Lady Moon Shines Softly cover – Yule carol

Lady Moon Shines Softly cover – Yule carol

Lady moon shines softly down to light the
earth below, as we her children gather here around the Yule fire’s glow. We wait for morning’s
dawning, first light of holy birth, our Lady turns the wheel of life, her son returns to
earth. With joy we’ll greet his dawning, a new year has begun, with increased light is
bright new hope reborn in everyone. Hey guys, just a little carol today. I’m filming it
quite late because I did not have any energy today. But I’m here now, so… Today’s carol
wasn’t very long, but it’s one of my Mum’s absolute favourites, which she requested I
do. So this video is being filmed with my partner on the phone sat next to the camera.
And I am really really missing their help – because without them here I have to like
Macgyver this background and work out my framing, and have to do these like test shots to see
whether like the framing is right because I can’t see the framing ’cause it’s on the
other side of the camera… Anyway. Basically the moral of this story is they’re amazing
and life is much easier with them around. If you like this video please do give it a
thumbs up, maybe share it, maybe spread the word of the channel maybe? Like, that would
be great and cool and lovely. Yeah, thanks. I will hopefully be back tomorrow with another
Yuletide carol. I hope you’re having a wonderful evening. Yeah, okay. Bye!

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