(dinosaur roars) (Ian) SHUT UP! Welcome to my island. One deranged millionaire professor… You’re both experts in ancient Pokemon fossils, so I think you’re gonna find
this place verrrry interesting! Two idiot scientists… I’ve managed to extract the DNA
from this preserved Pokemon. The Pokemon became preserved in amber! Brilliant! What? No! It just fell in my Jell-O! (slurps) And I guess Jell-O is in this movie too? What kind of eggs are these? They’re Pokemon. -Real Pokemon?!
-Look! It’s so…beautiful! Welcome to Jurassic Pokemon Park! Nothing could go wrong… You’re breeding a charizard?! That’s insane! No, actually we crossbred
a charizard with a pikachu. I call it Pikachard! -Is it dangerous?
-Nah. (pikachard shrieks) Uh…that’s just hot sauce. Maybe we shouldn’t be
messing with Mother Nature. This could really come back
to bite us in the ass. Wow, it’s almost like you’re
foreshadowing the events that are gonna happen so, later,
when all the pokemon break loose, we can be like, “Huh. I guess
we should’ve listened to that smart woman and not
messed with Mother Nature.” Bros, chill out! Nothing bad is gonna happen. Unless, of course, the power were to go out from some catastrophic storm, but…that would never happen (laughs). Or could it? The power to the entire park is out. Even my tanning salon?! NOOOOOOO! Oh shizzzle… (booming, thudding noises) What the hell was that?! Sorry. Jell-O gives me gas! (booming noise) Oh, heh. That one was me. (booming noise) Oh! Okay, that one definitely wasn’t me. (pokemon roars) (together) AAAAAAAAAH! Starring a token black guy… Most of us probably ain’t gonna make it. Especially me cause I’m the black guy. A stereotypical Australian hunter
guy with no peripheral vision… -Karp!
-Clever girl! -(hunter screams)
-Karp! Karp! A woman who can’t tell the difference
between real and fake hands… (gasps) Oh, thank god you’re here stereotypical Australian hunter guy! AAAAAAAH! (continues shrieking) AH! Seriously?! And an annoying boy in a stupid hat
who screams like a high-pitched girl… -(Ian shrieks like girl)
-Oh, shut up! -Nice one!
-(both laugh) And don’t forget all that [bleep]ing Jello-! Are you sure we’re safe in here? Yes, unless they figure out how to open doors. (doorbell rings continuously) -I’ll get it!
-No! No, no, nooooo! -(doorbell rings)
-Who is it? (man screams) (all scream) Wait! There’s no way the token
black guy died already, right? Okay, nevermind. (pikachard shrieks) -(girl shrieks)
-Shut up! (still shrieking) God! Who put these annoying
ass kids in this movie?! There’s no way they can stop them. There’s only one way we can stop them. Oh, I guess I’m wrong… We’ve gotta…catch ’em all! This fall… pray to God… that you can catch ’em all. Huh?! (growls) Aw, sh*t! Jurassic Pokepark Yup, Hollywood’s not even trying anymore. -Hello, fellow Pokemon trainers!
-Jelllooo! To see deleted scenes from this video– I’ve had it with these mother
f*cking severed hands on my mother f*cking shoulders! And bloopers– What if up were down and we were just stuck to the ceiling right now? What if cats were dogs
and farts were brains? -Click the video on the right!
-What about the Jell-O? Shut up with the Jell-O already! Anyway, to see our Pokemon in Real Life series, click the other video on the right. And click the subscribe
button if you’re not an idiot! -Oh, no! Too much Jell-O! (retches)
-Aw, man! These were my shamelessly-tell-people-
to-click-things-on-the-screen shoes! I’m sorry I caused all this. I guess I should’ve never
messed with Mother Nature! -(vomits)
-Aw, dammit! These were my give-a-
heartfelt-speech-about-learning- my-lesson-at-the-end-of-the-movie shoes! [visit www.facebook.com/subtitleyoutube
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