Judge Wendy: Sister Sister

Judge Wendy: Sister Sister

(audience applauds) (gavel bangs) (dramatic music) Order, order, order. It’s time for Judge Wendy, where your mess is my business. (audience applauds) So, today we’ve got two Wendy Watchers and they have a problem and I’ll give my ruling. Ah, actually four of them. Two different cases. Let’s hear about case number one. The plaintiff is Shanielle. She feels deeply insulted that her sister Alicia refuses to throw her a 30th birthday party. They haven’t always been the closest but Shanielle says, “This party could help bring them “together”. Alicia is the defendant. She claims she’s never been that close with Shanielle, even though they’re family. In fact, Shanielle has a group of friends that she refers to as her, “real sisters”. So, Shanielle needs to stop trippin and get one of them to plan her birthday party. (audience gasps) All right, let’s get down to it ladies. (gavel bangs) Shanielle, 29 years old, you’re here with your sister Alicia. It pains me because you’re close in age. Alicia, you’re 32 correct? Yes. All right, Shanielle, what is the problem? Hey Wendy, how you doing? How you doing? (laughs) So, yes, I have this birthday that’s coming up next month and it’s my big, it’s a big birthday, I’m turning 30. I feel like she’s my sister, she’s my older sister, she’s my only sister and I feel like she should throw this party for me. I mean, duh, who wouldn’t want to throw a party for their little sister. (audience laughs) Alicia, what is the problem? So, my sister is selfish. The only time she reaches out to me is when she wants something. And she’s always doing things with her sisters/besties so why don’t she have one of them plan the party for her then. (audience gasps) That is so not true. So not true. What’s the deep-seated problem with you alls relationship? And I mean dig deep Shanielle. What is the deep-seated problem with your sister Alicia? I’m so glad you asked that Wendy. Because my sister is just so stank. (audience gasps) When she comes around my friends. (gavel bangs) Order. Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy. Like when she comes around my friends, she just has no type of inviting facial expression, she just sits in a corner. That’s because her friends are fake. It’s terrible, it’s terrible. When I planned a surprise baby shower for Shanielle, they showed up late. They knew about it in advance and they didn’t contribute. I mean, I pulled out all the stops for her. She had treat tables, decorations. How long ago was the baby shower? A couple years ago. Moons ago. Moons ago. A couple years ago. And I did her bridal shower. She wanted a Kentucky Derby theme. I had to do a treat table, wear a big hat, and I have a big head. Do you know how I look in a big hat? (audience laughs) Order, order. (laughs) No, uh-uh Wendy, I’m tired of her using and abusing me. She can do that with someone else. Why don’t she have one of her besties do it for her? (audience murmurs) Well, here’s the thing that I feel ladies. I feel like you’re sisters, you only have each other as sisters. Exactly. And friends are cute but sisterhood is forever. She’s your longest, strongest friend and vice versa. Do you live in proximity of each other? Yes. Yes. (gavel bangs) Okay, well here’s my ruling. Order, order. Here’s my ruling. Take this the best way Shanielle. Plan your own 30th birthday party. (audience murmurs) Listen, listen to me. Nobody’s got time to plan your 30th birthday party if you’re gonna be picky about things and whatnot. Alicia, you attend her 30th birthday party and fix your face Alicia. (audience laughs) While you’re there, fix your face, get along with people. Do not give her a headache on her birthday that she’s gonna plan herself. She will have nothing to do with the planning but you make sure that you get your sister something thoughtful. And you don’t bring it to the birthday party. Here’s what I want you girls to do. The day after the birthday party or the day after that, I want the two of you to get together and go out for lunch. I want you to pay Alicia. Say that’s part of the birthday gift. And then whatever money you have left over, bring her a nice token. I need you girls to get it back together. It’s a rocky world out here and you need each other. (audience cheers) Okay, all right. Let’s move on to case number two. Hit it. (dramatic music) (gavel bangs) Natalie is the plaintiff. She’s annoyed that her best friend Jessica eats like a preschooler. Natalie says, “It’s a real drag on their friend group “because they can never go to nice restaurants”. Natalie wants to stop inviting Jessica unless she starts eating more than just chicken fingers. (audience laughs) Jessica is the defendant. She feels that Natalie is being too judgemental. If she wants to eat a hotdog at a sushi restaurant, that’s her business. Jessica says, “Her friend should focus more on “what’s coming out of her mouth, not what’s going in”. (audience gasps) Oh, that was a good one. That’s a good one Jessica. All right, Natalie we’re gonna start with you. Why do you care so much about, how old are you girls by the way? I’m 42. Okay. I just turned 40. Okay, and so. (audience laughs) Chicken fingers and hotdogs are very delicious but let’s talk Natalie. Why do you care what she eats? Well, Wendy, how you doing? How you doing? (laughs) A bunch of our friends go out to brunch once a month. Okay. Jessica sits there. She doesn’t eat anything. Sometimes she asks for a children’s menu. (audience gasps) I think Jessica should open her mind to all the delicious food out there and I think she’d be a lot happier if she did and so would I. Oh. How long have you girls been friends? 12 years. Do you have children? I have two children. August is 11. Daphne is seven and they both eat more adventurously than that girl. (audience laughs) Jessica, what’s your defense? Do you have children? How you doing? How you doing? (laughs) I do, I have four children. Okay, how old are they? They are 14, 15, 18 and 20. Okay, are they adventurous eaters? They eat more than I do, yes. No, not the amount. I mean, are they more adventurous? Yes. So, why are you insulted when she talks to you like this? Because I’m such a dynamic friend. I go above and beyond all the time so what does it really matter what I order? I’m good to her. I’m good to all my friends. I’ll do anything for anyone, so if I decide to tailor the menu a little bit, what’s the big deal? I’m there for the memories and the comradery, that’s it. (audience groans) Order, order. It wouldn’t be a big deal– Look, Natalie, approximately how many of you all go out once a month for brunch? I think this is a fabulous idea by the way. Well, I would say there’s 10 of us but the truth is, when I have a dinner party, and I make an eight course meal, and she doesn’t eat anything. What do you cook? What do you make? Well, I cook quinoa salad– Oh my God, hold on. Jessica relax. See, see. Portobello mushrooms stuffed with pesto mashed potatoes. I make sauteed green beans with craisins– Green beans, there we go again. They’re string beans. I’m not asking her to eat pickled octopus but if I’m making a gorgeous– I like a pickled octopus! As do I. Oh my gosh! But I’m not asking her to eat that. I’m just asking her when I cook an eight course meal, to not sit there looking sulky and eating bread. (gavel bangs) All right, wait hold on. Hold on, hold on, hold on. (gavel bangs) (audience laughs) It’s time for my ruling. I must say Natalie that I rule in favor of Jessica. Yes! And I’m gonna tell you why. Because if she’s a good friend and you guys have been friends for so many years, 12 years, the once a month brunch thing sounds great. I don’t wanna brunch at Chuck E. Cheese either. I’m grown. You know what I’ve got a very interesting palate. Have you ever had Doritos and cavier? I should start. That sounds delicious. Tasty. Jessica, just maintain being a good friend. Eat what you want. I don’t mind if you come out with me for sushi and you order a hot dog. If it’s not available, I don’t even mind helping you smuggle it in. Ah. And defending you to the waiter. It’s about the friendship not about the eatship. Okay. (audience applauds) Allright, this court has been adjourned. Out. If you wanna be on Judge Wendy, remember, your mess is my business. Go to wendyshow.com. (upbeat music)

67 thoughts on “Judge Wendy: Sister Sister

  1. Wait that first case tho. Wendy’s ruling was very thoughtful. This world is crazy. Just stick together for crying out loud 😩

  2. The little sister is entitled and a brat. Her sister doesn't owe her anything. Especially, if her little sister doesn't make an effort to be good to her.

  3. I really like the advice Wendy gives during this segment. Way better advice than ask Wendy. But both segments are great!

  4. Judge Wendy is a great look for the show! I like it! Reincarnated the Wendy Show. I'll come back on the show for this!

  5. I would never ask any of my siblings to plan my birthday!! To be honest they are kinda the opposite and they just plan it anyways and I just got with it. It's always fun no matter what. It's just a birthday. I plan every other day of my life and do what I want. I just would never ask.

  6. They should do a few sessions with a therapist. It would be great if they could get it all out and healed.

    That camera man is also shadyπŸ™ƒ

  7. I LOVE this segment. Wendy is TRULY the Queen of ALL MEDIA! Wendy if you're reading, you should be the FIRST in HISTORY to have a DAY TIME and a NIGHT TIME talk show. Home-some fun during the day and how you doin' dirty during the night!

  8. If the Wendy William's show ever gets cancelled then Judge Wendy should become a full 1 hour show. I'll tell ya right now, I'd watch it religiously. Wendy is innately hilarious.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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