#ListenToYourSelfie  | The Party | Childline

#ListenToYourSelfie | The Party | Childline

Lara (off screen): Marshmallows?
Megan: Yeah! Do chubby bunny challenge! Lara: Really?
Chloe: Yeah do it Lara: You gotta do it as well then
*laughing* Megan: Go!
Megan: Ahhahaha! *doorbell rings*
Megan: Who’s that? Lara: I don’t know
Megan: Go look! Lara: Guys…it’s Dan
Paul: Who’s Dan? Megan and Chloe: Who’s Dan?? Dan: Here she is… Lara: What are you doing here?
Dan: Saw you had some mates round, thought we could bring some drinks… Lara: You guys know Dan and er this is Jack. Dan: You having one mate?
Paul: No I’m alright Jack: Oh go on Paul
Dan: Have this it’s nicer Jack: Don’t be boring
Dan: Here you are Jack: That’s the lad *loud music playing* Dan: I don’t want to see you upset do I? Lara: It’s nice of you though
Dan: I’m a nice guy…haha Jack: Chug chug chug Jack: Nice hat, where d’you get it from? Oohooh ooh, calm down Paul! *music gets louder* *laughing and chatting* *Lara’s phone buzzes* Lara: Just Chloe, Megan and Paul….yeah fine…yep
mum I’ve got to go. Pizza’s here. Ok I will, bye! Dan: In trouble? Lara: No it’s er, cool.
Dan: I like your house Lara: Thanks
Dan: I like you Lara: Thanks Dan: What’s wrong? Lara: Nothing I just…
Dan: You’ve been leading me on all night. Don’t you like me?
Lara: Of course, it’s just… Dan: Come on Lara I thought you was my special
girl. Dan: You know I could have anyone right!
Lara: No! Dan: Maybe I will… Lara: Er…my friends are here…come on Dan: Let’s go upstairs then.
*party music slows down* *phone notification beep*
Lara’s selfie: Wait! What are you doing? Lara’s selfie 2: Come on this isn’t what we
want, is it? Lara: I don’t know.
*phone notification* Lara’s selfie 3: You don’t know? We’re drunker
than I thought. Lara: But it’s Dan, he’s so nice, I owe him. Lara’s selfie 3: If he was really nice he’d wait till you were ready. Lara’s selfie: Listen, we just don’t want
you to make a mistake. Lara: But he’ll tell everyone I’m frigid.
Lara’s selfie: You’ve got nothing to prove. Not to your real friends. Lara’s selfie: This is his decision… What’s yours?

65 thoughts on “#ListenToYourSelfie | The Party | Childline

  1. this needs to be shown, lots of this is happening were I live and I think you should show this in schools, youth groups ect. So scary the way this actually happens

  2. Telling someone that you or another young person has been hurt is a really brave step and sometimes it takes time to be ready for this. You can get support and talk about what’s happening with a Childline counsellor by calling 0800 1111 or online at https://childline.org.uk/get-support/ . However, as this is a public space, anything you say here cannot be kept confidential. If you have given information that you or another young has suffered abuse or neglect, we ask you to send us a private message with more details, so that we can pass it on to the NSPCC. Please contact a counsellor to talk this through or any other worries you have.

  3. Hi everyone. The Childline helpline is there to support anyone under the age of 19 who needs support. As this space is not private or confidential, we can’t provide direct help here but you can talk confidentially to a Childline counsellor on our free 24-hr helpline 0800 1111 or visit https://childline.org.uk/get-support/ to talk to us online. Most calls to Childline are confidential but if you need to know more about what we can’t keep confidential, have a look here https://childline.org.uk/about/confidentiality-promise/

  4. The message in this video is so powerful , I actually feel like more people should see this it’s very important .

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