Max & Ruby: Ruby’s Gingerbread House / Max’s Christmas Passed / Max’s New Year – Ep.44

Max & Ruby: Ruby’s Gingerbread House / Max’s Christmas Passed / Max’s New Year – Ep.44

♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and her little brother, Max ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby! ♪>>A perfect gingerbread house takes careful planning, Louise.>>I know, Ruby, and we’ve got everything we need. Button candies, sugar wafers, candy canes, chocolate sprinkles and gingerbread.>>And I know just the thing to stick everything together.>>Worms?>>Worms?! (Giggling)>>RUBY: Max, we’re building a beautiful gingerbread house for Grandma. There are no worms in beautiful gingerbread houses.>>What’s that, Ruby?>>It’s icing sugar. When we mix it with water, it’ll be just like glue.>>Oh, I get it. That’s what we’ll use to stick things onto our gingerbread house.>>Right! I’ll stir while you add the water.>>Okay, Ruby.>>Oh, hi, Max. Would you like to help? Here, you can hold the bowl.>>LOUISE: Button candies make the perfect shingles for the roof.>>Perfect!>>What else do we need on our gingerbread house?>>Worms.>>GIRLS: Ew!>>Oh, those are the worms you were talking about. I don’t think we want your gummy worms on our beautiful gingerbread house. Okay, Louise, it’s time to build our house. You hold the walls up while I brush on the icing sugar glue. Now we put the pieces together and press tight.>>Oh, this is so exciting.>>RUBY: Okay, let’s try letting go.>>Yay! (Gasping)>>Aw!>>Maybe we need more icing sugar.>>RUBY: Careful, Louise. Not too much water. Hmm. Not sticky enough. I think we need more icing sugar.>>Worms.>>Ah! (Christmas bells chiming)>>Oh no!>>It’s okay, Louise. We still have some more. Max, Louise and I are trying to make a beautiful gingerbread house and your gummy worms are not beautiful. So please take your worms back.>>I think they want to stay with you, Ruby. (Sighing)>>While we’re building our gingerbread house in the kitchen, why don’t you build something in the living room? Have fun.>>Worms! ♪ Worms.>>While you mix the icing sugar, I’ll make a front walk for the house with chocolate sprinkles.>>Thanks, Louise. This batch is going to be just right. Are you ready to try the walls again?>>Sure, Ruby.>>There, that should hold.>>It’s holding! (Gasping)>>Aww.>>Hold them up again. Quick, Louise. I think they just need more glue.>>Huh?>>Worms.>>Whoa. (Gasping)>>Oh no.>>Max, I told you, your worms don’t belong on our gingerbread house. We need to find something to keep you busy here in your room. Ah ha! I think I see a job for fireman Max. You like to come to the rescue, don’t you, Max? Oh no! Screaming green alien gorilla has been caught in an avalanche! Who will save him? If only fireman Max were here, he’d save him. You know what to do, fireman Max. ♪ (Gorilla screaming) ♪>>It’s working!>>Now for the roof. Steady, now. We did it! It’s staying up!>>Yay! Oh no!>>And there’s only enough icing sugar left for one last batch.>>Worms!>>GIRLS: Eww!>>Uh oh.>>It’s all gone. What are we going to do now?>>You’ll think of something, Ruby.>>Max, please take back your worms. These gummy worms won’t un-stick from my hand.>>Here, let me help. They really are sticky, aren’t they?>>Oh! Are you thinking what I’m thinking?>>Worms!>>RUBY: Okay, Grandma, you can open your eyes now.>>Ooh, my!>>Surprise! (Gasping)>>What a beautiful gingerbread house. Now, I see you’ve used chocolate sprinkles for the walk and candy canes for the fence. Oh, and button candies for the shingles on the roof. But, wh– What did you use to stick the walls together so beautifully?>>RUBY: Well, it’s a special recipe we made up, with icing sugar and water and…>>Worms! (Laughing) (Christmas bells tinkling)>>Christmas.>>Well, that’s the lights done. Now for the ornaments.>>Christmas.>>Ah, it was a wonderful Christmas, Max. But it’s over now, and it’s time to put all the Christmas decorations away. (Giggling) Max. I love Christmas, too. It’s too bad it only comes once a year. But, that just makes it more special, don’t you think? Well, this box is full. Time to start filling the next one. Don’t be sad that Christmas is over. Now we can start thinking about other holidays that come next, like Valentine’s Day and Easter and Halloween. There, I’ve got all the decorations from this side of the tree. Now I just have to take down the decorations on the other side. Oh, thanks, Max. This will go a lot faster if you help. Un-decorating the tree is not nearly as much fun as decorating the tree, but when we take the ornaments down, we can think about how much fun Christmas was. We were lucky to get so many nice gifts this year. You got your builder world construction kit and I got a new tea set. Hmm. There, all the decorations are finally off the tree. (Gasping) Where did all the decorations go!?>>Christmas.>>Oh, Max, I know how you feel. But Christmas is over, and all the decorations have to come down.>>Christmas!>>Whoa. Ah ha! Here, Max, why don’t you play with your remote control robot while I finish taking down the decorations? (Sighing)>>Christmas.>>Oh. Well, at least this time I know they’re going in the box and not back on the tree. Thank you, Mister Robot. ♪ Almost got it. There! Wow, that was a high one. ♪ These are the last ornaments. Now, what’s next? Ah, our Christmas stockings have to come down. (Gasping)>>Christmas!>>It’s okay, Max. They’re empty now so there’s no reason to keep them up. I know, why don’t you make something with your new builder world kit, something special that will cheer both of us up? While you do that, I’ll take down all our pretty Christmas cards. Oh, here’s the one I got from Louise with a picture of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree on it.>>Christmas.>>Don’t you just love to get Christmas cards, Max? Max? Oh, well, I don’t blame him for leaving. Taking down decorations isn’t much fun. This one’s from Grandma. “Merry Christmas to my two favourite grandbunnies. Love, Grandma”. That’s the last of the Christmas cards. Now, what can I tie them together with? Ah ha! Curly Shirley, you don’t mind if I borrow your pretty Christmas ribbon, do you? You won’t need it again till next year. Thanks. There. Now all that’s left is the garland. (Humming) I love a long, long Christmas garland. (Sighing) There’s no doubt about it now, Christmas is over. (Sighing) I know what I can get to cheer Max and me up. Christmas cookies and hot chocolate with marshmallows. Yum yum. And I’ll use the new tea set I got for Christmas. (Humming) ♪ Oops, I forgot the marshmallows. I want everything to be just right for Max. (Humming) (Roaring) There, I have everything I need. Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, marshmallows. Oh no. I forgot the napkins. (Laughing) ♪ (Gasping)>>Max, I have a surprise for you. Max? Where is he? Christmas cookies and hot chocolate. And marshmallows. That’s odd. Marshmallows are Max’s favourite. (Gasping) The Christmas garland. Where’s it going? Max? Max? Are you hiding? Hmm.>>Christmas.>>Come out, come out, wherever you are. Hmm. (Clinking) What’s that sound? Max, you know you’re not supposed to be in my room unless you ask. (Gasping)>>Oh, Max. It’s the most beautiful Christmas tree I’ve ever seen. It’s just like having a second–>>Christmas! (Horn tooting) (Laughing)>>Max, you’re not supposed to blow the New Year’s Eve noisemakers yet. Oh! We have to wait until the New Year comes in. No, it’s not going to come in through the door, Max. I’ll explain it to you. Just like Christmas Eve is the night before Christmas, New Year’s Eve is the night before the start of the New Year. When the New Year starts, you blow on the noisemakers and say, “Happy New Year!” And then you celebrate and eat all kinds of yummy goodies.>>Happy New Year?>>Uh uh. Not yet. The New Year starts at midnight. That’s way past our bedtime. But this year, Grandma said we can stay up with her to watch the New Year come in.>>That’s right, Ruby. We’re going to have our very own New Year’s Eve party. (Horn tooting)>>Happy New Year!>>It isn’t time yet, Max.>>Why don’t you show him on the clock?>>Okay, Grandma. Come on, Max. See the two hands on the clock? Well, when both hands point straight up, like this, then it’s midnight and that’s when you say– (Horn tooting)>>Happy New Year! (Laughing)>>But, not until midnight. That’s when we get to eat your special Happy New Year cookies, right, Grandma?>>That’s right, Ruby. I made a special plateful, just for the three of us.>>RUBY: Look, Max, they’re clock cookies and the time is midnight.>>I’ll put them right here by the clock so that we can have them on the first stroke of the New Year. (Chiming) (Gasping)>>That means not until midnight, Max. So what are we going to do for our New Year’s Eve party, Grandma?>>Well, it isn’t a New Year’s Eve party without party hats. Come on, let’s pick out our hats.>>Yes!>>MAX: Yay!>>Oh, look, a tiara. (Laughing) That’s perfect. Which one are you going to wear, Grandma?>>I think I like this one. Olay! What do you think?>>I love it. (Horn tooting)>>Happy New Year.>>Not yet. Remember what I said about the hands on the clock? See, Max? The hands are not both at the top, so it’s not midnight yet. Come on, Max. It’s time for our New Year’s Eve party to get hoppin’.>>That’s right, and I know just what’ll get us hopping. Some fancy New Year’s Eve drinks. Why don’t I go and get them and you two start playing a game.>>I know! How about, “What am I charades?” You know how to play that, don’t you, Max? Do you want me to show you how? Okay. Let me think… (Gasping) Oh, I know! I’m some kind of animal. What am I? I’m an elephant. See? Now you try one. Think of something and then act it out. Hmm. You’re a diver about to do a high dive? (Horn tooting)>>Happy New Year!>>RUBY: Oh, now I get it. You’re Grandma’s clock at midnight. It isn’t time for “Happy New Year” yet. Look, Max. Both hands aren’t at the top.>>GRANDMA: Who wants a fancy New Year’s Eve drink?>>RUBY: What’s in a fancy New Year’s Eve drink, Grandma?>>Ooh, it’s filled with my own special recipe of yummy juices and some fizzy water to tickle our noses.>>Choo!>>Here’s to our first New Year’s Eve party. (Slurping) (Belching) (Giggling) What’s next, Grandma?>>Well, how about a snowball dance?>>I love snowball dances! You know how that works, don’t you, Max? You dance with your partner until someone says–>>Snowball!>>And then you switch partners. (Music playing) Come on, Grandma, let’s dance.>>You dance divinely, Ruby.>>Oh, thank you, Grandma. So do you.>>Do you think it’s time for a snowball, Ruby?>>I think so, Grandma.>>Snowball! (Record scratching)>>RUBY: Max? (Horn tooting)>>Happy New Year!>>Max, it’s still not midnight yet. Look at the clock. I think maybe we should think of something we can all do together.>>I know just the thing.>>Why are we lying down?>>Just wait, Ruby. You’ll see. Now, Max, you lie down and put your head on Ruby’s tummy. (Giggling)>>Grandma, your jiggling tummy is making my head bounce. (Laughing) (Snoring) (Chiming) (Horn tooting)>>What? What is it?>>I must have fallen asleep.>>RUBY: Max, you’re supposed to wait till– (Gasping) It’s midnight! That means it’s time to say–>>Happy New Year! ♪

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