Kulture’s Birthday Party

Kulture’s Birthday Party

(upbeat music) (audience cheering) No, no no. (audience whooping)
Okay, okay, all right. Stop, look, it’s time for the Inside Scoop and here with the dish, is the CEO of Hollywood Unlocked, Jason Lee. Hi, how are you? (audience cheers) So, Jason’s looking at hot topics right now, and he goes, you know I know Medina? Oh yeah, Medina’s exactly how you described her. Bitch, right? Well she calls me and she says, “bitch” so. Okay, what’s going on with Cardie? First of all, thank you for letting me know everybody was there but you know I wasn’t in town. Yeah, so I was here in New York last week for Cardi B’s daughter Kulture’s first birthday party. Yes, happy birthday Kulture. So the last time I was here on your show she actually called me and she asked how you were doing, I say, “Well Wendy’s fabulous.” And she said how much she loved you so I thought I’m in New York, you’re in New York probably in your apartment eating grapes why not invite you over? Right. You know, and you were at Walmart. In Boca. Right. All right, so I wasn’t here. So Wendy wasn’t there so let me tell you. So inside the party basically, it felt like I was in the Dominican Republic. She had Spanish music and hip-hop there was brown juice for adults but they had the kids were getting homemade teddy bears, face painting, it was a very very beautiful birthday party I mean she just paid attention to all the details. Was that the $400,000 birthday party? Is that true? So apparently Mindy Weiss, who does all the Kardashian parties was actually doing this party so she probably comes with a pretty penny. Right right right. But yeah, I mean it was fabulous I mean they had it decked out, everybody was really happy, Cardi showed up. Before even Cardi showed up you know the power went out in New York City. Yes. So we’re sittin’ there frantic because Cardi is a perfectionist, so we’re thinking okay she’s gonna– Wait, so you’re trapped with no power with kids and animals? There was a petting zoo in there. There was a petting zoo so there’s no, so the lights go out, the power goes out, the DJ music stops playing we’re sitting there looking at the donkey waiting on Cardi to show up and so I say to her choreographer Tanisha I say look, we gotta call Cardi and we have to like send her to McDonald’s or something or send her somewhere. So we call security and try to divert her and Hennessy’s in the background on the phone like, “Bitch, the lights went out.” So at that point, Cardi shows up the lights are out and but she was in great spirits she got everybody going, the family was happy and the party went on. (applause) Perfect. And I do have to catch up with her off camera. Absolutely. Like, I like her. And she likes you, she said she likes you a lot. Does she know Medina too? I don’t think she knows Medina, I don’t think the four of us–
But she would like Medina. She would love Medina. Okay. She loves you. Okay, ASAP Rocky, what’s going on? Okay, so as you know ASAP Rocky was arrested about two weeks ago in Sweden. He’s still in jail. After this, well he got arrested after this video from TMZ came out for getting in a fight with a guy, and apparently he hasn’t been charged with anything yet. But he’s still in jail, and he’s been kept there for two weeks while they investigate their case. So, it’s led to this whole free ASAP movement online because people believe he’s being treated unfairly and on Friday a judge sided with the prosecutor and said that ASAP will be there for at least another week while they continue to investigate their case. And so Trump is now involved? Well, the hotline is blinking at the White House and it ain’t Drake it’s Kim and Kanye, they’ve called up Jared Kushner ‘Cause they watch Hot Topics remember I said, “Kim get involved.” Good girl, go. Well apparently Snoop wanted Kim and Kanye to get involved and he got his wish. And I agreed. And so now Trump has called over to Sweden to talk to the prime minister, and so this is what he tweeted after that phone call. “Just had a very good call with the Swedish Prime Minister, “who’s assured me that American citizen “ASAP Rocky will be treated fairly. “Likewise, I assured him that ASAP “will not be a flight risk and offered to personally “vouch for his bail, or an alternative.” Do you think that this might be a backfire that Trump is involved? You think? Just asking. So apparently, the prosecutor is showing no sympathy for ASAP, and so now the prosecutor is really annoyed because the government has gone over his head trying to call the prime minister, so the prime minister has spoken out and said, the government and I guess the judicial system are separate out there so they have no influence, so it doesn’t look like Trump’s involvement worked. Okay, free ASAP. Let’s talk about Jeezy. So okay, so G-Easy. Excuse me, G-Easy. So people are saying that– Jeezy’s on my playlist though, okay. (laughter)
(applause) I got it.
Just saying. So, people are saying that the Swedish officials are being racist by detaining ASAP because last year the white rapper G-Eazy was arrested in Sweden for hitting a security guard and for cocaine use. And so they struck a deal with him in a day and half and he got fined and probation, and the he was out and free to leave the country with no problems. Was this a black white thing? I mean it’s always, well yes. What did G-Eazy say, I heard wait, listen to what he said. So G-Eazy spoke out about the situation and he said, “The difference between me and Rocky’s treatment “in Sweden brings to mind two concepts, “white privilege and systemic racism. “Let’s call it what it is. “He should not be behind bars right now.” (applause) We shall overcome one day, hey hey hey hey. Say goodbye to Jason Lee. By the way, thank you for the flowers. Of course. Beautiful, beautiful. Check out his show it’s called Hollywood Unlocked with Jason Lee, it premieres August 12th on iHeartRadio. (upbeat music)

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  1. Omg! Look at the video people, are you all blind??? You telling me that this guy did nothing wrong and it's all just because the country is racist?? Far out! Wow! G-Eazy situation point blank sounds completely different he 'hit' someone, 'hit' singular, not beat, bash, mob someone who couldn't even fight back, or wasn't even trying to?? Also, that's a whole nother country, how you all think you have a right and superiority to talk on the law and ways of a whole nother country pfft! Look at Indonesia, you can rape and murder and get sentenced up to 15 years max, but you get caught with a couple of joints of gunja and you can get the death penalty! This has nothing to do with race! It's to do with different laws and criminal justice systems… no the whole world is not like America, nor do they fall under America's way of doing things..first thing to do when visiting a different country? Understand their laws!!! …. America the leading country in obsession of race, superior mentalities and contradictions….. just STOP and wake up from the ignorance!

  2. Sorry Wendy, i luv you but this is NOT a race thing… as a black person living in STHLM take my Word for it..

    What he did was not right!! Thats it..

  3. Wendy grow up. no one cares about your boring birthday story.. its getting more and more annoying that you feel the need to brag about your "new me" so often ..LIKE WHO CARES!?!!? Smh

  4. Wendy grow up. no one cares about your boring birthday story.. its getting more and more annoying that you feel the need to brag about your "new me" so often ..LIKE WHO CARES!?!!? Smh

  5. Deus aben癟oe voc礙s todos 儭 e fam穩lia ok ok senhor Jesus Cristo em primeiro lugar .senhor…abencoe todos 鳶滕儭

  6. Y is Trump involved America has bigger tissue to deal with more than ASAP..he should not have done a crime in another country..

  7. Not a fan of Jason. He was the main one going after Jordyn Woods a Young Girl after the whole Tristan mess. He is riding the a Kardashians Dicks HARD!!!

  8. black/white thing??? Girl please… Sweden barely has any violence so they take that stuff very seriously. But yea democrats call it racism just because he's black…

  9. Doesnt the President of the United States of America have affairs of the state to be dealing with? Im just asking ?

  10. The reason why she want to meet cardi is because nicki dont want to come up there every time something going on whit Nicki she always say something negative about her even when she not in the wrong

  11. Wendy gettin so trashy. First having Chynna as bff then this idiot bring Kulture birthday? Really? That's the news? Next!

  12. Liberals are delusional! They cite Sweden as a great, socialist country! Want United States to emulate them! Wtf is wrong with you imbeciles? Don't you know in countries like that 99 percent are white, rich, or upper middle class, professionals. No such thing as a free ride! United States great country! And there the taxes are insane. It's not free health care! They pay for it. And of you're not pretty much a doctor , forget about moving there! Every country had borders! Silly.

  13. This low life again?? He spit on a woman's face, threw a drink on a woman and lies on everyone… Gross Wendy…

  14. I don't think Sweden cares who ASAP Rocky is. Foreign countries don't F around when Americans break the law.

  15. is that what that law degree is for?so that k. kardashian can call Trump to get all her friends out of jail even when they act like savages??I bet she would have shut up if it was one of her family member who was beaten so brutally, why is everyone taking this so lightly???…..don't go in foreign countries with your savage attitude thinking it will go unpunished just bc you are rich and famous. When foreigners go to the US & act the same way they are banned immigrants you try to build a wall against. So calling Trump for help is rather IRONIC & RIDICULOUS.

  16. Attn to YouTube wendy team. I will be downvoting until u start uploading the whole hot topics section without interruptions. I get why you're doing it for the metrics. But that's greedy AF. Ure a network morning show. U guys have been renewed till 2022, making big revenue gains, Wendy William's herself provides… all because the viewers keep returning. So stop abusing our loyalty. Upload the whole hot topics and stop this BULL.

  17. So they missed the part where the foreigners provoked ASAP 1st. He & his security begged them to stop following & harassing them. They wanna hold him for another week, without being charged. Smh this is crazy.

  18. ASAP is just getting his karma for saying he doesnt care to speak on people of colors rights. I hope he realizes now how much he can be affected by race no matter his status. Maybe he wont act like hes just rich and famous from now on

  19. yes, very good talk Wendy – signed, Brittney Lee Hill Tuesday, July the 23, 2019, around 8:30 p.m. <3 .

  20. A$ap is a fool for that. At the end of the day, if that happened to him in his home town, he would expect them to be dealt with. Not everything is racism, he put himself in that situation. No one gives a F who you are when you put hands on people Facts. And I'm black saying. Furthermore we need to stop allowing people to provoke us and getting the reaction they want.

  21. I love how G Easy called it like it is! It's nice to have awareness from another culture and bringing these topics to the table to enlighten people of the truth!

  22. Why he beat up a white boy in a predominantly white country with a high level of systemic racism…REALLY??!! They don't care who you are over there, you are black & you beat up one of their white citizens…Good luck A$AP…

  23. This man called Lil Nas ugly and Body shamed Ariana grande calling her R Kellys snack. Hes ugly fat and vile NEVER bring this trash sack of potatoes back on the show Wendy

  24. Black people always going to make a black and white thing about every situation… when they don't even know the details of the incident.. everybody's always racist against them huh … and obviously that white rapper just wants to look cool… with his statement… just trying to score some points with the brothers…. I can't stand white people like him…

  25. Most men that I know; ..they usually fight verbally or physical with other men during a disagreement. So what??! 丹撾儭 Also, I like Jason Lee.

  26. When you have such a lavish birthday for the 1st time the other birthdays would have to be better than the 1st and I hope they keep up with their b'day expectations for Kulture because eventually she would get accustom to these types of lavish b'day parties and eventually expect the next year to be greater than the next. Happy B'day Kulture……

  27. Oh, not charged with anything but still in jail. Welcome to Julian Assange world (wherever that might be).

  28. This airhead would think she was the reason Kim talked to trump wouldn't she… And of course Kim was thinking "trump like loves me so I'll just go talk to him and free asap myself." These Hollywood airheads are annoying.

  29. Yh since she broke up with her husband shes name dropping like theres no tomorrow. She used to always say her job gave no room for being friends with famous people. Now shes like i was out with this one and that. I bet her husband was the cause. Glad shes doing so well now

  30. You guys talk rubbish, the guys in Sweden was Arabs not white and if you know anything about Europe where I live Arabs are considered black…

  31. Asap punched these people… He needs to be in jail or go to court just like everyone else. If you feel unsafe you call the police. Self justice isn't a think here in Europe. You can't punch humans and think it's ok because they followed you.

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