Hello and welcome to day four of vlogmas so the following clips that you’re going to see is like a progression of the holiday cards, so It’s gonna talk about when I ordered them when I got them So it’s a bunch of clips that didn’t actually happen on the fourth day of vlogmas don’t be mad at me, but I wanted to kind of Film this and show you the process cuz it’s been very intense and been very fun. So hopefully you enjoy the video Oh my god, hello everyone I am so excited because It’s the holiday Cards, it’s the time of year last year I sent 1,000 Christmas holiday cards and it was amazing and I was like I have to do that again because It might be like the first time that somebody who’s trans gets like a letter that has their name in it. So I Decided I’m gonna do it again because I had so much fun. So I got my hair is ridiculous this year. I’m doing 1500 because I don’t know no one to stop and I have three big boxes here to open up and I’m just Like I want to open them, but I also want to fill me opening themselves I get to open them now I get to see my cards are so excited the lighting in this house sucks. So I apologize. Okay I feel like this is Christmas for me. I Don’t know how to explain it. Oh It looks good. I’m scared. I see it. I see it Okay, the inside looks awesome It looks so good. Oh my god Okay, let me show you because this video is only gonna come out like after people have started to get their cards Anyways plus like this is I love this last year’s card was awesome. Let me show you last year’s card come with me It’s very cold in this house. I decided to wear this this this beautiful beautiful onesie. So This was my card last year Okay, and it has me new in beauty and it says happy holidays and then it has a picture of me and Beauty Now this year I was like why I have to have the cat’s again. So here’s the front There here’s the back Yes Yes, and then the inside has a message if there’s a generic message and then one of them Has no message because I’m actually gonna be writing the messages. So there’s two different types of cars. It’s a little bit complicated I’ll kind of explain to you as we go along so I get to open up more. It’s a big box. I Don’t know how many cards that’s supposed to be. I’m getting a little bit overwhelmed so I think I’m gonna start doing this stuff now so last year I did this in stages and stage 1 I’m gonna have to like I think I have some videos of me doing it Um, I had envelopes so I had to put like the return address. I think I like step one. I can do that That’s easy. I don’t cuz I don’t have anybody’s address right now I have to go print those and I also have to organize those and I’m gonna get a couple of people to help me so I have future people who are helping me. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it because it is a lot of work So yeah, let’s open this up. Let’s open this up Also, like I’m hungry and I really want to go to Chipotle, but my boot took the keys for the car Okay, okie dokie More cards, I love that they sent envelopes that there’s like 10 in here. Like what am I gonna do with 10? Okay, so these are my return addresses cuz I have a peel box in the United States now because I save about $600 by shipping the cards from the United States the ones that go to the United States and the one that are international the Canadian cards come with me and I ship them in Canada, but currently I’m in the United States and I’m gonna do this because like literally when I tell you I saved 600 bucks like I’m not even joking I’ll do the math and I’ll actually tell you the amount of money I saved but I think last year was about 400 to 600 dollars that I saved from just going to the United States and sending it instead so Like a shoebox. Oh Okay, I know this is like I don’t know how to explain this I don’t know how to explain this this is okay It’s gonna sound really corny okay, but this is like like one of the best days of my life and I don’t wanna start crying but it makes me so happy to know that all these cards are gonna go to trans people who need them and Who might not have support from their family and from their friends, so it just makes me feel? like like I’m part of like a Christmas or holiday cheer for at least one person like if 1500 cards goes to people and only one person like truly really appreciates it I’ve done my job Like that’s what I want to do. I just want people to feel appreciated and know that they matter and Maybe it’s selfish because it makes me feel so good to do this. But I just love giving so much and this is like Overwhelming because it’s not like it’s so much work. It is a lot of work, but I’m so excited for this work I’m gonna get started on putting the return addresses on the envelopes and I’ll keep you guys this goes by. Okay, so I know I don’t look SuperDuper festive, but I’ve been working on the cards now for three days non-stop, and I’m about like 70 hours in and It’s super exciting. I have all the cards here. I started to sign them. I started to put labels on them envelopes and stuff like that and I kind of wanted to film just a little bit of this because it’s a lot to like film this because I’m so concentrating on what I’m doing, but I will tell you right now that I just finished signing and personalizing 100 personalized cards so I’m sending up 500 personalized cards, which means I’m writing 500 cards. Why did I do this? And I just finished 100 so That’s that’s a lot. That’s that’s that’s that’s it’s a lot it’s a lot of cards, but I’m okay with that because um, I am gonna admit that I feel like I might have But that’s okay because um I this is like what I love to do and I love to be able to like spread this cheer and Help people during the holiday season. And so yeah, so I love the cards Sometimes I spend a little too much time on them though, and I like there’s one that I like I drew Somebody what they’re gonna look like after Top surgery I can’t draw by the way, and then there’s one that the person has nine cats So I like drew them with nine cats, and it’s just I love it. Okay, and I’m loving this So I just wanted to kind of share with you this moment and kind of let you know that It’s it’s going on geez going something to be completely honest with you I have been doing a lot of stuff with the Christmas cards But I haven’t been filling myself and I don’t know what’s going on I know I know it’s vlog miss and I should be super excited but I think because I’m so used to doing vlogmas things outside and doing like activities that I’m just like so focused on getting these cards done that I haven’t really felt the want and Need to film but I really really will a want to film this because I want to remember next year oh my god, how much work I put into the cards this year too so I could be like, okay Jason, don’t you dare do 2500 next year don’t you dare because I’m struggling a little bit with 1500 so right now I am just writing the personalized cards and it’s super exciting and I just wanted like rant for like three seconds because I am mad so in July I had a huge giveaway and I said I’m not going to Do a giveaway for December for Christmas because I’m gonna just focus all my attention in July. That’s right So all these companies I was like if you want to give more in July Then that’s good because I’m not gonna ask him December again. And so they did and that was really great However, it’s me and I can’t just say oh, it’s Christmas. I’m not giving you anything Except a thousand five hundred cars, so I secretly bought some 75 mr. Limpy’s and actually bought 50 25 were donated from early to bed bless And they were shipped to the house that I’m staying out right now I’m in the United States and It’s that delivered and left that front door and guess what wasn’t there the box so somebody stole the box of 75 dicks? so I feel really bad because Those are gifts that were supposed to be for you guys and for you know Everyone that’s watching this who needs a packer in order to help their dysphoria Well now seventy-five of you that we’re going to get that unfortunately cannot get that because somebody stole it so, you know the only thing that Makes me feel a little bit better is that they are going to open the package thinking it’s some technology because you know it’s like Black Friday as I’m filming this it was like last weekend and I Feel like they thought maybe I bought like a camera or some really expensive thing, you know Cuz it’s a heavy box and then they open and they see 75 dicks, you know, but like seriously like pardon my language But fuck them because they literally not that they roomed Christmas for 75 people But like now it just sucks because 75 people aren’t going to get presents that they were going to get And it’s breaking my heart. And so I’m trying to do everything that I can right now to Either find that box so I’m gonna go to the post office and file a claim and all of that stuff but I’m trying as hard as I can to get some other Packer so that I can at least give something during Christmas because it’s Christmas and even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, that’s okay I saw the Christmas and I like to give on Christmas. So it’s like my my way of eternal Christmas like I don’t really want to receive things like I don’t really care about receiving things I just want to be with people that I love and I want to give things I guess that’s my thing Okay, so I’m just gonna continue Writing the first lines once so the inside of these cards are blank I sign them and then I just write a little message based on what the person is telling me So there’s something like example like, oh, I’m I’m I’m having Top surgery next year, but I’m not going to Be able to afford it and stuff like that. So I just kind of like talk about it. So yeah All right so quickly, all right, I have 200 generic cars international cards – Saw it. I know I’m sorry. They’re already signed. I just have to put people’s names on them but the thing is I’m having an issue with my hand and this is like I need to finish this today because I also have 150 personalized cars to do but I’m having an issue with my hand. We’re the last couple of days It’s been like really numb and I have no idea why so I’m really trying to figure out what’s happening And then I realize oh, it might be because of all of these cards so I might have taken on more than I can chew or write but We’ll see how it goes, I guess Fun fact a lot of people international have the name Alex and Nathan slash Nathaniel very common in internet international means Canada not Canada not us This is one thousand three hundred cards, there’s a hundred left to do We’re gonna put this in the mailbox soon. We’re going to the dog park first I Guess people do this when they get married though, maybe like While I was doing this a card fell and I said the person’s name that itself Like in a good way so It’s been fun. It’s been amazing. It’s been great, but I will say out of 1,500 cards. I am only able to send 1,400 I have a very intense pain in my hand. I was like, maybe it’s from the cards Obviously it’s from the cards. I feel because I’ve been doing the same motion non-stop but unfortunately 100 of the International cards won’t be able to be sent and I’ve already stamped the envelopes so I’ll have to use those stamps next year And I just feel horrible about it to be honest because I am a person who follows through and I’m very disappointed in myself But I also would like my hand to exist and I need to be careful. I was reading online It might be carpal tunnel, which would be what? Fantastic, right. This is me trying to zoom and be dramatic They’re working. I Hate this slowest zoom ever Anyways, I’m in pain to the point where like I literally am waking up crying for the last two nights and now it’s hurting during the day so I’m not really sure what to do. I’m going to go to the doctor’s in a couple of days, but I Just want to say that I’m sorry to the 100 international people who were supposed to get personalized cards. I feel really bad I actually have a hundred and fifty left to do but 50 of those are for people who are patreon supporters and people who caption my videos and I Want to thank them so I’m gonna I’m gonna use my hand. I write small messages and those But I just I feel guilty. I feel bad I know I know also I didn’t do the Canadian ones yet cuz I’m gonna wait till I’m home to do those because I’m not in Canada right now, but Those are gonna have to wait so I’m gonna make a vlogmas video later on Talking about those cards because I just need this to feel a little bit better. But yeah, so yeah. Yeah. Yeah It’s been a really fun time. I really enjoyed doing the cards of this year. Last year I did a 1000 This year I did a thousand four hundred. I May have overexerted myself also, like I just helped Sierra move. So all these really heavy boxes and like building stuff so I feel like My hand has gone through a lot in the last Two weeks. So I feel like I need a break so you Know it’s gonna suck though editing these videos because I’m right-handed. I’m gonna have to do with my left hand because this hurts too much Anyways, I’ll see you tomorrow for tomorrow’s vlogmas where it’ll actually be footage from that day and not random footage from like two weeks Ago, but you love me so I’ll see you later

100 thoughts on “MAILING OUT THE CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!!! OMG!!!

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