Marvel Cinematic Universe – 10 Years Celebration

Marvel Cinematic Universe – 10 Years Celebration

I am Iron Man ! I’m just a kid from Brooklyn. You think you’re the only
superhero in the world. Mr. Stark, you’ve become
part of a bigger universe. Yeah ! Iron Man ! If we can’t protect the Earth you
can be damn sure we’ll avenge it ! Iron Patriot on the Job ! Happy to help, no need to thank. Oh my God ! Look at this ! I’m your biggest fan. We need a plan of attack. I have a plan. Attack ! Your Ancestors Called it Magic… …and You Call it Science. I come from a place where
they are one and the same. What has the galaxy ever done for you? Why would you wanna to save it?! Because I’m one of the
idiots who lives in it ! The Earth is under my protection, Loki ! I have an army ! We have a Hulk ! How can you possibly hope to stop me ? Together ! Let’s Go ! Avengers ! Fine… I’ll do it myself. Are you ready for the World
to see you as you really are ? S.H.I.E.L.D. takes the world as it is… …not as we’d like it to be This isn’t freedom. This is fear. What would you call a group of US-based… …Who routinely ignores
sovereign borders… …And who seem unconcerned about
what they leave behind them. The Avengers were formed
to make the world a safer place. You know, I really
missed the days when the weirdest things science
ever created was me. Nothing’s been the same since New York. Gods, Aliens, others dimensions… I’m just a man, I can’t. Now you see me, brother ! In the 8 years since Mr.Stark
announced himself as Iron Man… The number of known enhanced
persons has grown exponentially. And during the same period… The number of potentially world-ending
events has risen at a commensurate rate. Are you saying it’s our fault ? I’m saying there may be a causality. Bucky ? Who’s the hell is Bucky ? You know me your all life… You’re my friend ! I’m doing what has to be done. …to save us something worse. S.H.I.E.L.D. is not
what we thought it was. It’s been taken over by HYDRA. Captain America… Captain America is a
fugitive from S.H.I.E.L.D What about our Lawyer ? Lawyer, that’s funny. You’re not going to put me in a prison. You’re not going to put any of
us in a prison. I’ve lost everyone. Congratulation, Cap ! You’re a criminal ! Come on ! I’m trying to keep you from
tearing the Avengers apart. STAND DOWN, CAPTAIN RODGERS ! You’re gonna turn Barnes over
and you’re gonna come with us. NOW! Because it’s us! Captain’s orders ! It looks like you’re giving
the orders now, Captain. Every time someone tries to end
a war before it starts innocent people die. Everytime. If we can’t accept limitations,
we’re bounderless, we’re no better… …than the bad guys. The War is over, Steve ! We can go Home. For as long as I can remember,
I just wanted to do what was right. I guess I’m not quite
sure what that is anymore. You come up with some pretty
impressive inventions, Tony. War isn’t one of them. Do you know that I was the
only one who believed in you? I just wanted to be like you. I know you sneak out
of this house every night. What the hell ?! Bae, You have to tell
me what’s going on. You were wrong ! All of you were wrong ! To turn your backs on
the rest of the world! The world has changed. And none of us can go back. All we can do is our best. Stay Down ! Final Warning ! I can do this all day. Do you know where Thor
and Banner are right now? I know you’re in there, Banner. I’ll get you out! Thor ? Where are we ? After all these years, I’ve found you. My name is Ego. And I’m your Dad, Peter ! You look like Mary Poppins! I’m Mary Poppins, Yo ! I’m Groot ! My people need me to
get back to Asgard. I don’t wanna fight your sister.
That’s a family issue. What a day… Hey, Guys. We’re fulfilling the prophecy. I hate this prophecy. So do I, but we have no choice. That’s my freakin’ father !! Asgard is not a place… It’s a people. Three… Two… One ! Hello… While heroes like the Avengers protect
the world from physical dangers… We sorcerers safeguard it
against more mystical threats. I know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately
that you’re right… Turns the legs to jelly. What happened ? Oh my God ! At the dawn of the universe… There was nothing. And… The Big Bang sent six
elemental crystals… Hurtling across the virgin universe. They are two more stones on Earth. Wakanda will no longer
watch from the shadows. We cannot. Tony Stark ! I’m Doctor Steven Strange. We need your help. Tell me his name again ? Thanos ! If he gets his hands on
all six stones, Tony… He could destroy life on a
scale hitherto undreamt of. SPACESHIP !!! What’s going on ?! You’re trespassing in
this city and on this planet. What do you mean, “no”? Hey, man ! Who the hell are you guys ? The entire time I knew Thanos,
he only ever had one goal. To bring balance to the universe
by wiping out half of all life. It’s you… Who doen’t understand. Thanos has been inside
my head for six years. Since he sent an army to
New York and now he’s back. Wait, what kinda weapon
are we talkin’ about here? The Thanos-killing kind. You shoot my guy and I’ll blast him. You’re the ones Thor told us about. You know Thor ? Who are You ? We’re The Avengers, man ! Thanos has the biggest
army in the universe… and he is not gonna stop until he gets…
Vision’s stone. Yeah, we got one advantage.
He’s coming to us. Stark ! You know me ? I do ! Engage all defenses. And get this man a shield. This universe is finite,
its resources finite. If life is left unchecked,
life will cease to exist. Fire up the pod. They called me a madman. I’m survivor. Who wants to murder trillions.
Genocide ! Where is Gomorra ? I’m sorry little one. Wakanda forever ! Bring me, Thanos !! We’re in the Endgame, now ! It’s time. Today, I’ve lost more
than you can know. When I’m done, half of
humanity will still be alive. They can’t stop him,
Wanda, but we can. You have the power
to destroy the stone. You must do it. Wanda, please. No ! Tony… There was no other way.

100 thoughts on “Marvel Cinematic Universe – 10 Years Celebration

  1. Wow I just assumed this was an official video from Marvel themselves, great job! Love these films and really looking forward to avengers 4

  2. We have all been a part of history watching this unfold, and this video perfectly captures the operatic breadth and depth of a fully-realized Marvel Cinematic Universe. Prior to 2008 it was hitherto only dreamt of. Now we’re standing on the edge, collectively holding our breaths for what comes next.

    It’s astounding. What will people think of it fifty years from now? What a legacy Marvel Studios has created!

  3. How did you cleaned the audios for the dialogues? It has no music nor ambient audios mixing in with the voices. It's impressive. I've been trying to do the same for my videos but I can't manage to do it that good. How do you do it?

  4. I like these marvels and dc as well, however I have a major issues with these avengers movie is that these are too political creepy. These are one sided biased selective communistsleftistliberalsocialistmarxist islamic extremism fundamentalism orthodoxy christian missionaries imperialism colonialism only supporting it's evil ideology most of the times which in reality is far more evil or equal to nazism gandheism

  5. Wow this was just absolutely incredible. I made a shorter video called The Infinity Saga if you want to check it out and give me your thoughts. Nowhere near this level though. Been following for years you are very talented!

  6. I just ask you for this
    plz do an update on this video when captain marvel and endgame are released
    in this way you can close phase 4 or mcu with in the most epic way

  7. Avengers coming to your nearest theaters. Avengers Endgame on April 26th. Not forget to watch Avengers infinity war before watching Avengers Endgame for better understanding.

  8. Bawled my eyes out during endgame 😭 sooo worth the mcu marathon right before watching it!!! ALL. THE. FEEEEELLSSSS.

  9. This… will… be… The… GrEAteSS FRANCHISES TO EXIST… EVER!!!!!
    Just think of it…
    As a…

  10. Amazing culmination of the MCU. I look forward to the next version including endgame, captain marvel and Spider-Man ffh (using the trailer footage at least). Awesome work mate 👌🏼

  11. Avatar: I am inevitable……
    Endgame: And I………… Am……… Iron Man!…………… SNAPS
    Endgame becomes the highest GROSSING movie of all time!😎

  12. How did you cleaned the audios for the dialogues? It has no music nor ambient audios mixing in with the voices. It's impressive. I've been trying to do the same for my videos but I can't manage to do it that good. How do you do it? Please, could you help me out with this.

  13. I will always be proud of this generation…The generation when i was teen and watched this magneficent movies.I want to wipe off my mind,to watch this fantastic movies again

  14. Watching this video again and recalling the years they spent making a comic into a reality reminds me why I am still pushing to be an author.

    Thanks for the video. I will remember you as will others.

  15. This video is so amazing. It got me so hyped and I'm going to go watch Endgame again. You're the best Steven Thomas.

  16. Really wish marvel saw this and played it before the start of endgame in cinema. Just imagine how hyped the audience would get

  17. This was so good, the best Marvel tribute I have ever watched. Please give us the updated one with the Endgame

  18. Where are the shows? I can't understand why none of those mcu tribute videos include the shows. It's all mcu people…

  19. WOW! Speechless with this masterpiece. The music gives that push further and it gives you feels.
    My whole childhood is in the MCU, since the first Ironman movie when I was 11 years old kid; and now that kid grew up and still loving this movies like day 1

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