Martin Luther King Jr Santa Claus-ified?

Martin Luther King Jr Santa Claus-ified?

seems every year right around this time
between martin luther king day and the beginning in black history month you always hear about people trying to
insists that martin luther king would be one thing or would be another
thing if he was alive today oftentimes forgetting the actual words of martin luther king some years we hear
that martin luther king would supposedly be
part of the neil confederate republican party of today if you were alive other
years it’s crimes of omission you hear martin luther king’s nineteen sixty
three i have a dream speech but you don’t hear on t_v_ or in the media you don’t hear mention what he said in
his nineteen sixty seven riverside church speech well the pentagon as it always often does is topping everybody the biggest of big government
departments is now claiming that martin luther king
if he was alive today he would support more defense spending more weapons procurement and more military’s m in general if you think i’m making this up think again to celebrate martin luther king day the air force on its website put up an essay arguing that it was paying tribute to
martin luther king and arguing in that suppose tribute that martin luther king would support more militarism and more defense
spending here’s what happened the air force’s website four it’s a global strike team put up an
essay on martin luther king day saying this dr king would be proud to see our global strike team insuring the most
powerful weapons in the united states arsenal remain the credible bedrock of
our national defense maintaining our commitment to our global
strike team our families in our nation is a fitting
tribute to dr king as we celebrate his legacy that was the air force the marine’s followed that up post on its twitter feed quoting a martin luther king quote in a not-so-subtle effort to claim that the civil rights leader
the most famous order uh… brand proponent of non-violence claiming that he would probably support the marines in their war-making operations they put
up a on their twitter feed it pulled from dr king in which he said
quote a man who won’t die for something is not fit to live now dr king did say that but he did not say that as a way to support
the missions of the united states marines now this what was a follow up from last year in which they see me two thousand
eleventh in which the defense department put on its website a story with the headline quote king might
understand today’s wars pentagon lawyer so dr king apparently according to the
pentagon according to your government according
to your u_s_ defense department doctor king would support more defense spending more weapons spending and more wars or
at least the current wars that were fighting right now is this
true or is this what cornel west is called the santa clause of the cation of martin luther king i think the record is pretty obvious i
mention that nineteen sixty-seven riverside church peach martin luther king i encourage everybody
who’s watching us to go actually listen to it watch it worried an entire transcript of it is
one of the most important speeches i think ever given in the united in the in u_s_ history and here’s some key exerts of it put it in contrast to what you just
heard the pentagon say about martin luther king cures one quote from that speech a nation that continues
year after year to send more money on military defense
than on programs of social with is approaching spiritual death the same speech another
quote the greatest purveyor of violence in the
world today is my own government another quote from martin luther king
quote there’s nothing except a tragic death
wish to prevent us from reordering our
priorities so that the pursuit of peace will take precedence the pursuits of war so this is having quite obviously an effort to santa claus apply martin
luther king and glenn greenwald at the guardian who first reported on this put it i think exactly right he said
this quote the u_s_ military’s actually publicly claiming that the nineteen sixty four nobel peace
prize winner and steadfast critic of u_s_ imperialism would be in admire of
its massive stockpile of nuclear weapons as globalists estimation programs and
its covert use of violence in multiple countries around the world including
where no wars are declared merely to describe
this abject prob is to illustrate it’s repulsive nurse and i completely
agree with glenn except for one additional point that i think is worth
making it is repulsive taking the legacy taking the record taking the words of martin luther king which were very explicit uh… there’s not a lot of wiggle room in the riverside church bits to claim
martin luther king would support more militarism and
defense speech taking those words using the image of doctor king to pretend that he would support the
larger pentagon and more wars is repulsive but in a political world where lives often shull a level of desperation there is something encouraging here and that is that the pentagon seems to
realize big ships in public opinion the pentagon is clearly in the business right now when it comes
a doctor king of desperate lives that to say that doctor king would
support more militarism defense spending weapons that is a desperate demonstrably
pitfalls y there’s no way over there and so in so brazenly lying the pentagon is showing that the views
more and more desperate to prevent more and more americans for appreciating the spirit of what doctor king hussein the pentagon essentially seize public opinion polls that show that more and more americans
don’t want us to be spending as much money on defenses were spending don’t want militarism to be the central
organizing political factor in american political life more and more
americans in other words are actually coming to the same kinds of
realization that doctor king came to in that nineteen sixty-seven speech and so in response the pentagon getting desperate they’re lying about one of the most
revered one of the most part one of the most respected leaders in american
history that doesn’t excuse the propaganda i’m not saying it’s great military brass this is deciding to lie about doctor
king what i’m saying though is is that the desperation reflects a welcome granite slow but welcomed change in
american public opinion the pentagon is trying to fight that
change but they are increasingly fighting a losing battle

100 thoughts on “Martin Luther King Jr Santa Claus-ified?

  1. david sirota is an important voice, listen to him.

    martin luther king jr. is the closest thing to a modern day "jesus" that we have. mlk was murdered helping black trash collectors get a livable wage in memphis tennessee.

    was mlk in washington d.c. trying to get a lucrative gov't job with a golden corporate parachute when he left? was he getting softer on vietnam and the military complex? was he ever at any time selling out his convictions for money? it was the unapologetic opposite.

  2. Martin Luther King Jr was the Black shiny token guy that is why all the White guys use him as a example to carry out their politic agenda.

  3. Dr King would actually be for cutting defense spending by 80-90% considering that most of the expenditures are excessive militaristic posturing overseas, excessive armaments that are not practical for actual battle situations (considering you don't kill terrorists using cluster bombs or air superior fighters. You do it with drones nowadays).

  4. Of courrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrse! lol Sorry, just had to say that. But while Dr. King likely would not support more war or more military spending…he certainly would not share the views of the Young Turks…as Dr. King, like his father…was a religious conservative.

  5. Martin Luther King, Jr. Is no longer here. We do not know how he would feel about the world today. Most only know him as a symbol for what they choose to believe he stood for. Whether it was Christianity, racial civil rights, gay civil rights, antiwar, nonviolence, or workers rights, no one knows where he would stand in 21st century America. You cannot invoke his name to justify your stances, because if he were alive he could have turned into a hatemonger. People do change for the worse.

  6. King was a follower of Mahatma Gandhi and an ahimsi i.e. a non-violent man… No ahimsi would support militarism (though Gandhi was a realist and saw the need for a proper defense force)…

  7. neither party has changed fundamental ideology, democrats support democracy the idea of majority rule where 51% can vote to impose their will on 49% of the population, hence in the south they supported slavery and segregation cos thats what the voting majority wanted, similarly today they support abortion on demand cos foetuses cannot vote to defend their lives, republicans support constitutionalism where one persons freedom to impose his political will on another is limited by the constitution

  8. "democrats support democracy the idea of majority rule where 51% can vote to impose their will on 49% of the population"

    Actually, there factions of both the democrat and republican party who don't let majority rule trump over civil liberties. Do you always deal with absolutes?

  9. I agree the current republican party have been taken over by neo-cons and do not strictly stand for limited government but the current democratic party want to concentrate more power in government and turn america into a socialist state when ppl like Kennedy carried out pro-market reforms so its a choice between militarism and socialism/fascism, thats why I would only vote for Ron Paul

  10. By the way, even Martin Luther King blasted the republican party for kowtowing to racist northern conservatives, so spare me your "Dem=bad, repub = good" BS.

  11. "I still can't help but laugh at the irony of a liberal complaining about someone co-opting MLKjr for their own movement, when liberals have done exactly the same thing."
    Care to cite an example so blatantly misleading as those given in this video?

  12. TYTU does student related stories, but they also answer viewer asked questions and do segments on pop culture to mix things up. That's why they're on a SEPARATE CHANNEL "arsehole"

  13. He's got great pacing and speaking skills… Kind of stumbles around his words though. "…Quoting a MLK quote…" "… the pentagon as it always often does…"
    Kind of throws me off.

  14. hmm, no response, its ok……lately TYT has stopped actually looking at arguments and instead just points at the headline and acts incredulous….this doesnt inform or help the TYT audience who now disregards this argument bc of bias rather than taking the time to understand and debunk it.

  15. Saddam Hussain made propaganda poster hinting that the great Muslim general Saladin would support his regime. Even though Saladin was a Kurd and Hussein brutally oppressed the Kurds. This tool of whitewashing history with lies is not new and is used again and again to trick the uneducated of a falsehood. Doesn't mean it's right though.

  16. If it's so obvious to you, then it should be easy as pie to cite at least one clear example equally misleading as the DoD's depiction of King's ideals. All I'm asking is that you back up your argument. Btw, telling me to crawl out of "my cave" doesn't count. lol

  17. here is Dr. King's speech Trevor Patton watch "watch?v=Nw-X94vvAVI" and go to 12:00. However I do encourage you to watch the whole video it is very insightful.

  18. Sad when the propaganda machine is totally trying to target blacks for the fascist militant state so they can send them out to die in their wars for money.

  19. You know what I like about this guy? He's serious. While I love Cenk and Ana, and everyone at TYT who have fun with what they do, there are a lot of issues that are serious that need to be told in a serious fashion. I'm not saying TYT should change their ways, i'm just saying this guy is fantastic at his job, and he should stay for some of the more serious issues.

  20. You're making the mistake of assuming that I'm defending the DoD. I strongly suggest you re-read all my comments so that you don't make the same mistake again.

  21. Well on the bright side, the pentagon is actually paying attention to the fact of Dr. King. Maybe in 10 years or so, they will read what he said.

  22. Try the Dalai Lama. Gandhi was overrated. It could be argued that he was a British plant. In addition, MLK was an advocate of peaceable solutions, tis true but it's not for the reasons many might think. He preferred peace because he understood that there were some very sinister, very violent alternatives around the corner.

  23. Couldn't agree with you more about Gandhi. The British government essentially used him as a public justification to give independence to India and its colonies, when in reality they had been too broke to maintain their empire after WW2. His idea of non-violence rarely works in other countries, where dictatorship exists.

  24. EXACTLY!! I thought I was the only 1 who peeped game. As for MLK, he saw the violence around the bend. I think he truly loved his fellow human. But I'm 1000% positive that he wasn't as Kumbaya as he's often depicted. He was a regular guy in many regards & he was a remarkable man in many other regards. What's paramount is that he was savvy enough to predict the violence that was pending if they didn't work for some progress. He was tryna stop it from getting ugly.

  25. David (and TYT as well as the TYT Army):
    STOP calling it "Defense spending". Call it "Military spending".
    How much of the military spending is actually defense? How much of the Iraq War was defending the US (or even its allies)?

  26. Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars… Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.
    Dr King.

    anyone who said this obviously loves war and killing people.

  27. Okay David Sirota, I found an audio of the "Beyond Vietnam — A Time to Break Silence – April 4th, 1967, Riverside Church, New York City"

    I always wondered why we never heard anything past the 4 words "I have a dream."

  28. Martin Luther King would totally support war after getting shot, experiencing first hand police brutality, and talk about peace… wat?

  29. This is why a historical education is of the utmost importance. If you know your history, then you would know better than to buy this crap. Life isn't all computers and science.

  30. He would be an ultra liberal in anti-war, social welfare etc areas too liberl for the Dems imo He'd probably be independent like Sanders

  31. He's very well spoken and sensible. I don't know. I think TYT has a really unique charm with their "talk-showy-ness." I love it when Cenk gets fired up and yells about things he feels passionate about. It makes it interesting to me. This new guy seems like the kind of anchor you'd find on MSNBC. Either way, I'm with you – I like this guy too.

  32. That is just stupid. King was flawed like every other man, but he was still a great man, who did great things. To say that he would support going to war makes no sense.

  33. MLK Jr. was not totally non-violent, just read "A Letter from a Birmingham Jail", but having said that, there is now way he would support the so-called "spreading of democracy" that the United States has engaged in since his death.

  34. David Sirota. He's been on the scene for some time. Writes for Salon. Just got his radio show pulled in Denver, so this is apparently his new gig. Nice surprise to see him pop up here.

  35. All I heard was "he would"…these people don't know shit about what MLK would or would have done. The US government hated MLK in his day. And MLK was no saint either…far from it.

  36. But hows the US supposed to prepare for a war with China if they dont increase their military? They got the concentration camps all ready, they're so close.

  37. This is an example of people in power trying to rewrite history. After MLK is killed, they want to make it seem as if he was always on the side of the government spent billions on military as if MLK never existed in the first place. History is being rewritten by the victor's right? Well, I think it's time we show these bastards that we haven't even begun to fight! Our weapons are the spirit of the people and our ballots, which shall not be slain by fabrications of the most wicked nature.

  38. I agree great new guy, in addition to what you said he really delivers in a passionate way. Some of these issues seem to be really close to his heart when he talks about them. I don't want this program to appeal to feelings all the time like some conservatives but some issues do need this treatment, like climate change and others. Sometimes a serious tone is needed.

  39. ..if mlk was alive i think he's be more focused on protesting against the prevalent racism still existing today.

    just saying.

  40. I feel like this was just the military's way of trying to get brownie points with Obama. We'll see what they say on president's day if they start talking about how Abraham Lincoln would feel about predator drones to be sure

    I'm sure if the president was half-Hispanic instead they'd be talking about how great Cinco de Mayo is for america's military and how Cesar Chavez was for more weapons spending

    Still, it's santa-clausification/WWJDification of MLK, even if I'm not sure if it's intentional

  41. dont know who this is but i like this guy he should do more stuff on it because when he speaks u feel the weight of his words hit u, and if he spoke like this about other politics =it might just get people to think a little more openly

  42. [face palms] king….and war?… turn the other cheek man. he's not for violents. peace, love, and living with one another.

  43. those people are clueless, Martin Luther King Jr preached love not hate, he was all about non-violence, using your words instead of your fist, why would he have approved more weapons.

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