Kid’s New Years Celebration, New Year’s Resolution, Confetti Shooter, and TNT with KidsEggSurprise

Kid’s New Years Celebration, New Year’s Resolution, Confetti Shooter, and TNT with KidsEggSurprise

– (family) Five, four, three, two, one, Happy New Year! (cheering) (horn blowing) – [Boy Announcer] Welcome
to Kid’s Egg Surprise. – Hi guys. Today we’re doing – Candies! – [Father] Candy? That’s not candy. – What is it? – [Dad] That’s fireworks. – Fireworks! (gasps) – [Dad] Those are
fireworks for New Year’s. – I just want to blow
them all up in the house. – Shooting this firework at the sky! – [Dad] That’s a confetti
shooter for New Years so whenever New Year’s
comes, we’re gonna go– – [Both] Happy New Year’s! – What’s this firework? – [Dad] That’s TNT Party Time. – Why does it say TNT, Minecraft is TNT. – [Dad] Yup, it came
from Minecraft, right? – Yeah. – I’m shooting something– – Ow! I can’t even open this. – [Dad] TNT, Backyard Show. Whoa, look at all of those. – The thing’s there. – [Dad] Whoa, what all did you get? There’s no candy in there. Why do you think there’s candy in there? There’s a whole bunch of
confetti all over though. – [Boy] Let’s open these. – [Dad] Wow, that came
with a ton of Pop-Its. (wrapping crinkling) – One, two, three, four, five, and six. – [Dad] And, these Bangs are there, you can open up these too. – [Girl] I opened up this. – [Dad] Good job. – [Girl] Ta-da! Let me count how many. One, two three, four five, six. I got six. (pop) – Oh my god! – (both) Happy New Year’s! – Happy New Year’s! – Happy New Ye– – Happy New Year’s! – Eh. This is so hard. (grunts) – Oh, burning. (pop) Oh, oh that’s how you do it, right? – [Dad] That’s really loud. So, this is what I did. I put my finger like this
and I pulled it like this. Try it again. – Happy New Year! (pop) – Ow, it’s too hard for me. – Happy New Year’s. (screaming) – [Dad] Don’t– (pop) (both laughing) (pop) (pop) (pop) – [Dad] I said we were done. (laughing) – [Dad] Turn it around like this, and then grab the thing again and then pull it straight down. Yeah, and then pull it straight down. (pop) (pop) The party hasn’t even started and we already got all this mess. What have you been doing? – The party trash. We’re trash, we’re trash. (pop) – [Dad] You’re gonna pop em all
before the New Year’s comes. – (singing) Jingle bells, jingle
bells, jingle all the way. This says, Happy New Year. – [Girl] Can you put one in here, Baba? – [Dad] No, it’s not gonna work. – [Boy] Can I try that one? (thump) (pop) (pop) – [Girl] Can you put this in here? (popping) – [Dad] Put it in. – I tried my best. (blowing) (pop) – [Dad] Two at a time. (pop) – Let me do a lot at a time. (pop) – [Dad] Let’s find out what mommy’s doing. – Now, I’m on to Ninja. Ninja, safe. Ow. Now we’re doing spray. – [Dad] They’re little guns. And you pull the trigger. Look at all that TNT! What does all that TNT remind you of? – Minecraft! – [Dad] And what do you do in Minecraft? – Blow things up! – [Dad] Yeah, you blow things up! – Yes! – [Dad] Oh, look at this. This one’s already open. I wonder what happens when
I put a balloon on this. (pop) I got a confetti shooter. (pop) – Yup. (pop) Ah! – [Dad] What do y’all
want to do for next year? – Eat cake. – Eat cake. – [Dad] Is your New Year’s
resolution just to eat cake? So, what’s a six year olds
New Year’s resolution? – I totally don’t know. – [Dad] Oh my gosh, you don’t have plans? You’re not a popular six year old. What are you gonna do for next year? – Collect balloons! (pop) – [Dad] Yay, she’s gonna make balloons! What are you gonna do for next year? – I’m going to see Ryan. – [Dad] Oop. I’m out of confetti. I guess you’re not gonna
go see Ryan next year. (muffled cry) Everyone should have a confetti shooter. We’re gonna do another, here’s another one but that’s all we got. – My hat fell off! I don’t want it to fall down. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Come on, that’s a lot. – [Dad] So, what you got there? – We got spray string! – [Dad] Spray string. Okay, open it up. – Yay! – Yay! – Okay. – [Berk] And we say blast off
and we shoot all of our guns. – (all) Five, four, three, two one! Happy New Year! (cheering) (horn) – Oh, wait, I forgot to
turn on the recording. – Yeah. – Look up. – Ah! – Why did Gizem spray the Roof? Oh my gosh, honey. What did you just do? – Ready, set, go. – [Dad] Spray her, spray her, spray her. – [Girl] Stop, stop stop. (laughing) (thud) – [Dad] What is that? – Blood, zombie blood food. – Did you see the video? It was crazy. – [Dad] This, is all you. (horn) (horn) (screaming) – I’m having a little trouble (pop) – [Dad] String removal. – Class 101. – Senior Prank Day. (laughing) (horn) – [Announcer] Thank you for
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