market that has no legs and the ballooning debt. Unemployment was 0% during slavery so give the unemployment zombie statements.Corps have turned full time jobs to part-time jobs where no benefits are paid of course more openings at stagnated wages

  23. Bottom line is all that crap they talk about is unimportant. It's just a huge well orchestrated distraction while billions of dollars are being stolen, and the government is being dismantled. The money is all going to the rich and big corporations. We are borrowing to give to the rich!!! And Kasich has been running from way back, but dozens are running, and the Democrats are working hard to find someone who cannot win to run for President in 2020. No Republicans, No Democrats, just paid flunkies of the Plutocracy.

  24. I often disagree with positions of Kasich. However, I respect his HIGH MORAL CHARACTER and focus on GOOD GOVERNANCE. He is a serious leader for serious times. I hope GOP re-locates its principles and decides to dump the boring out of control criminal in office and replace him with a decent principled leader like Kasich. That would Make America Great Again

  25. Most family's I know have 3 jobs per household, I work the equivalent of 2 full time jobs per day and just getting by… the wages do not match the cost of living

  26. Trump said he would erase America's debt in 8 years. It's now bigger than ever. When this promise was made, the national debt stood at $19 trillion; it has since risen to $21.7 trillion. In the fiscal year ending September 30, it grew by $779 billion, up 17 percent from $666 billion in fiscal 2017. This year, after the Trump tax cuts take full effect, another $1 trillion worth of government IOU's will be issued.

  27. Here's a clue , get big donors and corporate money out of politics, US has plenty of money, just spent on stupid things by very dumb politicians

  28. you can be sure before Trump leaves office America will be bankrupt and his shell companies will be rich because he is still a spotted leopard, this is why the rich are not allowed to rule, money is corrupt , so is our current leader.

  29. MSNBC, please make a gap between the story and "please subscribe text". Sometimes it's hard to understand ending. Or, even better do it via text, not via people talking. This is the only reason why I conciser unsubscribing.

  30. MSNBC, please make a gap between the story and "please subscribe text". Sometimes it's hard to understand ending. Or, even better do it via text, not via people talking. This is the only reason why I conciser unsubscribing.

  31. Lost me at investing in “job-creating companies”, Kasich. We’ve given them an irresponsible amount of money and all they’ve created is bigger bank accounts for the guys at the top. Eff that

  32. Republicans " Government can't run anything efficiently, especially healthcare, therefore we can't afford it" spends over half the budget on military, trillions a decade.

  33. John Kasich plays a good game, but he would spend more on war and military and screw the elderly and the disabled.. He is just another republican!

  34. It takes a chunk of sleazy human garbage like Trump to make another sleazy woman hating chunk of human garbage like Kasich seem decent . All the repubs have is sleazy chunks of human garbage .

  35. John Kasich is a coward…
    i will vote for the trump, before i vote for this coward… he has done NOTHING against the trump
    he will NEVER get a vote from me… he should fade away like Ryan, and all the rest of the coward GOP who refuse to stand, refuse to fight the trump… the trump will get my vote before any of the traitors

  36. Why do politicians always compare Government Spending to personal Spending they are not even close to the same animal. Any economist will tell you… to compare them is to compare apples to pigs … Not even close to the same animal !

  37. Now maybe I have no idea what I am talking about but I have this suspicion that the US could benefit if politicians turned some of their focus away from constant growth and towards a sustainable state.

  38. The last two administrations who reduced the debt in the last 40 years were democrats. Clinton left with a surplus, and Obama reduced the deficit from 900billion to 650.

  39. Being grilled by a BLACK WOMAN must have frosted Trumps balls to the nth degree. Orin Hatch is a mush as a POS as POTUS. How did the orange dickhead win out over this guy?

  40. kasich and flake are empty barrels until they actually vote FOR healthcare, did either one of them vote against the tax cut for the richest 1%?

  41. Wasn't it awesome when John said in an interview a couple of months ago on CNN that "McCain was put to death"? The swamp knows the truth, but would rather keep the brainwashed, Mockingbird Media viewers in the dark. Wake up and think critically.

  42. Isn't it amazing he had to mention that Dems were at fault too for the ballooning deficit — never mind that as the Minority party, they had zero say in the matter.

  43. Gov.John Kasich is a lying fraud he supported the Trump tax cuts. Now he's complaining about the deficit , elect a clown expect a circus.

  44. McCain considered Lieberman as V.P.. It's not out of the realm for a moderate Democrat to consider Kasich.
    It's time to bring civility back to America.

  45. He was talking about the end of the Clinton Administration. Kasich was the Chair of the house budget committee and worked with Clinton to balance the budget ( 2 or 3 years) in Clintons second term.. And then what happened is Bush came in and immediately gave huge tax cuts to the rich, which put us back into deficiets, and then on top of that the war in Iraq which really killed this. It sounds impossible now, but Kasich worked with a Republican majority and got a ton of moderate democrats to actually pass balanced budgets.

    Kasich will never win against Trump because most of the early primary states up until Super Tuesday are southern uneducated states. With the way the Republican party is an the primary schedule is laid out… you need to carry a gun, a bible and a white sheet with holes iin it to win the Republican nomination.

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