Lunar New Year Celebration

The SouthEast Asian Club is doing very well this was our second
main event this semester it was a celebration for our Lunar New Year so we figured one the best incentives for that would be
some wonderful Southeast Asian food we just wanted people to come in and enjoy it with us. We brought the monks out to chant for us and I’m really pleased
with the turnout that we wish everyone will be happy prosperous and peaceful Our lecture with Doctor True Jacobson she was able to give a historical overview of Lunar New Year’s and incorporating the academic aspect. It was really fun the food is really great. I think it was fun I learned something new I would love to
see my neighboring country it’s interesting I love this event. You don’t have to be Asian be
in the Southeast Asia Club it’s an academic community so anybody
who’s interested in southeast Asia or studies Southeast Asia join us the

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