Kevin Hart Talks Blacking Out on New Year’s Eve, and the Crazy Coincidence of ‘The Upside’

Kevin Hart Talks Blacking Out on New Year’s Eve, and the Crazy Coincidence of ‘The Upside’

I talked to you when
you were in Aspen. Yes. But you were in Vegas first. I went to Vegas. We did Vegas in New Years. Wife wanted to get out. She wanted to do something. I said let’s go to Vegas. And it started off well. Started off well, ended bad. I drank champagne and
mixed it with to tequila. Not a good idea. I’ll tell you that right now. Got a little dizzy. I think they call
it blacking out. Yeah, did that. That’s what they call it. Oh, no. The whole night was
explained to me. Woke up– here’s– I had my dress pants on. But one of the legs of
my underwear were out so. Half of my underwear were on,
but my dress pants were up. And I was in the bathroom. And my wife said, I
just let you sleep there because you kept saying
that was your happy place. I literally had a rough morning. I kicked off the new year
with a massive headache. But it was well worth it. We had a good time, man. Me, my whole team went out
there, and we just celebrated. We celebrated an amazing year. Yeah, it’s good– and I
think this year is going to be better than last year. I think so. Don’t you? Every year gets better. So you went to Aspen, because
I talked to you there. Do you ski? I’m starting to. I’m starting to ski. My kids ski, and there’s nothing
that I can’t do without them. So if they do something,
they want my involvement. And it’s at a point now
where it’s not safe for me. Because they want
to do the big hills. They want to go
down the big slopes. And my son has
gotten really good. And it’s me slowing him down. But kids have no fear
about getting hurt. None at all. He was jumping ramps. Look at him. Look at his little ass. Look at him, right there. He has no fear at all. And that’s me in front of him
just trying to slow him down. So I make him stop at every
intersection, and he hates it. He’s like, let’s keep going. Look at his stop. That’s amazing. Well, kids are– That’s him taking a break. Kids are really good skiers. And I was going to say because
they have less to fall, but you would also– I mean right, I mean? That’s– They don’t fall as far. It doesn’t matter. A ski fall is one of
the most dangerous falls that you can take. Because I fell one time. You know I’m a
gadget freak, so I got the go pro hooked
up to the helmet. I got one to my chest. And I got like the ski poles
and were going, and I fall. And I’m going, boom boom, boom
boom, boom boom, boom boom. And you can look
it on your phone. When I looked at the
footage from my fall, it was the most horrific thing
I’ve ever seen in my life. Because I could see like my face
is this way, but one of my legs just kept coming in
and out of the frame. Like it was wiping in and out. You can hear my son. Dad! Dad! I’m trying to still be a father. Slow down! You slow down! Don’t do what I do. Slow down. I’m trying to show
you what not to do. Very dangerous. But you didn’t hurt yourself? I didn’t hurt myself. I didn’t hurt myself. Because I’m all muscle. All muscle. That’s right. Of course. All right, can we show
everybody your Christmas card? It was really funny. It was really creative. In a snow globe. That’s embracing being small. That’s fantastic. We got little
elves ears on, too. You got to look real
close to see that. Yeah. Do you do that every year? Do you try to top yourself? Every year. My kids aren’t the biggest
fans of it, but I don’t care. I’ve become that dad. I’m the photo dad. I need my moments. So we dress up for
Halloween, we were Minions. We did a big theme behind
that for Christmas. Were going to do elves. We’re going to be– yup. Look that’s us as
Minions right there. Well, they look happy. That was such a good idea by me. Yeah. You’re full of them. I’m full of them. You know next year I’m
thinking about doing something really special. Really special for
Christmas Yeah, I’m not going to tell you. OK, all right. I’m not going to to tell you Don’t tell me. Can I say one thing– Kevin is my friend, and he is
one of the most generous people that I’ve ever met. This is true. [LAUGHTER] That’s true information. So for Christmas he got all of
his friends like vintage cars. He found out what
cars they like, and bought all of his friends
the car that they wanted. I think there’s a
picture of everybody– that’s a– Old school cars. Yeah. I mean my friends are
friends to the moon and back, and I truly believe
that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for them. So I wanted to– I wanted to put them in all. I wanted to mind blow them. So they had no idea. We got to my stages,
I opened up the door. They all had cars and
it’s theirs forever, now we ride out on Sundays. We got a Car Club. That’s fantastic. That’s so sweet. We wear gloves. Oh wow. You wear gloves? And jackets. We got jackets. Wow. Plastic Cup Boys Car Club. We talk cars and drink
coffee on Sundays. That’s great. You want to get in the Car Club? Maybe. I’d like to wear gloves. Yes, you just come ride with us. I’ll do it. Yes. I’m telling you Kevin. This– it’s so good, and
it’s based on a true story. It’s a remake of a
French film, right? Yes, the French
film, Intouchable. That’s not how you pronounce it. There’s a French
enunciation behind it. And I don’t know how
to do it and sound like I know what I’m saying. So I’m just going to
tell you guys what it is. It’s such a good movie. Bryan Cranston is the best
actor I’ve ever worked with. Nicole Kidman is unbelievable. Neil Burger, our director,
did such a good job. And I was able to
elevate my acting game from being with Bryan Cranston
I was a sponge on set every day. In awe at the way he
approached his work days. He wanted to
understand everything that there was to know
about quadriplegics. He spent time with various
different quadriplegic individuals that we met. I spent time with caretakers. We wanted to make sure that
we stayed true to the story, but also really embody these
characters in the friendship that these two men have. And in really
getting into it, it made me realize that
it’s needed today. Because it’s a story
that’s told from two different perspectives, from two
different sides of the world. And one has no idea
about the other, and the other has no
idea about this one. And because of them coming
together and spending time the way they have to,
their eyes gets open to things that they never knew existed. From race to white privilege
to the understanding that money solves everything,
when it really doesn’t. And having a man that would
give all the money away just to move his thumbs
again, or to walk. And have another guy that
was incarcerated and wants a second chance life,
but he can’t get it because society holds him
back based on the mistake that he made. And it’s crazy because it
coincides with my life now. He’s still being held
accountable for a mistake that he made when he’s
trying to do the right thing, and nobody will let
him move forward. And he’s looking for
somebody to lean on. And Bryan Cranston’s
character becomes that guy, and I become that guy for Bryan. I make Bryan realize
that there’s still his life, that there still is
happiness after this accident. And that happiness is within
the friendship that we build. And you don’t judge it at all. And that’s what I
got from this film. It’s so good. It’s so good. I have to say–
we’ll go to break– but I have to say
so I watched it. Portia was not home
and I watched it because it’s homework and
I knew he was coming on, so I had to watch it. And I loved it so
much and I kept raving about it the next day
and she said, I want to see it. So I watched it again the
very next night with Portia. And she was in tears, and
it’s funny it’s emotional. It’s a true story. It’s everything that
Kevin just said. It really opens your eyes. Like do not judge
unless you really know. It’s called The Upside. It opens in theaters
January 11th. You’ll love it.

52 thoughts on “Kevin Hart Talks Blacking Out on New Year’s Eve, and the Crazy Coincidence of ‘The Upside’

  1. Hey just a suggestion. Every wee. Kevin should invite a guest to his vintage car club. They would bring their car and have humorous conversation about cars. Just a suggestion. Remember I came up with that brilliant idea

  2. The Shepherd's Chapel !!!!!!! Pastor Murray is an Anointed Man of GOD who teaches the Word of GOD with Authority!!!!!!!

  3. That's movie sound like a copie from de France movie with the black Guy and the White man in the wheelchair Les Intouchable…. The man in the wheelchair name was Philip… Very greater movie

  4. Honestly one of the best movies I’ve ever seen! Just saw it an hour ago. Kevin your acting was Phenomenal. Brian was the perfect guy for that role! Chemistry worked so well. Game changing for Kevin.

  5. Yesterday I had a dream about Kevin, we met and even exchanged contacts. I hope one day i can meet him in real life!

  6. I love how much energy Kevin and Brian put into the movie "The Upside." My Uncle is a quadriplegic… was….. for 47 years, just passed on March 2nd, a week before is 73rd bday. I wish I could have watched the movie with him. He went skydiving, snow skiing, sailed a historic sail boat named The Bounty, he painted with his mouth, was huge advocate for spinal cord injury (sat as a treasurer for many charities), received his Master's in Business just a few years after becoming paralyzed in his mid 20's, is a veteran, a father, he drove his customized van, and that is only a blip of almost 5 decades in the life of a quadriplegic. I miss him so much!

  7. I wish "smearing Vaseline on the camera lens" wasn't something they did. It makes it look like you haven't woke up and you're still seeing blurry vision.

  8. Buy a rich freind a car? How bout buy a van for a single mom with kid's…or a foster family who make a difference

  9. I love Ellen show i can never bored
    Watching them and Ellen looks adorable. i wish one day i'll be her guest.

  10. Love love love Kevin. And The Upside is an amazing movie. I laughed at the part where he said “life auxiliary; that’s what they’re calling it now?” ???????????? he was thinking it was for a janitor’s position

  11. ? I know what he's talking about when he talks about his falling as he skiing? been there done that more than once?

  12. The good thing is there was also an Indian film company that made a movie like this 6 months before this one, and they both portray the friendship between the 2

  13. What KEVIN you mean The Rock isn’t the best actor you ever met and acted with?

    The Upside is a great movie.

  14. For the records of my life, this guy is so real and represents a picture of self acceptance in its fullest. The only who can make you laugh when all is he doing is being serious .Appreciate this guy .

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