Making a Christmas Crib Nativity Set – DIY

Making a Christmas Crib Nativity Set – DIY

Hello there,
Wish you all merry Christmas. In this video I am going to show how I build
a Christmas Crib Nativity Set using simple wood materials. It’s very easy to build and you can see
how I build one for this Christmas in a simple time lapse that I am going to show. I used decorative materials that are available
in any store. So without delay let’s get started. You can take this idea for building the nativity
set. Firstly you need a simple wood of these shape
and sizes. Then start with the bottom platform. Form the desired width or size of the nativity
set and continue building from there. Once the base platform is made start making
the sides. These where very difficult but I didn’t
lost hope and continued the work and kept on adding woods to side frames. Again my suggestion is always use the right
size nails for joining the woods as it may damage or crack the woods. I also made some cross jointing wood pieces
to make the side frames stronger. And also applied cross connecting woods at
bottom too and finally got the strong and little bit more rigid side frames. I put cardboard on the bottom and nailed it
properly to form the base. Then I moved to top and started making the
top frames one by one. Again my advice is to first form the frame
that you want to make and then think around it in what way, cross connection or jointing
you can make to make it more rigid. I followed this method and it worked. You need a lot of patience to make this. If you start building this nativity set yourself
make sure that you know how to finish it too in neat and proper way. Now the top frame is also finished and it’s
time to make the top roof for that you could use any covering material like cardboard and
start applying the glue to fix some materials that looks like dry grasses or you can use
this Hayes that I have used and wrap them and fix them on the cardboard or you can tie
them to cardboard too using threads of same color. Now the top and all frames are ready it’s
time to give polish to the nativity set to give it a wooden feel. I have wood polish with thinner to get a little
dark color for the paint. Now the polish have been applied and it’s
time to move in the decors. I have this statues of all the character that
where present in actual story of Jesus Christ Birth. I have arranged all of them in circle manner
so that they seems like looking at the center. I also put some rice lights on the top and
a yellow glowing bulb inside to get the feel of night and Birth time of Jesus. I hope my Nativity Set looks good, what you
think about it leave your comments in the comment section. That’s it I hope you liked it. Subscribe my YouTube channel to see more interesting
DIY in future. See you next time with another video, till
then bye and take care and thanks for watching.

36 thoughts on “Making a Christmas Crib Nativity Set – DIY

  1. It is a very beautiful manger and you must have the patience of a saint. Since I am very impatient I will have my fiancรฉ build one for me. Thank you for the instructions on how to do it. This is the nicest one I have seen so far but the video was a little fast for me to keep up with. If you could I would love to have the measurements to cut the wood for the frame and the width of the rails. Thank you and God Bless You and your family!

  2. The crib is superb but looks empty. You'll have to place bigger statues, so the sheep and cattle can scatter even outside the set, and it will look a little crowded Well done

  3. Hey??
    Only 20 days are left for X-mas and its been 3 years that me and my dad are making Cribs…… thank you and merry Christmas!!!!

  4. Hi Sinto, Great Work. It is a very good idea that has been neatly implemented. I wish you could have shown in the video how you madeย the side wooden joints also. Many Thanks and Merry Christmas to you.

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