JoJo Siwa Makeover at Miranda Sings 10 Million Subscribers Party!

JoJo Siwa Makeover at Miranda Sings 10 Million Subscribers Party!

(yelling) ♪ It’s Vlogmas, Vlogmas and
it’s time to celebrate ♪ ♪ Vlogmas ♪ (jolly music) – Good morning everyone! Are you dancing, can I
see your dance moves? Let me see your dance moves. Oooh! Those are some tappy feet. What are you doing? Why do you have these? What’s this all about? Did you get into the drawer? Do you like having a
Christmas tree in the house? Yeah, there it is, it
goes all the way up there. Today is going to be a super busy day. We have family pictures
that we’re gonna do. Are you grabbing my ear with those? What are you doing? Don’t grab my ears. I’m not a piece of meat. You found my ear? Where’s your ear? That’s my ear, where’s Duncan’s ear? There it is! Where’s your eye? There it is! Where’s your nose? Where’s your chin? Good. You’re so smart. (baby talk) – Oh yeah? Oh, you’re cooking? Yeah? Are you gonna get ’em? Are you gonna get ’em? Anyway, we have to get ready
for this family photoshoot. We’re doing our Christmas
photoshoot today, then the kids are performing in a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, and then maybe perhaps, we’ll go to LA. I’m not sure if that’s happening or not, depends on how Colleen’s feeling, but we wanted to go say
congratulations to her for hitting ten million subscribers on her Miranda Sings channel. (baby exclaims) Yeah, ten million subscribers,
can you believe it? Why do you have those, I
still don’t understand? But before we do any of that stuff, we need to go get this guy a haircut. You know what kind of
haircut you’re getting? – Yeah, the one with the swirl and then on my hair it’s like almost, well, it’s short in the back, but not too short. And then after, I’m gonna have my side burns done. – So, curly, short in the
backside, side burn baldness. – I’ll explain it when we get there. – [Chris] Okay. Oh, looking slick, dude. – I like it. – You like it? It looks good, you look good. We are back home now, and it is time to decorate our Christmas tree. Are you gonna help? No, you’re not gonna help? What did you find? You found some more lights? I think we got enough lights, Jacob did a really good
on the lights yesterday. Look how many lights are on this tree. That’s a lot of lights. (Christmas music) (Darth Vader sounds) Put that on the tree? – [Parker] This one’s mine. – [Chris] Oop. – [Jacob] Can I take that
one that’s too heavy? – No! – [Chris] Oh, man. – [Jacob] Here’s another good one for him. – [Chris] Oh, man. Take it, and you put it on a branch. Okay, here. Can you do it? – [Parker] This one’s not my best one. – [Chris] Almost! Whoa, oh, man. Oh, man. Almost. You did it, yay! Good job. – More? – [Chris] More? Yeah,
let’s find some more. (Christmas music) – Mr Grinch, they are here. – Have you found any cool ornaments? – Yeah. – What’s your favorite so far? – Aww, classic. – We were doing the born day of Jesus, and this is Jesus and
it is Duncan right now ’cause I don’t… ’cause now I’m not baby and it goes in there. And Max is one of the persons who was at there. Where’s my other Max? – [Jessica] You have another Max? Oh, over there. – They are going to (mumbles) and this is just a dress stand I designed. – [Jessica] Oh, it’s a dress? Okay. – And this is Daddy, Mommy. – [Jessica] Which one’s Mommy? The silver one? – [Parker] Yeah, the silver one. – Nice, sparkle princess. – [Parker] We need to get more of these so we can do our set-up again. – [Jessica] You wanna make
your own Nativity set, is that what you’re saying? – Yeah, I wanna make this again. ‘Cause it’s so fun. I wanna untangle these. – [Jessica] Wait, this is a problem. – I know, I wanna untangle
them but I don’t know how. (laughter) – [Jessica] This? Oh my word. – The knot was really hard but I did it. I got my favorite one! – [Jessica] Nice buddy! – The tree’s really coming along but I think there’s one thing missing. And I think it’s down here. It’s creepy Santa. Crusty old Santa Claus
came from Jessica’s family. I don’t know its full origins but just look at how
jolly and creepy he is. I mean, if that’s the not the face of someone who sees you
when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake, I don’t know what is. (dramatic suspense music) – Oh my goodness, I am a mess. I way over scheduled our day today and I knew it going in but I
didn’t see anyway around it, so I just did it and I was
like maybe we’ll pull this off. And guess what? We’re not really pulling it off. We had meetings this morning, and like getting a video up, and then the kids wanted to
decorate the Christmas tree. We got half way. We got half way. We forgot to do our advent calendars. The kids have their Christmas
tree lighting ceremony tonight and Colleen has a ten million celebration, little like family party that
she’s having at her house, and I scheduled family photos for today. If you’re not a parent
who’s done family photos, you may not realize what that means. But basically it’s like the
hardest day in existence. And I had no clothes for, like, anybody. So I ran to the store to buy
some clothes for the kids, basically at the time the
photos were supposed to begin, and now we’re like hauling
buns to get the photos, our clothes still might not match or like they might be a mess so
we’ll see about that. And then plenty of
traffic on the way back, and that’s where the kid’s
pictures are, and then… It’s a mess. We’re trying so hard to
get everything done in time before Parker has to go on and do surgery, so I’m cramming a lot into
a little amount of time. – So we’re taking pictures
in this cool little area over here that I’ve never been to before but there’s like a little bridge, and a stream and trees and rocks. We’re in the magic hour here, Duncan. Ready for the magic hour? Yeah, you are. (upbeat music) – First of all, that was ridiculous. We did a pretty good job, the lighting was beautiful, the location was perfect, the big kids were on it, Duncan was eighteen months old. We would all stand to take the picture, everybody would be smiling, and Duncan would show us his belly button. We have so many pictures
of Duncan’s belly button because basically all he wanted to do was either show us his belly button or point at the photographer or he really liked pointing to his nose. So, we have a lot of proof that Duncan knows where his nose is. – Where’s your nose? – Duncan would try to like crawl away and he like wanted to look at
the nature and everything so so we’d be like okay, fine, crawl away. We’ll just take a picture
of me and Christopher and it’ll be like a cute couples photo. We would get together for the picture and Duncan would immediately run to us, turn around and like
smile or do something. Like, the exact opposite
of what he wanted to do when we wanted him in the photo. But then it looked like the
photo with me and Christopher and our one child when
we have four children. And Duncan would be at our feet, so it was like us and
like a little blonde head peaking up by our lower regions. What? We’ll see. Katie, our photographer, my dear friend, and the mother of all
our kids’ best friends, and just a brilliant
photographer, wonderful woman, she showed me some of the
pictures and like really, the lighting, the location, everything about it is so beautiful. But we’ll see how they all turned out. I don’t know, we’ll see. It’ll take her a couple days
to get them all over to us. Duncan was very very funny. This is a great memory of that time when he was eighteen months old, for sure. – Okay, we’re here, that’s the tree that they’re gonna light. It’s that one there behind us. And the kids are gonna sing some songs. Are you ready for some songs? – Yeah! – Yeah? (jolly music) They’re gonna start, are you ready? Yeah, let’s do it! Let’s watch the show! ♪ It’s the most wonderful
time of the year ♪ ♪ It’s the happiest season of all ♪ ♪ With those holiday greetings
and gay happy meetings ♪ ♪ When friends come to call ♪ ♪ It’s the most wonderful time ♪ ♪ Of the year ♪ ♪ Sing, come let us adore him ♪ ♪ Peace has come for our King is with us ♪ – Do not be afraid or behold, I bring you good times of great joy which will be to all people. For there is born due to this day in the city of David, a
savior, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be sign onto you, lying wrapped in sweating
clothes lying in a manger. ♪ Noel, Noel, ♪ ♪ Born is the King of Israel ♪ ♪ By the light of that same star ♪ ♪ Three wise men came from country far ♪ ♪ To seek a King was their intent ♪ ♪ And to follow the
star wherever it went ♪ ♪ The birthday of Jesus,
born in Bethlehem. ♪ ♪ Christmas, it’s Christmas ♪ ♪ Christmas once again ♪ ♪ The birthday of Jesus,
born in Bethlehem ♪ ♪ We thank you, Lord Jesus ♪ ♪ That you came, Amen ♪ ♪ That you came, Amen ♪ (applause) – [Chris] You see the tree? Watch the tree. – [Everyone] 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! (cheering) – [Chris] It’s beautiful. You like the tree? It’s pretty. You guys did great! – Thank you! – That was awesome! We’re at Colleen’s house now. And we’re having baked potatoes. (upbeat music) ♪ Happy ten million subscribers to you ♪ (all talk at once) – Thanks, did you get this? (mumbles) – Thank you. – That looks like one
of those wafer cookies. – It does, it looks like
one of those delicious– (all talk at once) Do you make a wish for a
ten million subscriber cake? – [Everyone] Speech! Speech! Speech! (laughter) (cheering) – [Chris] We love a pantomime speech. – I’m gonna get a piece of cake! ‘Cause it’s ten million subscribers. – [Jessica] How long do you think until Parker King of Gymnastics
hits ten million subscribers? – One year. (exclamation) – [Jessica] One year til ten million? – [Chris] Let’s make it happen, people. – [Jessica] Let’s make it happen. When you hit ten million,
do you want a cake? Or what are you gonna do to celebrate? – I’m gonna throw a slumber party. – [Jessica] Ooh, with who? – Everyone in the family! This is my piece. I cut my first cake! – Can I cut my piece? – [Colleen] You feel that? – [Chris] You feeling kicks? We’re playing Mafia right now. Jacob’s moderating. – [Jessica] If it’s Grandpa. – If it’s Grandpa. – [Chris] Oh yeah, grandpa. – Okay, guys. Grandpa has been D! – [Jessica] He’s been disappeared? – [Colleen] Oh, so Dad was not Mafia? – He was the… – [Jessica] Was he the magician? – The magician! – Come to this town! Find out everybody that
has been disappeared! (background talking) Magician, open your eyes. (laughter) Everybody open this land
of mysterious futures Rachel has been disappeared. (talking at once) Okay, vlogging time! (mumbles) – [Rachel] Oh, come on people! – [Jessica] Parker
thinks it’s… (laughter) (talking and laughing over each other) – Hold on, you are a disappearing
(talking over each other) (shouts) – Eric has been disappeared! – Oh no. – [Jessica] Oh no, Eric you got
disappeared by the magician. – Who think it is? – [Rachel] Who think it is? – [Chris] Who think it is? – [Rachel] I think it’s Grandpa. – [Man] It’s Grandma. Everybody knows it’s Grandma. (laughter) – Who’s voting Grandpa? – [Colleen] Oh are we voting? (laughter) (talking over each other) – Who thinks it’s Grandma? (laughter) – [Jessica] She made it
shockingly far considering. – It’s Grandma. (laughter) – Aunty Panty has been disappeared. – What? Who disappeared the pregnant woman? Get vengeance from my death. – So we got Aunt Rachel, and Eric. And who votes Eric? And who votes Rachel? – Do I get to defend myself or is that it? (laughter) So, it’s not me. (laughter) That’s my defense. – [Jessica] Remember he’s an actor. – What a performance that was. (laughter) (all shout over each other) – [Chris] Parker just
dominated that round of Mafia. He killed off everybody
and was the only one left. – Parker’s not verbal,
he’s not even playing. – I was the magician! I tricked you all! – That was the best round ever. That was the best one ever. – [Chris] He played all of us. – Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! – [Jessica] Is Jojo there at the door? – There’s no hair to put it in. – [Jessica] I love that you’re doing this and it was like this much scalp. (laughter) – Yes! – [Jessica] No, they figured it out. – [Rachel] That’s gonna fall right off. – [Chris] Let them D-R-E-A-M. – I’m sorry! (all talking over each other) (upbeat music) – [Jessica] Yeah, clip it
in mostly with the JoJo bow. (laughter) – [Jessica] Oh my gosh, Parker! – It’s so heavy! – [Jessica] Can you D-R-E-A-M? – Huh? – [Jessica] Can you D-R-E-A-M? – It might fall off. (all talking at once) (laughter) – [Jessica] I can’t even handle this. – Hey gal! – [Colleen] D-R-E-A-M! (laughter) – The worst part about this is this is not the first time
that I have done your hair. – [Jessica] No, you’ve done it a lot. – I know. – I didn’t ask for this. And she didn’t really ask either, she just kinda grabbed my hair was like, “You’re doing it next.” – Well yeah, maybe you
don’t have enough hair. – [Jessica] D-R-E-A-M, Colleen. (jolly music) – Wait, are you just gonna
stand there holding it? – [Colleen] Well, your hair’s too short. It’s not gonna work. – That’s your plan? – [Jessica] Dream, D-R-E-A-M! Do it. – [JoJo] Yes! I learned that from you, buddy. – [Jessica] He’s really upset that you have it on right now, not him. Oh my god, you’re so cute! – I present to you– (laughter) Okay, this game is called Mafia. Everybody knows this in our town. And our town is named Mafia. – [Colleen] I love that! – I love when the title’s in the movie. – ‘Cause it always has
moths, all over the– – [Colleen] Moths? – [JoJo] It’s Mothia. (laughter) – Mothia. – [JoJo] Flying moths? Mothia? – [Jessica] And what’s the game called? – Mothia. – [JoJo] With like a flying moth? The game’s called Mothia? Yes, it is. (laughter) – Actually, there’s a magician
who comes and disappears. – [Colleen] We were already gone? (laughter) Abrupt. – [JoJo] No time to
debate anything, sorry. – And it’s night time
in this mysterious land. Go to sleep! – [Chris] Parker. Great job. – [JoJo] Good job, dude. – [Chris] Good job moderating. How many people did he disappear that you did not ask to be disappeared? – Well, I wanted Eric, and
he disappeared Colleen. Then I wanted Eric and he said no, so that I put it Jessica and
you both have been disappeared. – [Colleen] And then when
Eric got disappeared, we both got disappeared. – Yes. – I feel like I unjustly got
disappeared in this game. Anyway, I think that’s our last round, we gotta head home. But, congratulations, ten million! – [JoJo] Oh yeah, this
is a ten million party. – [Jessica] Yeah, there’s cake! – [JoJo] Happy ten million to– – [Colleen] We already
did it, we already did it. (laughter) – Hello, welcome to the end of the vlog. You made it. Today, I’m giving a shout out to Emma B, if you would like shout out, be sure to leave a comment down
in the comment section because everyday we’re
picking someone from there, and we’re giving them a shout out here, and don’t forget to like
this video if you liked it. Thanks for watching, everybody!

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