LED Lights, Christmas Lights, Outdoor Christmas Lights ► The Deal Guy

LED Lights, Christmas Lights, Outdoor Christmas Lights ► The Deal Guy

Today, 90% off Christmas lights and a special
surprise. Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. If you are a subscriber, I promised
I would hook you up with door busters early, and today, the Christmas light door busters
that I’m gonna show you in a moment are just one of many deals. I am also going to stalk
musician Jim Brickman as part of another Christmas deal that we’ve just hunted down. If you know
me from your local TV station or USA TODAY, this is your one stop shop for daily deals.
Everything I find, located right under this video window. None of these are paid products.
Before we get to the huge deal and the savings, a reminder. Subscribers get whatever deal
I’m featuring for free. At least one randomly selected subscriber per video gets my deal
given away for free, so click the subscribe button you see on your screen right now. You’ll
be signed up for all of my big deals, and here is your huge deal for today. 90% off
an incredible assortment of indoor/outdoor LED weather safe Christmas lights. I’m gonna
show you how they work in a moment, but price points actually start as low as 10 bucks depending
on what you choose. Yes, the MSRP is outlandish, but I wanna point out Amazon where their well
rated has them on sale for $115. I found them for way less than that. Now, let’s get to
the unboxing and setup. So, unlike traditional Christmas light strings, these easily attach
and extend from one to another, simple plug outlet play and no bulbs. So if one burns
out or goes out or gets smashed, it doesn’t affect the rest. – [Voiceover] I can’t. I gotta stop looking
at it. – It’s difficult. It’s so bright. – [Voiceover] Okay, here we are. We’re gonna
put up our rope light. We got it all ready to go. And just twist it back on. And I’ve
connected my rope. And we can continue. And here’s our finished product. Woo-hoo. So bright,
so pretty. Easy installment on the wood deck, and here’s what we got. All around the deck.
Very pretty. – And as you can see, the possibilities are
endless. There was another deal that caught my eye. It was a buy one, get one from someone
kind of synonymous with Christmas. Now, wonderful subscribers know that I test all of my deals,
so I actually stalked Jim Brickman. Yes, the real Jim Brickman. I’m a big fan. I was on
your doorstep just making sure that when I exploit this buy one, get one code on albums,
Christmas music, and concert tickets, that’s cool with you? – It is because you’re the Deal Guy. Now,
we weren’t actually giving that in my studio, so when you knocked on the door, it was a
little bit awkward cause I don’t sell them myself cause he wanted the deal, but we’re
giving you the deal, and it is Brickman BOGO we’re calling it. Buy one, get one free. So
when you come to the concerts or you get the album, and we figure the more, the merrier
should come see us. Get more, the merrier. – I like that, that was good. Get ready to
lose money. Get ready to save money. And that’s just getting started. All the items I showed
you, right under this video window, even a few Brickman freebies that we’re giving away
to subscribers as well as lights, and if you are looking for even bigger deals as we inch
closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, don’t let the stores ruin your Thanksgiving. I have
you covered on my Deal Guy YouTube channel, so you can skip the lines and avoid the crowds.
A team of people working across the country right here will get everything delivered to
you. All you have to do is subscribe. Turn your channel alerts on. If you are not yet
subscribed, click this register button on your screen right now. You’ll be signed up
and good to go. Current subscribers, you’re already hooked up.

59 thoughts on “LED Lights, Christmas Lights, Outdoor Christmas Lights ► The Deal Guy

  1. that's a cool thing for our deck outside. the green was really nice…white not so much..do they come in Any other colors? very cool

  2. OMG omg omg – I'm not a crazy cat lady, but I AM a crazy Christmas lady. This is such an awesome deal for LEDs! Not going to miss out on this one!

  3. Wow, they don't call you the Deal Guy for nothing!!! 90% off is insanely good!! love the lights and they looks so easy. Looks like they won't tangle like regular lights either. Again, THANK YOU!!!!

  4. Wow best Christmas light I have ever seen. Once again you found an awesome deal. Hope I win/ good luck to me and everyone.

  5. Big Brickman fans! REALLY nice stocking stuffers! I guess I pulled the trigger too fast when I bought new lights last spring, eh?! I am looking for a deal on a new iPhone…any leads there?!

  6. wow so expensive on amazon, great price, now waiting on laptops and kids today to ne on best deals of America from The Deal Guy 😉 goo day.

  7. Who doesn't love to decorate for Christmas while listening to Christmas music? Is your singing as good as your dancing??? Maybe you should sing us a tune!!!!

  8. I have been wanting to buy these. Looks like a great deal, I think this is going to be my second purchase from your recommendations. I might have to quit watching you if I keep this up….just kidding. Thanks for another great deal.

  9. Your getting so successful in this channel good job !!!!!
    I really like all the deals I have been seeing on your channel and it just makes me want to spend my money on every thing

  10. Matt I don't know how you do this day in day out without any thought. Just the time to time you take to say hey,I read your post means alot.
    Thanks to you and the crew that help people like me, that live from check to check have
    some nice things without going broke…..! Rock on with your Bad self.. m/

  11. Maestro,
    Another great deal for the price…especially BEFORE Christmas instead of after!
    Also, awesome job in hooking us up with a holiday BOGO deal with the master pianist, Jim Brickman.
    (By the way, to those out there who didn't look at the additional information, Matt is giving away FREE CONCERT TICKETS to see/hear Jim live! But you must be a subscriber and fulfill a couple more requirements.) So, in the extremely loud and trendy words of Shia Labeouf, "DO IT, JUST DO IT!")
    Have an incredible night, Chief…

  12. we live in an apartment, and had wanted something like this to decorate our balcony. Fabulous deal! You just illuminated the way for me…….☺

  13. Matt, I love all your deals! I love love my Star Shower Laser Light! We are the envy of our neighborhood! There is one slight problem and maybe you can help me with it! I purchased absolutely the only one left in my state! And it has a defect, only shows green! Please tell me where I can get one to replace it AND purchase another!
    Need your help with one more item – after viewing your video on the Martian notify watch, immediately ordered three for gifts! However my problem is that I do not know the address or the contact number where I ordered them from and therefore do not know when I can expect them to be shipped. Would you please provide me with this information? Keep all the deals coming, I love them and love to share the information!
    Our local WFMy TV station with Tonya shows your items! Merry Christmas!😊🌲

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