Littlest Pet Shop: Christmas Vlogs #1 – Christmas Tree!

Littlest Pet Shop: Christmas Vlogs #1 – Christmas Tree!

We’re gonna make the Christmas Tree Nyeehhh Jessica! Yeah? Will you help me get the, uh, the next branch? Sure. Okay. Let’s go get that branch! Whatcha guys doing? Okay then. I have called this meeting to announce that we need serious help making the Christmas tree. Because as you all know… This is a very big job… …and we are ever so tiny. Well, actually, it’s the tree that’s ginormous. Whatever! So! Let’s have everyone go to work, and let’s make this CHRISTMAS TREE!! *screaming* *hyperventilating* The branch is in place and secured! Same over here! Woah! Ah! Aaahhh! This branch is secure! Oh, Nikki! Did you check all the lights? Well, they would be going better if you helped! Ahaha! You see, Nikki. I don’t do “work.” Ashley. I meant, um… Uh… I- I, uh.. LOVE doing work! Heh! I’ll go work on it right now! *sigh* Uh… Guys? Um, I’m stuck! Guys? Guys? Guys? Guys? Come on, light! Turn! On! *screams* Okay. You. Mister Light. You have to- *screaming* I’m the queen of the… WORLD!! Alright, guys. Great work. Now, we just have to… Move it. And… how are we going to do that? Yeah, the thing’s like a billion times our size! Well, we’re just gonna have to manage. *grunting* Come on, Alina. You have to push. WELL THAT’S WHAT I’M DOING!! *grunting* *grunting* Come on, guys. We can push this tree… …across the room if it kills us! Yeah guys! You go! Push that tree! Push that tree! Mmhmm! You go guys! Ah… Hm? Done already, guys? Great job moving that tree! Oh, I so wish I had been down there to help… …but it’s just far too comfortable up
here. Hm! Ugh… Well… You know Ashley, it would have been… … a lot easier…. …if you had been helping. Working? Moi? Never. Alright, Nikki. We need to get the decorations now. And… where are the decorations? In the basement. *screaming* C’mon Nikki. It’s not that bad. Guys, we found the ornaments! Alright everyone! We’ve got the decorations! Now… Let’s put ’em on the TREE!!! I’m in decoration heaven. Woo! Clara! Don’t… jump in there. W- Why? Because everything in there is glass! Oh… Okay. I have decided. I am going to do the honors of putting on the first ornament. Woop! Woop! Voila! Hey… What are you guys doing? Are those the pretty sparkly shiny ornaments? *squealing* I wanna help! I wanna help! I wanna help! WHEE!! Whoo… This thing is heavy. It looks so pretty! There. Fabulous. Its… so… sparkly…! I’ll go put this on the tree then. There.

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