LEGO Nativity Pop-Up Book Instructions

Hey everyone, Jason here. Last year I
posted a time-lapse video kind of illustrating the design process I went
through for this nativity scene insert I made for the Pop-Up Book, and I realize
Christmas is still over a month away but I did receive a lot of requests for
instructions for this, so I thought I should post them a bit early to give
anyone interested time to actually build it before the holidays, and you can find
those instructions and a parts list for it freely available over at The instructions show you how to build all of the individual
components but they don’t really show you how they go inside the book, and for
the most part that is pretty self-explanatory, but I thought I would
go through it just in case there is anything that is unclear. And, if you’ve
ever tried to design an insert for the Pop-Up Book before you know that space
is pretty tight inside, so you do have to pay attention to make sure everything
fits. The star is built using the same mechanism as the beanstalk from the
official set, so that the base just clips onto the bar on the inside of the spine
here, and the anchor inserts into the first stud from the right on this brick
here, and I’m still super impressed by this mechanism that Wes designed. The 4×4 plate holding the chicken is connected to these four studs, so that
there is a one stud gap between it and the pages in the back and that’s so that
when you close the book the chicken will clear the support of the star. The plates
holding the pig are connected to the three remaining studs on the brick
that’s holding the anchor down, and the manger has a clip on its base, which clips
into the same bar holding the base of the star. For the insert itself, the
positioning of the figures is important as they can’t interfere with each other
when the book is closed, and they also can’t overhang outside of the four studs
of width available for the closed up insert. I found it works best with
Joseph’s front leg connected to this stud here and rotated so that his rear
leg is flush with this edge here, and with the front right of Mary’s dress
connected to this stud here again rotated so that the back right of
her dress is flush with this edge here. And I’ve also found it helps to have her
left arm raised all the way, so that when the insert is closed, it doesn’t
interfere with Joseph in any way. Now you may notice I have a goat here, which I
didn’t actually include in the instructions, since they are pretty rare
and quite expensive on the second-hand market. And instructions I just put
another chicken there, but of course you can use whatever animals you have on
hand. There are tons of cute animals that have
been released over the years that will fit. And of course the insert just connects
using the standard connection mechanism. The decorative terrain pieces in the front
also connect normally and here are the three wise men with their trusty camel.
And that is about it for this one even though it is early, I do wish
everybody a happy holiday season, and as always, thanks for watching, keep
on building, and I will see you next time.

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