Leader’s & Maknae’s B-Day Party by SEVEN WINGS  (190831/190901) in Warsaw

Leader’s & Maknae’s B-Day Party by SEVEN WINGS (190831/190901) in Warsaw

The event took place thanks to the cooperation of Seven Wings and K-Kingdom During the event, the participants could get fans and cookies when buying tea You could also buy pins and keyrings~ The first day *dancing “Blood Sweat & Tears”* Oh, come on>:c *wishes* Wooo~ Hey, Teresa ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) It’s not like I zoomed it to the max Come on, Sara, dance! I’ll record you Get it, girl! *intense dancing “Idol”* You ruined it, Sara :c *doesn’t care and still dancing* UNIVERSE GROUP! *we were just trying to sing* *dancing “Dope”* *shh* *ah shit, here we go again* *Sara and Teresa trying to be sexy* *Sara being cute* EVERYONE! A LOT OF LOVE TO SARA❤️ *singing “Daeng”* *Everyone were singing in korean, but Sara wanted to sing in polish* *mood tbh* *Otsukaaareeee* *love, more love, even more love* *singing “Boy with love”* Happy birthday! *fanchat* We also organized games for participants The first one, were dancing puns Do you know what will happen now? We will love each other! Now there will be such a game Where you can win this set rewards, joy please! *joy* thank you c: The first game is “dancing pun” Which rely on this: You’ll get a note with a song title And then you have to stand in the middle and show everyone one piece of choreography And the rest of you have to try guess which song it is Congratulations to the winner! *aggressively shaking hands* *handing the prize* The second game:
perceptiveness test The participants, after watching the video, wrote a perceptiveness test *too much questions to translate* Two girls, who drew played “paper, stone, scissors” to decide who won *handing the prize* *Ola was teaching us how to sing “happy birthday” in korean* All together *singing “happy birthday” in korean* *fanchat again* *taking group pic* *we saw Jungkook’s pics on twitter* *people wrote a lot of beautiful wishes and made a lot of fabulous drawings* The second day *dancing “Idol” again* *This t-shirt is fabulous, don’t you think?* *dancing “MIC drop”* *Sara took Maja piggyback while dancing “Idol”* *Sara knows how to dance, she’s just a dumbass* *turn down the volume a bit* *trying to sing “Answer: Love myself” Hey, Hello ^-^ *singing “Outro: Tear” *hit* *death* *resurrection and continue singing* *Sara is piano now* W-what? It it a piano Jin *perfect duo* *singing “Epiphany” high notes* *fanchat again* *dancing “Go Go”* A LOT OF LOVE TO TERESA❤️ *dancing “Dionysus”* So show me I’ll show you So show me I’ll show you *hit* *just a lot of mess* *love* You’re so lovely, I’m so lovely, we’re so lovely Lovely, lovely, lovely It’s so hot ARMY, because of you *kisses and love* *At 4pm the “frying pan” game started* *Teresa explains the rules of the game* *Teresa and Sara played to show everyone how it works* *Teresa won>:c * *after a few practise rounds, the game has started* *we have a winner of 3rd place!* *and now winner of 2nd and 1st place!* *Congratulations!* *Ola was teaching us how to sign “happy birthday” in korean, again* *singing “happy birthday” in korean* Thank you for everything!❤️❤️ +there is a bonus( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Subscribe to this channel, leave a like and a comment Remember to click a bell! And make donations For 10k subscribers we’ll dye our hairs green Event organizer
Seven Wing Luv ya💜 English subtitles by Sara ^-^

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