Make This Your Atheist New Year’s Resolution

Make This Your Atheist New Year’s Resolution

Happy new year!
It’s been a while. An infant will do that to you.
I hope you’re well. Since the new year is here,
and you may be thinking about resolutions, I wanted to make one suggestion
for something all of you can try this year: Try spreading reason, in some way, to people who
aren’t using it. That doesn’t mean you have to start an argument
or convince a religious relative to abandon Jesus. Good luck with that. But maybe you come across a friend spreading
a picture on Facebook that contains misinformation. I want you to politely explain
why that information is wrong. Back it up
with a citation. I know they might
dismiss it or ignore it, but do it. Maybe you read a news story
that gets the facts wrong. Write to that newspaper, or reporter,
and politely let them know what they screwed up. Better yet, share that
letter on social media. Maybe someone you know
promotes alternative medicine, or some mid-level
marketing scheme, or thinks your astrological sign has something to do
with how you act, or wants to go on a detox diet. Talk to them. Guide them to
a path of reason. Do it privately if that’s easier.
You don’t have to publicly shame them. The point is: Try to spread critical thinking
in some way. You don’t have to
be a jerk about it. And you don’t have to do it
all the time. But don’t be
afraid of it. We could use more critically thinking people
out there willing to push back when they see
something that’s false. You know, if there’s one thing I’ve learned
from making videos like these for a few years, it’s that you’re bound to get pushback when you
try to spread what you think are reasonable arguments — I mean, I see your downvotes
and nasty comments — but I also get a lot of
really wonderful messages, privately, from people who says
these videos made a difference. You don’t need a platform like this
to do that yourself. And even if your corrections don’t change
the mind of the person who made the comment
in the first place, there’s a good chance you might change
the mind of a stranger who’s reading it. You never know. My name is Hemant Mehta and I write
at What do you want to see
a video about? Let us know in the comments below
and we’ll be sure to check it out. And don’t forget
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100 thoughts on “Make This Your Atheist New Year’s Resolution

  1. The problem here is that theism isn't a necessarily unreasonable position, and atheism isn't a necessarily reasonable position

  2. There is certainly proof that G-d exists and that the Torah is divine. If you want to see or debate with me, send me a comment! I’m here for you! Have a great night:)

  3. Dear all, Hemant said try reason, may be you should watch my Playlist: How do you know God exists? because my videos are all using reason.

  4. Have you ever watched Farrakhan? How freaky scary is this jeckle and hyde. One speach he's telling followers to kill everyone not "true" muslim the next to make slaves of them .To him the blacks are the true muslims. Religion is sign of a sick mind. Why can't they see they are so wrong.

  5. I never believed in god but im started to think of a higher power. Im tired of believing everything is a
    coincidence. Im starting not to think how we are here because science tells us this. Im starting to think WHY are we here. Think about it. Life cannot be a coincidence. Something had to create life and why did it? And if something did it but would the universe do it? Where im getting at is how does life benifet the universe at all? The universe will be fine without life so why are we here after all? IF WE ARE HERE JUST TO DIE THEN WHY ARE WE ALIVE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Some shit is going on we dont know about :/

  6. Oh, I've always tried. Today I spent ten minutes explaining how tides work to an otherwise intelligent person who believed in the "full moons tug on your body's water to make you crazy" superstition. At the end, he dismissed physics with "eh, different beliefs". Grrrr…

  7. Your videos among other youtubers helped me see reason back in highschool. I'd had my own doubts about Christianity but had dismissed them as the Devil getting into my head. I wanted to say thank you for helping me in my first steps towards becoming a critical thinker. Also, congratulations on the kid.

  8. The five "W's" are usually enough evidence to establish a complete/specific account.
    The life of the historical Jesus was prophesied hundreds of years prior to his life and death.
    (Who?) A man with the Hebrew name, Yehoshua/Yeshua…
    (What?) …would physically bring the message of a new covenant (contract) with God
    (When?) …during the Roman Empire, prior to the destruction of the second Jewish temple
    (Why?) …to die as a sacrifice for sins and reconcile mankind to God
    (Where?) …starting in Judea and Galilee then it would spread to the whole world

    His invitation still stands. Please trust in what he did for you.

  9. rea·son




    a cause, explanation, or justification for an action or event.

    "the minister resigned for personal reasons"

    synonyms:cause, ground(s), basis, rationale;More


    the power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic.

    "there is a close connection between reason and emotion"

    synonyms:rationality, logic, logical thought,reasoning, cognition;


    "postmodern voices railing against reason"



    think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic.

    "humans do not reason entirely from facts"

    synonyms:think rationally, think logically, use one's common sense, use one's head/brain; More

    done reason spread
    Also spoiler thats not how you use reason you need to stop discriminating you need to stop teaching people that if they don't know what the word means to go to the dictionary if you just going to pretend that that is not what the word means disabled people like me gets sick of hearing people saying the dictionary definition is not what the word means

  10. Atheist reason …. funny ….. everything blew up out of nothing (from literally no matter, to a universe full of matter). Yeah that’s great reasoning. Or a pre-existing mind made a deliberate decision and caused it to be, with infinitely intricate balance. Yes that’s much more likely, organisation by design, not from chance.

  11. Happy New Year. Here's a good resolution for Anti-theists; stop pretending to be the arbiters of reason and science. Wouldn't that be nice? 😃

  12. I'm not an atheist but I've read your posts on your Patheos blog for years. I really enjoy listening to your comments and arguments. You are very respectful. I'm not one who believes God is an Alpha male with a beard in the sky, but I follow my own Mythos and believe in a spiritual side to the Universe. I don't think it really physically affects us or even cares about Homo Sapiens. I accept Evolution and natural selection, however I think that all life in the Universe may share a connection.

    Thank you and keep making me question my beliefs.

  13. I can tell u who the lord and Savior is. Comment to me if u want to know. It has nothing to do with religion or anything. It's just plain and simple. I promise

  14. The funny thing is that religious people never want to hear facts. They prefer faith. What a logic? Their stupidity is beyond amazing.

  15. why try to make Christians atheists tho? we Christians try converting you because we dont want you to suffer when you die. but what would you achieve if you converted us?

  16. I have missed your videos. I found this channel during a difficult time after an argument with religious family members. You helped me feel a lot better and construct better arguments of my position. Thank you for all you do to promote reason above religion in a friendly and non-aggressive way.

  17. Dude, your reasoning is NOT sound. You lead people down the wrong path. We did not evolve. We were created by a higher power. Multiple fields of mainstream science have discovered the gemone is a computer. Numerous peer reviewed science papers from respected journals in Biology, Epigenetics, Medical Science, Computer Science and Astronomy all directly state the genome is a computer. And it is not just an analogy.

    Only the lying fake science of evolution is in denial of this. The genomic computer was discovered in what evolution said must be/has to be 98% Junk DNA in order for neoDarwinian evolution to be true. Because evolution is messy, incomplete and inefficient.

    And the genome is not just any computer, it is the most advanced computer ever known to exist and is being adapted to be used for man's computer of the future.

    Yet you think it is reasonable to confidently state "God doesn't exist". You have no sound reasoning to explain how computers design and program themselves. I have numerous references from peer reviewed science published in mainstream journals to back this up. It is simply undeniable.


  18. I am taking your New Year's Resolution advice very literally. So literally that it's going to take 3 years of my life.

  19. I was raised Christian and have now closely identified myself as agnostic but I still respect Christian values and beliefs. I can only hope atheists do the same. Just because someone is Christian does not mean they are wrong, misinformed, or not using logic. That is just YOUR opinion and perspective. Don't believe in God? Great. Believe in God? Great. Let's not impose on each other that one of us is wrong or misinformed. No one in this universe knows what is out there.

  20. Took me a while to notice it, but thanks. You really helped me find reason, Hemant. I am, not eternally grateful, but grateful for as long as I live.

  21. For those who dont believe in god listen to this there is always a cause for everything so you might think the big bang is real it could be but what created the big bang if there was absolutely nothing what created the big bang………GOD

  22. Congratulations on becoming a father! My oldest is in college and my youngest is in high school. And yes – children will take your time, which is par for the course for being a responsible parent! Enjoy the little one! (And, regarding reason, as a theist of the Christian variety, I can appreciate your position as an Atheist and thanks for being a "friendly atheist".)

  23. I don't have to worry, I've read the Bible. So when I die, I'll go towards the light, fearing nothing. I can't discount a Hell because it's mentioned many times in the Bible. There are many people who've died and ended up there. Only to be pulled out by Jesus. We are living in an evil world, where people love darkness more than the light. These dark souls will never believe in a higher power because they don't want to believe there's judgement. We all deserve Hell, but Jesus died for us on the cross. Do we as humans deserve his mercy? Hell no. I know there's a place called Heaven that awaits believers. How you ask yourself can I be so sure? Knowledge is power. Read the Bible for yourself. Once we die, it's too late. Even on our deathbed a priest comes in to pray for our soul. If that's not Godly love, then I don't know what is.

  24. Give me one real reason to live and I'll give you some credit. No bullshit of being moral, volonturing,family, love,friends,sex,career,passions making the most of it. You're only still young so you're not aware of how close your end is. When you're at the edge of dying, you need more than those temporary reasons to explain your existence. If the answer is:"there is no particular reason to exist", then why are you trying so hard to give it a reason, why won't you and all of us die when we're not COMPLETELY happy as it comes whit a relief (that means everyone should die if you didn't get it). If the answer is something else, I'm truly open to listen to it but again no bullshit. Sorry if it sounds rude.
    Ps: Morality isn't something innate that all people share, it's a bunch of codes that stronger societies obliges everyone to stick to and that changed over time. Proof is that societies before mondialisation had really different legislation and "indigenous" societies killed and robbed without any remorse.Also maybe in a post-apocalyptic future it would be just convenient if you eat your daughter because you need to survive. Therefore, yes, in this world where most rules are originally religiously based, when you think they're obvious to any sain person, you're just having some contradictory argument. You're not supposed to be moral if you follow a purely scientific reasonning. If you're not being entirely scientific, then you're just as a believer as religious people.

  25. I'm Hispanic and I tell people I don't believe in god because my ancestors didn't know about Christianity and Catholicism for thousands of years until Europeans came over and forcefully introduced us to it.

  26. I just wanted to thank you and to let you know how important your work helps us.
    You show good taste, and your presentations are not vulgar so that we can share them.

  27. Happy New Year! Tomorrows the "Feast of The Black Nazarene" here in Manila,where millions(literally) of dumbfucks crowd around dangerously to a wooden idol supossedly of Jesus.

    I just don't comprehend the gravity of (I don't have the exact for it,I'll just call it..) "religious idiocy" of these people.Would love to watch your video about it and comment on it.

  28. God exists just the other day he was in my house we were drinking having a few laughs carrying on you know Christ really is the best person to have at a party he turns water right into wine and lately he's been working on changing regular everyday grass to weed he's a stand up guy =] open up and believe in the lord it could mean a lifetime supply of alcohol and possibly drugs.

  29. How about make a resolution to make some religioius friends, stop pretending you know science better than others, and stop pretending you're oppressed because people vote their religious values, pray, and believe in God? Maybe Atheists would be less unpopular if they did that.

    Ending all harassment of Christians and trying to get them deplatformed would also help. Can you make a resolution to stop being silent about Atheists who do that?

  30. Not sure why you included detoxing as bad, it's simply eating nutrients that support the body. There is nothing uncritical about that.

  31. Maybe just explaining critical thinking and the scientific method to people, at times when you observe someone isn't, perhaps? Doesn't have to be a religious topic.

  32. Funny how whenever religious people try to spread their religion, most people don't object to that, but when atheists want to tell people how to think, now what to think, a lot of people are pissed off about it.

  33. Why? I think that whether people believe in God or not, if you an atheist you have 0 reason to want others to convert. It literally has nothing good about it, we already have a brain telling us to “use reason” means nothing to us.

  34. I've been doing just that for years, especially with faith healers and those people that insist that the scientists are playing God with medical research and should be stopped.

  35. For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man—and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things.

    Romans 1:18‭-‬21‭, ‬23

  36. Here’s critical thinking for you! What do you all think about the scientific fact that Jesus’s blood was just concluded not human. Blood only comes from sperm not the egg. So if the blood isn’t consistent with humans blood then…where did the blood come from?

  37. Let's pretend that I am kicking around the idea of converting FROM Christianity to ATHEISM…..

    Can you provide me with any evidence proving atheism is factually accurate ?

  38. Happy New Year 2018
    Did you know that the year 2018 symbolizes 2018 years since the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ?
    { 2018 A.D. Anno Domini Nostri Jesu Christi}
    Used world wide God did not want anyone to forget this…………

  39. I love your videos❤I have a 7 year old, and a 5 year old. I would like to know if you have any advice or can you make a video about how to raise children to be freethinkers. My daycare provider is the sweetest. She has helped me by babysitting my kids and teaching them academics ever since they were born. I can tell she loves them like her own. Sometimes she mentions stories from the bible, and says "God loves you" to them, they come home and tell me what she said. I think theyre confused. I tell them that I don't know if there is a God, and we should do our own research before we believe something. I think they believe her more because they trust her, and the majority of people they know believe or follow some type of religion. How can I get my kids to not be so easily influenced, or how do I tell the babysitter how I feel?

  40. I'd like to see you do a topic about why the whole bible only take place in the area of the Mediterranean sea.

  41. Hemant please respond to this comment! Search up a man called Ben Shapiro on YouTube and try and call him out for a debate!! I would love to watch That!

  42. the irony in this video…
    ''spread reason to people who arent using it''
    wake up people something cannot come from nothing

  43. ""Try spreading reason in some way to people who aren't using it. That doesn't mean you have to start an argument or convince a religious relative to abandon Jesus (good luck with that)….""

    My question is, why do you atheist types always play this polarized card where anything associated Jesus or Christianity is automatically unreasonable?

  44. I think you mean multi-level marketing. 😀 (Rather than mid-level, at 1:00 or so)

  45. I just found your channel (through Atheist Republic, which I also just found recently; only looked at Aron Ra before). Keep up the good work!

  46. But they will look at you and then say "THATS NOT TRUE". (after presenting religious people with scientfically verifiable facts).
    Its kind of discouraging.

  47. i am someone who likes to tell others what they did wrong or what they should do better and such things because i want to help. people usually respond aggressively or just dont care or start to hate me because they just dont want to listen and think they are right and that i am annoying or that its not my business or something. even in games it happens all the time. it is very hard to do this and try help someone who is not doing the right thing or who dont think the good way because people most of the time dont want to admit their mistakes and dont even want to think about it. it can even get you in trouble. for example , if you tell your boss he is doing the wrong thing , you could get fired. its not easy at all. easy to say to give reason to others but not easy to do.

  48. I got some tarot cards for fun because like why not they were for 5 dollars and it seemed like a good sleepover activity for me and a few friends and now I’m grounded because it breaks the first commandment

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