Jon Taffer Walks Out On Black Light District – Bar Rescue, Season 4

Jon Taffer Walks Out On Black Light District – Bar Rescue, Season 4

( bleep ) go home.
We don’t want you here
anyways. Oh, really?
Here’s my view. You think I’m an idiot
but you’re the idiot. And you know
why you’re the idiot? Cause it’s on you. Cause your ego
will destroy anything. Well, go back to the airport and fly the ( bleep )
out of here. Good luck
on your corner. Dave:
I’m aggravated just because
the whole point
of all this
was to do
upgrades we needed with his touch
and to make money off it.But I just
don’t think the guy knows
what he’s talking about.
Oh, ( bleep ). Jon:Guys…– Yes?
– I just wanted to say
goodbye to you. – I’m leaving.
– You’re leaving? I mean,
he says all day long he’s going to change
the cocktails when I leave. He’s going to change
the bar back when I leave.He is such a jerk,
he is so negative.
So I’m asking my crew
to pull out. I’m not remodeling
your bar. I wish you guys
the best but I will not
be involved with him. – Good luck.
– Sorry, Jon. Good luck, guys. Having Jon walk out knowing
my money’s in the bar, I feel that I don’t knowif I’m going to get
my money back.
He’ll always be my friend
but I just won’t
ever do business
with him again.
I was excited
that Taffer had a vision
for us but…
you know, I mean, Dave being Dave
just kind of… ruined things. Hey, guys. We’re not going to remodel
this bar. We’ve always helped people
that are worth helping. Yeah. The fact of the matter is this owner hates
the cocktails we’re doing, is going to sell us out
and get rid of them
the next day.And he’s going to change
the sign back tomorrow,
change the cocktails
back tomorrow
and, you know, this
is all of our reputations.And it’s unfortunate
for the staff,
but integrity
is everything.
So let’s pull everything
out of there. Let’s get our gear,
let’s get all our equipment
out of there, and then let’s go
to the next one. And let’s hope
that the next one is a barand an owner
who’s worthy of it.
Okay? All right. Let’s get everything
out of there, guys.

100 thoughts on “Jon Taffer Walks Out On Black Light District – Bar Rescue, Season 4

  1. Yeah and you know what you are talking about with a failing bar. You are a HUGGGGEEE IDIOT
    Someone needs to take that dumb hat off your head an shove it up your ass

  2. Some people can't be pulled out of the gutter… just like a pig, they're happy wallering in their pigsty!

  3. If you couldn't put up with Taffer being "Taffer" for just a few days to improve your business, how you gonna look your investors (your FRIENDS) in the eye and say you did the best thing you could have for the business? Doesn't make any sense

  4. This guy said it he just wanted new stuff from the TV show and then run the place exactly the way he wanted

  5. Jon Taffer doesn’t know what he’s talking about yet you’re in a shit ton of debt😒. Dumbass. This guy is huge douchbag. He needs a nice swift kick in the ass.

  6. Dude is a white boy cliche:
    Flat bill cap
    Sleeves in progress
    Edgy black t shirt
    Oversized watch
    Tough guy attitude

  7. This guy definitely doesn't deserve jon's help
    I hope those employees got better jobs
    there boss was sh*t

  8. Why do people ask for help and then act like they don't need it???
    Have they not seen the show or something???

  9. The one thing I noticed that Taffer learned from Pirates to pull out of remodeling before it was too late. And this jackass showed his true colors way too quickly.

  10. Jon Taffer takes alot of grief because the success rate for his bar rescues are at 55-65% , if he didn't have so many stubborn bar owners week after week I think his success rate would be more like 80-85%

  11. The owner is a piece of shit talking shit that he’s gonna change his bar back the way it was before after John leaves like are you fucken stupid fucken piece of shit -C.B.

  12. What a DUMBASS ….he just passed up a chance of a lifetime. Peole who wouldn't usually go here WOULD go here just to see the bar. His crew you can see are shocked….pissed…and are like WTF….I hope they all walk out on him…..

  13. This guy is a dick. All he wanted was a bar makeover and some free advertisement. I don’t think he was aware of how the show worked, or something. Again, the guy was a dick.

    I will however support him in being against the drinks Taffer and his staff were trying to put over on him. I forgot what drinks they are, but I call them “foo foo drinks” basically drinks that take three liquors, a garnish and has a stupid ass name. A “dive bar/ dive music venue” crowd wants beer and either simple liquor drinks or liquor shots. The owner/dick was correct in that his patrons won’t drink that shit.

    I hate “foo foo drinks” because it ties down the bartender. Drinks should be simple. Lots of easy mixed drinks. Hell, a Long Island is easy to make, just dump a bunch of different liquor in a glass and wait for the drinker to puke. But the Bar Rescue drinks are stupid, I usually skip this part unless the Italian goddess Maria Mastriasomething is on there.

  14. "All I wanted was for him to give me money and for me to do nothing different, ya know? Jon just doesnt know what he's doing"

  15. Dave was a ungrateful prick, I don't blame Taffer walking out on him. Dave couldn't pluck up the courage to tell Jon "You are right, these new cocktails and menu items will help me make money!"

  16. Are these two guys fucking? He has invested his money and he does not have enough backbone to tell John to stay. He is taking dick. Did he really say he feels he is going to get his money back?!

  17. Yeah,…Jon Taffer doesn't know what he is talking about when it comes to Bar Business or running a bar! LOL That guy deserves to be homeless! Too bad he is taking others down with him. What a sad piece of shit of a man.

  18. Ugh. This episode frustrated me to no fucking end. This could have been a badass remodel but Dave the Dick just couldn't STFU. I felt so bad for Jon at the end with the crew because you could tell he felt like a failure when he shouldn't have. As Marcus Lemonis once said, you can't fix a person that just doesn't get it.

  19. His friend invested 17k into the business. If you lose 17k of my money, I wouldn't stay friends with you. Two things would happen, suing or ass whipping

  20. 😂😂 what a fucking idiot…. he’s in debt makes his homie go in debt and passes the chance of a life time … if I was that friend I would beat or make that foo look so stupid.. as a friend I would dump his ass

  21. I've played a a lot of shows there. I have never seen Dave, and I've been there countless of times. I've never been paid playing there, because all there shows are free entry, so no door fee, we can't make money. The two Pool Tables in front of the stage make it hard for people to Mosh. The stage itself is small. 5 piece band and you barely have space to move around. Majority of the time you walk off the stage to get more room to play. The stage is only like 12 inches off the ground, like a little step lol. Security there just smokes weed and doesn't do crap. Yes the bar is no longer there. I don't know why they showed Alex's Bar, when Alex's isn't by Blacklight Distract. Alex's Bar is a cool place to play and DiPiazza is a awesome place to play. Both are right around the same area as the Blacklight district, just a mile or so from each other.

  22. I show my sons episodes like this and make sure they see how stupid some people can be. You have an owner losing money with his bar who calls in a very successful owner to help and then when the successful guy points out the issues, he refuses to believe it and he eventually loses everything. Prime example of the human ego.

  23. I feel like a lot of owners think Jon is some sort of make a wish remodel company and that they won some sort of prize when he comes to help them. So much entitlement.

  24. Pretty sure that line about going back to the airport and flying outta there was edited in for effect. Seems like a bogus moment.

  25. Dude you can tell the guy is a douchebag he's mid-thirties to early forties and he's wearing his hat like the 20-something year-old f**** X Gamer guys wear it. In my experience every dude in that guy's age bracket that wears their hat that way and acts that way is usually a douchebag.

  26. This owner Dave ended up hanging himself in the bar with his dick in hand in front of a mirror his staff was who discovered him…

  27. UPDATE – Blacklight District is now closed down permanently, as stated on Yelp.

    I betcha Dave's gonna wish he change his ways by now.

  28. What an ego! I personally couldn't sleep if I knew I owed my friend! I would be serving fruity drinks and wearing pink if it meant I could pay my friend back!

  29. A bar owner going down the tubes that thinks that he knows more than Taffer. Can't fix stupid, and the staff should be out looking for other jobs. He doesn't think enough about his staff to try to change.

  30. you know what I don't understand is if you asked for help from Jon Taffer and he comes and you give him Attitude and all that then why did you call him in the first place I just don't get it

  31. This drop kick would rather continue a life of lies to blow wind up his own ass, than to have a professional point out where he's failing???????? I don't get it – I really don't get it!?!?!?!? Are people that empty headed!???
    "..Boo hoo hoo I don't like the truth so can you get out of my sight so I can continue lying to myself about how good I am boo hoo hoo.."
    I've never been sooo happy to see someone fail quite badly AND STILL NOT FEEL BAD FOR HIM!!

  32. so that bar's no longer there by now right? I mean Jon walked out on the guy who didn't want his help, and likely the dude sunk his own business so…..?

  33. David is the worst and knows nothing. He is just a rich boy who doesn’t care about money or other people or metal. I feel bad for Bar Rescue and John for having their time wasted.

  34. Why do some of these people ask for help and then become difficult and eventually reject that help they asked for. Lost causes.

  35. Total idot and moron, can't see the forest from the trees. You can't help know it all's. If he knew so much why ask for help then crap in the man's lap. Don't understand or like know it alls.

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