Kids Give Their Parents A Lie Detector Test (Is Santa Real?)

Kids Give Their Parents A Lie Detector Test (Is Santa Real?)

– Is Santa real?
– Um… – Have you ever stolen anything?
– Yes. – Oh my god!
– (FBE) Now, we’re actually gonna hook YOU up to the lie detector.
– No, no! No! ♪ (playful intro) ♪ – (FBE) So Hadley, do you think
your mom has ever lied to you? – Uh, maybe.
– She’s pretty smart. (chuckles) She would know.
But I generally don’t. – What is a lie?
– When you’re not telling the truth. – Maybe it’s for your protection.
– Okay, but it’s still a lie. – Have you ever lied to me?
– I wouldn’t say lie. I’ve always used my imagination
with certain questions. – (FBE) Well today,
we’re gonna find out, because Janelle,
you’re gonna be able to ask your mom anything you want
while she’s hooked up to a lie detector.
– (FBE) Do you know what a lie detector is?
– It’s something that tells you if she’s lying or she’s not.
– (FBE) Exactly. So, the machine that we’ll be
using today was actually recently made popular when they used it
on a show called Love Island. Have either of you
heard of that show? – Yeah, my wife watches that show.
– (FBE) So basically, this machine will monitor your heart rate, Sarah,
and your breathing. And when you ask her questions,
Hadley, the screen will tell us whether or not your mom is lying.
All right. Are you guys ready? – (Bill) All right.
– It’s okay. I believe in you. – (FBE) So Sarah, we’re gonna
get you hooked up to the machine, and then we will get started.
– Okay. Sounds good. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – This looks like
a torture device. – (laughs)
– This is cool. – (FBE) So Sydney,
you now have the power. – Okay.
– (FBE) You can ask your parent absolutely anything you want.
– First question. Who do you like more,
me and Eliott or Mom? – You and Eliott. (chuckles)
– (FBE) That was the truth. – Wow. Sorry, Mom!
– Who do you like more, me or Mom?
– You, of course. – (laughs)
– (FBE) And that is the truth. – (both laugh)
– Having a child just is something different,
a different type of love. – Have you ever stolen
my Halloween candy? – Yes.
– (minion) What?! – Okay, but did I eat all of it? No.
– My whole entire bucket of candy is all gone!
– You have a sister. – True, but I think it’s you too!
– I did eat some candy, but I didn’t eat all your candy.
And your dad ate a candy too. – Do you eat my Hot Cheetos
every night? – Not every night.
– (Sydney laughs) Okay. – But they’ll go stale.
– Were you an actor when you were little
and you used to do movies? – I was not an actor when I was little.
– (FBE) That was true. What made you wanna
ask that, Janelle? – It’s because she looks
like an actor. – You’re so sweet.
– Have you ever went to the store without me?
– Yes. – (FBE) That’s the truth. – (chuckles) What store?
– Do you have a favorite child? – Do I have a favorite child? No.
– (FBE) That was the truth. – How do you have a favorite child?
Is there such a thing? – (laughs)
– (chuckling) Who do you like more, me or Eliott?
– Today… is Eliott. – Is that true?
– (FBE) That was the truth. – Oh, no!
– It changes, though… – (Sydney) Oh, okay.
– …depending on the way the wind is blowing.
– (Sydney) Okay. – (FBE) Looks like we might’ve
had a little lie in whatever you just said there.
– Ooh! – Have you ever told Tessa something
that you never told me? – Yes.
– Tell me it right now! – No.
– Yeah. – But there’s things I tell you
I don’t tell her. – (laughs) I like that.
– Do you actually live in a wheelchair?
– (chuckles) I actually do live in a wheelchair,
very much so. Unfortunately,
that’s definitely the truth. – (FBE) Yup, that’s the truth.
– Have you ever smoked a cigarette? – Yes. I need one right now.
– Oh! Okay. That’s not okay, Dad.
Stop that. – (FBE) That was the truth.
– Okay. – Will you ever let me
buy a lizard? – (chuckles) Oh, god.
– (FBE) That question seems to have made you a little nervous.
– Extremely nervous. She wants a bearded dragon…
– (laughs) – …for Christmas.
And the problem is is I’m the one that’s gonna
end up having to take care of it. – Nooo.
– How’s those guinea pigs working out? Yeah, uh-huh. When was
the last time you fed them? – Like a week ago. (laughs)
– Have you ever dropped my sister on the head?
– On purpose? No. By accident? Yes.
– (giggles) Was that true? – (FBE) That was true.
– (laughs) – I’ve dropped you too.
– Did you ever break any rules when you were in school?
– Well, I got a lot of referrals when I was
in middle school, so I’m not sure exactly which rules I broke,
but quite a few of them. – Have you ever been acting
like you were sick when you were a kid
to skip school? – Yes. (laughs)
– Have you ever skipped school to do something?
– Yes. – A lot?
– I mean, school is fun, so yeah. – School’s fun?
– It’s where all your friends were and stuff.
– Oh, okay. – (FBE) Now, that seemed to be a lie
when you said school was fun. – (laughs)
– That was a lie. – Do you like your students?
– Oh yeah. – (FBE) That appears
to be mostly true. – (laughs) Most of them then.
No. (laughs) No, I like them, yeah. – They know who they are.
– (laughs) – Have you ever cheated on a test?
– Oh, yeah. – I have never.
– I know. That’s a good thing. You teach your children to do
not the things that you did. They learn from your mistakes.
– Dad, were you a bad kid when you were my age?
– What do you mean by “bad”? – Were you a troublemaker
when you were my age? – We used to put tape
upside down across the street, so cars would run over it.
– (laughs) – It’d go around the tires,
and they used to think they had a flat tire.
Or we should shoot BB guns and burn things.
– Ooh. Okay. – Have you ever stolen something?
– Yes. When I was little.
– Have you ever stolen anything? – Yes.
– (FBE) That’s the truth. – Oh my god!
What did you steal? – I don’t know.
A couple of different things. I don’t know.
– WHAT?! – Really, from the top of my head,
I can’t think of something right now, but I’ve stolen a coup– yeah.
– I accidentally stole gasoline. – (laughs) Okay.
– I woke up really early in the morning to go
to basketball practice in high school, and this was back in the day
where you didn’t have to pay first. I must’ve been tired,
and I put the gas in and drove away until the cops called.
And then I explained what I did that morning,
and they made me go back and pay for it.
– Wow. Dad, I did not know about this at all. Wow.
Dad, you were a bad kid. – Are you okay with my hair?
– Yeah, I’m fine with it. – (FBE) So, when he said “hair,”
your heart spiked a little bit. – (laughs)
– Mm-hmm. It’s a little messy right now, but… (laughs)
I’m fine with it. – Did you dye your hair color
another color when I was not looking or watching?
– Yes. – (FBE) Yeah, that’s the truth.
– You dyed it another color without me looking?
– Oh. I love her. – Is Santa real?
– Yes. – Do you know Santa?
– Not like one on one. – (FBE) That’s the truth.
– Have you ever lied to me? – Yes.
– I knew it. I mean, everyone has lied.
– Well, okay, she’s my daughter. She’s not my friend.
I don’t feel like I have to tell you everything
that I’ve done my whole life at 12 years old.
– I get it, yeah. – There’ll be an appropriate time
to learn more about me… – Yeah.
– …my past. – (FBE) So now, we’re actually
gonna switch things up a bit. – (Bill chuckles)
– What? – (FBE) Now, Sydney,
you don’t know this, but now we’re actually
gonna hook YOU up to the lie detector.
– No, no! No! – (FBE) And your dad
is actually gonna be able to ask you some questions.
– Now I’m excited. I’m not nervous anymore.
– (laughs) I’m nervous, though. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – (FBE) So now, you have
the power, Mom. So, you can go ahead
and ask Janelle whatever you want. – First question.
Have you ever taken money out of my wallet?
– Never. – (FBE) Hmm. Are you sure about that?
– Yeah. – (FBE) There was a little bit
of an irregularity, but it wasn’t a full spike,
so I don’t think that’s a lie. – And I didn’t even question that,
but I just wanna see. – Who do you like better,
Mom or Dad? – (groans)
– (laughs) – I don’t know.
– That question made him quite nervous.
– (laughs) You don’t have to answer.
I already know. (laughs) – Do you like Eliott
more than me? – Right now? Yes.
– I don’t blame you. – (FBE) That was the truth.
So, you both like Eliott more than each other right now.
– Yup. I think he’s the one winning right now.
– He’s the good one in the family. – Have you ever said
your brother’s done something, but you’ve been the one
to really do it? – (FBE) We’re showing
some spikes here. Are you sure? – Let’s say something happened
and I said, “Who did this?” and you say “Jeremy,”
but you really did it? – That’s true. I have.
– (chuckles) Thanks for being honest. – Did you really feed
the guinea pigs last week? – Yeah.
– (FBE) That’s the truth. – I don’t remember.
– Did you clean your room like you were supposed to do?
– Yes. – (FBE) That’s showing as true.
– Oh. (laughs) I guess his cleaning definition
is different. (laughs) – When I call and I FaceTime you,
and I say, “Did you finish your homework?”
have you lied to me? – Twice.
– Only twice? – Twice.
– (FBE) Are you sure? – Honestly, I’m not sure
if it was less than that or more than that.
– But you have lied. – Yes.
– Okay. The next time I call and I ask,
“Are you doing your schoolwork?” will you lie to me?
– No. – If you do lie to me,
do I have your permission to stop giving you Christmas presents?
– No. – (laughs)
– Have you ever snuck over to the Christmas tree
and partially opened a present to see what it was
before Christmas morning? – Yes. I’ve never actually
seen what it was, but I’ve tried to. – So, you’ve failed then.
– Yes. – Hmm.
– (FBE) That is the truth. – Have you ever gotten
in trouble at school and not told Mom or myself?
– Yeah. – What was it?
– Mason was caught jumping over the fence,
and I was just looking out for him to make sure
he didn’t get caught, ’cause he wanted to get his ball.
– That appears to be true. – Mm-hmm, there’s probably
more there. (laughs) – Have you ever bullied
anybody at school? – No.
– (FBE) I think that’s the truth. – That makes me happy.
– Do you secretly correspond with fans or strangers
on your phone through your social media apps?
– No. I don’t even have Instagram on my phone.
I don’t even know the password to it. – Okay. Is that true?
– (FBE) Oh. That might’ve been a lie right there.
– Okay, I know the password. – Ahh!
– But I’m not gonna hack into it, ’cause you’re the one
who needs my help to find the password
whenever you get locked out of it. – Do you really wanna play
baseball instead of soccer? – No.
– You just wanna play soccer? – (FBE) We got a little spike there.
– No! – (laughs)
– (FBE) But it wasn’t a full lie. It might just be
that you’re not quite sure. – Yeah, I’m not quite sure about that.
– Do you like being home schooled? – Kind of?
– You miss school? – Yes.
– (FBE) That’s the truth. – I’m a terrible teacher.
That’s why. (laughs) – I’m not gonna lie about that,
but she is. – Have you ever tried
an alcoholic beverage? – No.
– (FBE) Well, we’ve got a little bit of a spike there.
– At church. At church. – Jesus juice?
– Jesus juice. – Do you think Santa’s
gonna bring you a lizard even though I don’t want
you to have one? – Maybe. Yeah.
(laughs) – Do you like filming
on Kids React? – Yes.
– (FBE) That’s true. Yay! – (laughs)
– (FBE) All right, guys. Anything else?
– Dad, I want you to know… Love you.
– I love you too, baby. – (FBE) And that was the truth.
– (both) Awww. – (FBE) So, overall guys,
what was this experience like for you today?
– It was fascinating. I liked being under
the pressure of having to tell the truth or knowing
that something’s gonna say whether I’m lying or not.
– It just made me trust her even more. She’s a good girl.
– I mean, I think we’re usually honest with each other,
and I think that she usually tells me the truth.
So, I don’t really worry about her lying,
and I don’t worry about lying. – (FBE) Is there anything
that you learned about each other that surprised you?
– Yes. How you stole something
from the store! – So, you expect the fact
that I’ve done bad? – I know your life
and your sadness, so I can understand
your need to survive. – Ah. She’s more mature
than I expected. – I’m cautious on what
I expose to her. Not that I’m trying to hide it,
but I’m not one of those parents that feels like I have to,
you know, put my whole life out on the table.
Eventually, as she grows older, she’ll know more about my past.
Paid a lot of good money for therapy and suppressing that stuff.
– (laughs) – (FBE) All right. So finally,
even though the lie detector is off, is there anything either of you
want to reveal to each other since we’re in a truthful place now?
– I love you. – (chuckles) Love you too.
– I love you. – Thank you.
– (chuckles) – We honestly wanna thank you
for watching this episode. – (both) Thanks for watching! Bye! – Hey, guys. It’s Sierra,
producer here at FBE. Thanks so much for watching
this honestly exciting episode. Not gonna lie, you should totally
check out our Twitter for staff and reactor Q&As, company news,
and so much more. Follow us, @fbe. Bye, guys!

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  1. My mom says her favorite chilren go like thos: im the favorite youngest, my beother is her favorite middle child and our sister os her favorite oldest child/favorite daughter

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    Person taking the test: yes, but actually no.

    Lie detector: HE LYI- wait, what?

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