LEGO Cemetery Pop-Up Book Insert

LEGO Cemetery Pop-Up Book Insert

Hey everyone, Jason here. Halloween is on the horizon and I thought it would be a good time to revisit the cemetery pop-up
book insert I designed for my spooky Tales From the Crypt book, and try and fit it in the official Pop-Up Book set, and I have created building instructions for this insert, which are available for free over at This insert has
some fun little details like the ghost the can rise out of his crypt in the
back, and also this skeleton that can rise out of his grave. I also modified
the anchor points on this insert which is a cool little technique to move it
forward a couple of studs, so that there is more room in the back for detailing.
Of course as a result, you will not be able to build the insert as tall as you
normally would so that it still fits within the space in the front of the
book when you close it. One big thing to note though, is if you are thinking of
building this insert is the official set is a little bit different from the
original crypt book I designed, and in order to fit all the components you will
need to make some minor modifications to the set. If you are uncomfortable making
changes to the set, which I have right here, you can still insert all of the
components except for the Crypt in the back and the pathway in the front. In the
official set there are no studs on the inside of the front of the spine to connect
the pathway and these studs in the back are too close to the spine, so that they
interfere with the Crypt when you try and close it, so the book will not close
all the way. If you do want to modify your book, the changes are actually quite
easy to make. For these studs in the back, all you need to do is swap out these 1
by 4 bricks with studs on them with the normal 1 by 4 bricks right beside them,
and that way you move them further away from the spine, and you can see that’s
what I’ve done with this book over here, and to add studs to the inside of the
spine all you need to do is swap out the normal 1 by 4 brick that’s usually here
with one of the 1 by 4 bricks with studs on them from one of the covers. I
actually did the same thing in the back as well swapping out one of the bricks
on the back cover with studs on them, and I removed the bar
on the inside of the spine as well, just because I prefer the stud attachment, but
you don’t need to do that, if you would like to keep the bar, you can just add
some plates with a clip on them to the bottom of the crypt. Either, like a 1 by 2
plate with a clip, or 1 by 1 plate with a clip or even one of these 1 by 2 plates
with two clips, it doesn’t really matter, then you can clip the crypt
onto the bar like so. It does look a little bit funny when it’s floating like
that, but it works, and if you do swap out the clip for the studs you can just
connect the crypt directly to them like so. One other thing to note is when
you’re adding the graves to the book this one should be removed from the back page by a stud so that the gravestones don’t interfere with each other when you
close the book. And that’s about it for this video.
I have also received requests for instructions for the nativity scene
pop-up insert I designed last year, and I will be posting those as we get closer
to the holiday season. As always thanks for watching keep on building and I will see you in the next one

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