Jon Taffer Lets The Liquid Lounge Have It | Bar Rescue (Season 5)

Jon Taffer Lets The Liquid Lounge Have It | Bar Rescue (Season 5)

Is it disgusting? Yes. Do you know it’s
disgusting? I guess it is. I don’t get it, why is this
place such a (BLEEP) hole? How much longer
until we close Rob? At this rate maybe
3 months. 3 months. So keep
doing it guys,and you lose your
job and it’s over.
Come on in here Rob.
Now it gets intense.What’s going on
back here?
You have dirt behind
here, or mold. Just touch it with your hand
you can feel how gross it is. Let me show you guys something.
This is why her drink stinks. Cause you never clean
your soda guns,so when you push the button, see
how the syrup comes out first,
before the soda does? That’s
how filthy it is inside. That’s why it sucks.
What the hell is this? Raemone:
To rim the cups for
the margaritas. Jon:
So this is what we’re
rimming the cups
for the margaritas with?How does that look?But I’m not done!This is where they
put the pour spouts, so it starts filthy and then
it’s downhill from there.You think this was
bad? Come with me.
Tiffany, talk to me.Tiffany:
This hasn’t been cleaned
in probably a year.
You got stuff in here unwrapped,
that needs to go in the trash, you got all of this down here
that you’re serving people. I mean look at this fricken
place! When is this from? Do we know? No, of course
not. When the hell is that? Do you understand that
this entire place is cross contaminated
with bacteria? I don’t even want to
breathe in this room. Everything here
is disgusting. Rob if you can’t
clean this bar up, then you owe it to
society to close it. But you cannot operate
it like this.

8 thoughts on “Jon Taffer Lets The Liquid Lounge Have It | Bar Rescue (Season 5)

  1. I fuckin can’t stand that look from these ineffectual chefs where you can tell they’re so fuckin dumb they don’t even care that they’re killing the business they work for

  2. It's quite amazing how people think they can just open a bar and don't understand the importance of marking everything with date, keep it clean, make sure the staff know what they are doing etc.

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