24 thoughts on “Lincoln celebrating 80th anniversary of the Continental

  1. Pile of garbage made by Union Alcoholic Drug Addicts that fall apart as soon as you leave the dealership who will deliberately start a fight with you so they don't have to fix your pile of junk or scrape the paint and claim you dropped it off already damaged. Fuc Ford . Never by American.

  2. If they went back to the original design, that would be great, still looks like who dun it and very overpriced…..

  3. I thought that trump was going to punish America car manufacturers because he imposed tariffs that made it impossible to run a profitable business unless they manufacture them overseas.

  4. People don't listen. The Coach Doors go back to the 60s. The Continental model itself is 80 years old. Learn to listen folks.

  5. suicide doors are a yes. but no bench seat in the back? I spend all my money on this car, you think i have a house to bring a woman back to? no way.

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  7. Lincoln should have made every Continental with suicide doors from the get go of the re-introduction. If they had kept the Panther platform with rear wheel drive and the V-8 engine with the classic suicide doors, Lincoln may have sold enough units at a profit to justify it's continuation into the 21st century. So Sad, good bye Continental.

  8. They were called suicide doors because if they had been left slightly open and ajar, the wind could pull them all the way open. In an attempt to close the open door at highway speed, the back seat passenger could easily loose balance and fall out of the back seat and onto the road. Remember, this was back in the day before seat belts.

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