Liberty Christmas Windows + Lights London

Liberty Christmas Windows + Lights London

HI guys I’am at Liberty of London to watch
them unveil their 2014 Christmas windows Hello
who wants some free balloons guys? Hello London
no no no no no your far too quiet for us Hello London
we are the London Community gospel choir and we are here at the Liberty store to spread
some Christmas cheer and we are going to reveal the lovely Christmas windows in a bit so lets
start with some Christmas songs please join in please join in don’t be shy clap there
is lots of dancing room I can see lots of dancing room guys so don’t be afraid to shake
a leg alright OK (music) ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four,three, two, one
merry Christmas everyone (music) Thanks for watching guys if you liked this video don’t forget to click the thumbs up
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12 thoughts on “Liberty Christmas Windows + Lights London

  1. Amazing video, you should have taken few shots inside of the store as well. LOL… Thanks a ton mate for posting the lovely video

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