LEGO Princess❤ Ariel’s Birthday Party

Oh! Elsa. She’s coming. Yay. Are you ready? Ariel. Happy birthday. Thank you, thank you. I’m so happy There’s a special box for you. Oh! Wow. Open it. A puppy? What’s more inside? A magic book? Open it. Okay. Do what the book said like this This is amazing. Human can change.. Ariel. Do some magic. Oh, sure. A fireman. What about me? Wait. A cop. Now it’s my turn. Hey I’m pirate. Oh, no. Take this. Change. What? You freeze. Don’t move. I wanna explore. Let’s cover it. What a birthday it is.

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Santa Claus and the Naugty List

Santa Claus and the Naugty List

Welcome to Kiwis to Pistachio, your One-Stop Vegan Guide. And today our family is celebrating Christmas Eve. So what we’re going to be doing is open up our stockings, to show that Santa Clause brought us something. He just came by in the sled, T.J. told us he was in the living room and left […]