Klaus | Official Trailer | Netflix

Klaus | Official Trailer | Netflix

(Dramatic music) – (clears throat) Hello. Jasper Johannson, Postman. (cracking) – Ah Mr. Clause. You have a gift. You were meant for making toys. So I figured, if you donate your old toys, I’ll deliver them for free. (wind blowing) – Tonight. I go with you. – There’s no need for you
to come with me, really. (door slams) – Tonight then. (festive music) – Oh! (laughs) Our cousin told us, if we write a letter to Mr. Clause, he’ll make us a toy. (gasps) – Dear Mr. Clause. – Dear Mr. Clause. – Shall we, then? – Yep! (gasps) – Mr. Clause is the coolest! – Clause? What about me? Ow! What the – ? – Loser! – Oh, yeah, well if I’m a loser, then you – you’re a – you’re a uh – oh, you’re too far, you’re gone. – Hey, what do you guys
think you’re doing?! This is Smearinsberg, the
unhappiest place on Earth. And you two can’t change that. – The Postman and Toymaker
are brainwashing everyone! – We need to show people
that a true selfless act always sparks another. – Hi! What’s happening right now? Oh no… Holy mother – ! (crashing) – What happened? – Not a word! You just sit there. Be all magical and awesome. ♪ Had to have high, high
hopes for a living ♪ ♪ Shooting for the stars when
I couldn’t make a killing ♪ ♪ Didn’t have a dime but
I always had a vision ♪ – Jasper! We’re doing it! Let’s go! Ho, ho, ho! – Wait, wait, wait, time out. Really? That’s how you laugh? ♪ High, high hopes for a living ♪ ♪ Didn’t know how but I
always had a feeling ♪ ♪ I was gonna be that one in a million ♪ – Come on, we’re running out of time! Those kids are counting on us! – If we don’t stop them tonight, this town will never be the same! – Destroy those toys! – No, no, no, no, no! No! (screams) Ha! Eat our snow, you – ! They’re not attached,
why aren’t they attached? I thought they were attached. I would never in a million years have done what I just did if I didn’t
think these were attached. ♪ Always had high, high hopes ♪

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  1. just saw this friday …..this is one of the best Santa origin stories I ever saw ……just with how down to earth and how more realistic (on how the stories of him came around like his Reindeer and the like) the film relied more or Imagination and Natural Magic (the kind that comes with witnessing something like through the eyes of a child) my top 2 christmas movies have always been Jim Carrey's Christmas carol and the live version of How the grinch stole christmas…..well I just found #3…..I wish this had come out in theaters…..it would've done really well being on Netflix kinda limits who will see it…..and the ending was one of the most beautiful I ever saw

  2. Done watching it, it is one of the best Christmas movie I've ever watch and jesper reminds me of kuzco? in emperor's new groove.

  3. I almost cried not because I'm sad but because this movie moved the bit of me. Everyone should include this in their watchlist. A perfect score wouldn't suffice the movie's greatness!

  4. Such a Beautiful movie..Best of Christmas spirit.. . Loved the concept how they show it whole sledge, naughty list, cookies things n make perfect story of beginning with… Literally loved it ..

  5. Okay, I dont really like new movies i dont know but my brother forced me to watch and it is wonderful! It was so funny and cute. This became my favorite movie ever since

  6. I reaaaallllllyyyyy hope everyone to see this movie in the christmas day with family gathered around!!!!! This story gives more than teaching to kids. The best animation movie in my life. I mean it.

  7. Not just a kid's movie… it's one of the best Christmas movies I've seen in ages handily. What a fun twist on the story of ?!!

  8. I watched this and I say this is better than Disney sequel and by the way their movies are shit and crap while this this is some quality stuff.
    Also great movie.

  9. Loved the movie, but this trailer would be 100 times better if they didn't keep using the same beat from high Hopes. If my brother wasn't watching this movie, I probably wouldn't have watched it because the trailer turned me off.

  10. I don't understand how this is better than most Disney movies. Like, what-?
    This is top tier. Definitely goes to one of my "Favorite Movies" list and becomes top for my "Christmas Movies" list.
    I can't bring into exact words how good this film was, actually. I can just say it was;
    heartwarming, tearful/emotional, clever, and overall just a great film. Not to mention this was even on Netflix! This should also be featured on the cinemas around the Christmas week.

  11. This film was great. A Christmas gift for the holidays. Netflix reminded us about the the wonders of 2D animation.

  12. I'm not gonna lie but Jesper looks so much like Doppler from Treasure Planet (cause there from the same animator) ?

  13. Por culpa de tanto comercial en youtube ya no dio ganas de ver a nadie de mi círculo social, nos estresaron con tanto comercial a cada momento

  14. I cannot express how important this film is. It can lead to a new renaissance for western animation. you guys nailed it, the love and passion permeates into my heart.

  15. i watched this movie out of curiosity without watching the trailer I DIDNT EXPECT IT TO BE THIS GOOD LIKE REALLY GOOD

  16. Peoples who think this is 3d animation just with special effect to make it look like 2d. No, technically it's not. It's 2d animation with a realistic shading form. Quite similar to that new Spider man animation. Looking at how they made this movie in behind the scene, it's all animation. I follow Jeremie Becquer on instagram. There are few shots of his works in his movie. It's amazing.

  17. Despite so many stories and legends about Santa Claus origin, this one by far are the "almost" realistic one and also the best movie that explains about Santa Claus origin. The core of this movie isn't the same with other Santa Claus movies that exists out there. It's not about a magical old man delivering toys for childrens every Christmas eve, but it's more like an act of kindness that can make an impossible becomes possible, like bringing peace to the world. This is the best Santa Claus movie that ever created. Not just a remake and even a mock for the legend of Santa Claus like the other one, but beautifully crafted to touch a grown-up hearts and had a deeper meaning behind it. I hope there is more movies like this one, based on a legend or folklore, but not destroyed the core of the original stories.

  18. I just watched it and me and my sister really cried especially when it tells how much these characters mean to Christmas and children??

  19. The best Christmas movie so far…it's came par to the record breaking Frozen 2…but interm of story. This is better. But I wonder wat animation is this? 3D or 2D? Or both? It just beautiful.

  20. I dont know what is about this movie but i watched literally 5 time this month. It has such a good storyline, its funny and touching. Its a great christmas movie and everyone has to see it, give it a try lads

  21. A stunning work of art, gorgeous in its simplicity and tight focus on animation – which, for the record, is nothing short of breathtaking.

  22. So just let you all know, santa is fake and makeup stories, and Jesus never celebrate Christmas.
    One last thing, Jesus was not born in 25th December.

  23. This movie made me so happy i liked that it made the Santa Claus story more realistic and that it brought back 2D animation

  24. This film is far far better than Frozen 2 . Hope it will release on WorldWide Cinemas so that more peoples will know about this Wonderful Film !!!


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