Thank you! Because this is too
heavy, I can’t. Welcome
YouTube friends! Today we are going to make
the Christmas special. And I’m with a
beautiful Santa Claus. Look what a beauty! A twist! Today, gentlemen… We will be on the street with this
beautiful box that you see here, a big gift… Oh baby! Help me open
this little box, yes? We will be with
“The Little I Love You”, Who will
be scaring people. The evil elf! So let’s go there!
Boom! Are you in a hurry?
You can do me a favor? It is urgent, yes? My supervisor has not arrived,
I need to take that box there quickly. Where are the sodas? Please my love! It is too heavy… -My love, thanks.
-You are welcome. Is that my supervisor has not
arrived, I need… Can you help me carry that
box where the sodas are? Of course! No problem… Photos, photos…
A photo with Santa! Photo with Santa… That scared me! Say hello to the camera! And why don’t you help
me instead of looking at me? Help me move
this box… -Hey! Beware. I’ll let you know, do you listen?
-Okey. Roger that! Instead of looking at me so much,
can you help me…? Please help me! Thank you! Because this is
too heavy… -Well, my people…
-Jump, jump… Thank you
my love! Give me a kiss.
Do not leave without kissing me. That was the only
thing he wanted! So you don’t
cover the gift… Photo with Santa… -You can help me? Please!
-Come here, engineer. Thank you! It weighs too much! It’s so small
this guy! -Sure, with the gift…
-These people are mine… These people are mine…
I’m going to scare these! Can you help me? Please! Oh! Thank you… Between you two,
it weighs too much… Thank you my love! Do you want a picture
with Santa’s wife? Yes, only with her. -Only with her?
-Yes, only with her. -Good tattoo, brother.
-Yes? -Perfect!
-Perfect! Do you want the picture
with Santa’s wife? Give me your cell phone and
I can take it. It’s free. No, just her… Get there… For the bathroom! You just want
a picture of her… But for what? -My friend in Germany…
-A nude photo… Can you help me?
Please! Merry Christmas! You know that my sales
supervisor has not arrived… And I’m like this… And I need
to move that, and I don’t want to bend down because
I’m afraid of seeing my underwear. And it’s very heavy… Come, give me a kiss! Do you like
women like that? It won’t be that you are a…
You know… A pervert! Don’t you want
that image to see later? I do not understand… -Ah! You don’t understand…
-Do you speak English? Oh yeah! English… You want this photo to…
You know, in the bathroom… Of course! Look… That is sure! Look,
I have a little problem… I’m in high heels, right? I need to bend down
to move that box, and if I bend down
I will show my underwear. It is very hot but these
people are not going to save. Look, I need to move
this box over there, next to the soda
machines… Can you help me? Please! Thank you my love! Merry Christmas! and if I bend down
I will show all my underwear…. -She is talking to one! Beware!
-Okey. And I do not want
to show my underwear. Can you help me move it? -Jump! Merry Christmas! You do not like
women? Yes, I like women but
I need that picture… But she is a
very sexy woman… It’s free, brother. The photo
and then the hug. Hey! But this guy
is a stalker… No, I can’t move
from here. Now I want you here,
my friend… Merry Christmas, love! -OMG!
-OMG! And that has been
all for today! If you liked this video… Wait…
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  1. ¡Mi gente hermosa! Feliz Navidad 🎄🎁 espero que la pasen super con su gente y muchas gracias por su apoyo!

    ¡Si les gusto el video compártanlo para así seguir creciendo!🙌🏼

  2. La mayoria le hacia ese favor pa luego intentar sacarle el numero o algo jajaja, te apuesto que es un hombre o algo y lo dejan ahi que se muera ajaja.Muy bueno el video

  3. Yo me casaria con Ella tendriamos hijo y iba Vida muy activa y feliz pero ya toy conociendo alguien. Es como dicen ay que respectar las mujeres

  4. Buen video como siempre te deseo mucha suerte Adolfo soy de rd de Santiago y me encanta el contenido que haces tu humildad y forma de ser te a impulsado a lograr grandes cosas Bro.

    Espero veas este comentario me alegraría mucho espero algún día conocerte eres una increíble persona

  5. Adolfo tengo un retazo para vos, te reto a que con 2 amigos simulen estar sacando un cuerpo de un vehículo cerca de una patrulla (policia), salu2 bro.

  6. JAJAJAJAJAJA yo creo que jamás me había reído tanto con un video como me reí con esto! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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