London Christmas Lights

This is Covent Garden! They’ve done it up so nice this year! Behind me is… an annoying man! I tried filming that three times. [Sigh] I give up. This is a Christmas tree made from Jack Daniel’s barrels. Another tree! In a huge barrel! They like their barrels here. It’s so nice, each section is decorated differently. Ooh, I want those for my apartment. They’re so good. I love Covent Garden. If you’re visiting London, put it on your list, it’s lovely. Okay, let’s go to Regent Street. Ooh… Great. Thanks, bus! This is Regent Street! This year, the theme is “The 12 Days of Christmas” and each set of lights refers to a verse from the song! So THIS is the 7th Day. Seven… uh, pigeons… pooping? Ugh, thanks bus! [Singing] 5 Golden Rings! Which is the only line anybody is sure of. That’s not very accurate: She’s smiling! And I want THAT for my flat too. Bond Street and Oxford street have gone for a more… random theme this year. Little Presents, Umbrellas, Cute. And…that’s a fairy with a… pizza? Sandwich? How strange. And it seems the fairy has given the sandwich to Santa. But it was poisoned. This isn’t very festive. Oh, it’s Marmite! “You either love it or hate it.” And a little elf being sick into his hat. Lovely! What a strange campaign. Merry Christmas, everyone! Happy New Year! 良いお年を お迎えください
[yoi otoshi o omukae kudasai] [Uneasy Whimper] [Scream]

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