Maya’s 7th Birthday

– Today is a big day. It is Maya’s birthday! So many fun activities planned. We’re gonna start by going to
our favorite doughnut place. – [Maya] Birthday shopping! – Our next stop for Maya’s
birthday extravaganza is Uptown Jungle, which is
a super fun indoor park. (upbeat music) Today is a big day. It is Maya’s birthday! Happy fifth birthday, Maya. – No, I’m seven! (Lucy Laughs) – I don’t think it’s possible
that she’s seven today! – Yes. – [Lucy] Yes? – We’re playing with slime
that I got for my birthday. – She’s singing birthday slime time like, ♪ Birthday slime time ♪ ♪ Birthday slime time ♪ – Maya woke up to a few
goodies this morning. We’re in Phoenix right now,
so we’re away from home. And we got some Toysmith
– I found that on the table. – Mix-In slimes, right? – And I got that for my birthday. – Yes, she got a few other goodies, too. And you know what we got, that we need to show everybody? – What? – The magazine. Maya got a few little magazines. And the funny thing is, I found this Girls’ World
magazine, at the store, and I opened it up, and- – We are on two pages! – We’re in it! Show us where we are. – Here’s one page. – Oh, there’s a sneak peek, it tells you we’re on page 56. – We’re on page, here! – There we are! (Maya screeches) – Is that how excited you were, when you saw that? Yeah, we have a whole two page spread, about you girls.
– And our toys. – And your top toy picks for the year. The back story to this was
that Girls’ World magazine reached out to us, a couple
months ago, probably, and asked a quick little
interview with the girls. And we submitted it to them. And then we didn’t hear anything back. And we didn’t hear if it was gonna be in magazine, or not in the magazine, or when it would be published. And I just happened to be
looking at the grocery store, yesterday, pick up the
magazine, open it up, and there we were. So, it was a big surprise, to me even, I’d never seen it! I don’t know how long
it’s been on the shelves. But I’m glad we found it. Do you girls remember
doing an interview for it? – Yeah. – [Lucy] Yeah? – It was super fun. – [Lucy] It was fun? It’s in stores, now, so
if you wanna check it out, they did an exclusive
interview, for the magazine. And it listed some of their favorite toys, to give you ideas for holiday gifts. Addy, what did you say, for
your top toy gift ideas? – I said our toys,
Twisty Petz, and Blinger. – And Maya, what did you put in your holiday wishlist? – Rainbowcorns, Owleez, and Foam Alive. – [Lucy] Yep, there they are. Good choices, girls. (soft music) And since we’re in Phoenix, Avery, of course, has to
spend Maya’s birthday with us. We have so many fun activities planned. We’re gonna start by going to
our favorite doughnut place, in just a little bit, where
we used to get doughnuts, before school, probably,
at least once a week, when we used to live here. – She even got to skip
school for my birthday. – She did, Avery should be in
school, today, shouldn’t you? – I know. – But you haven’t missed
a single day, this year, Avery, so I think it’s
okay that we miss this one special day, when we’re in town. – [Avery] Yeah. (soft upbeat music) – Can we all get two doughnuts, but a big of the circle doughnuts, for all of us to share? – [Lucy] Sure. – Yay! (soft upbeat music) – I have so many memories here, girls, from before school.
– [Avery] Yes. What about you, girls? – We’d come here, like, every Friday, before school, I think. – We came here everyday, before school. (Lucy Laughs) – [Lucy] Everyday? I think everyday might be a little bit of an exaggeration, Maya. – [Avery] Yeah.
– Probably not everyday. – No, we did, remember? – [Lucy] Everyday, before school, wow. – Or a lot.
– [Avery] I think, every Wednesday. – [Lucy] Every Wednesday? So, Maya, do you feel
different, being seven now? – No. – [Lucy] No, you feel exactly the same? – Yeah, whenever it’s my
birthday, I don’t feel anything. – [Lucy] You don’t? – Huh uh. – [Addy] Yeah, basically, it takes like a month to get used to it. – I know. – [Lucy] To a new age? So, even though today is
Maya’s actual birthday, your party’s gonna be when you
get back home, to Nashville. Tell everybody what you’re
doing for your birthday party. – There’s this place, in
Nashville, called SoundWaves, it’s a water park. – An indoor water park. – And a part of it’s outdoor. – Mm hmm. – It’s also a hotel. – Mm hmm. And what is your birthday
party theme gonna be? – Beanie Boos. – Beanie Boos! We love Beanie Boos, don’t we? We’ve got some cute Beanie Boo. (upbeat music) We’re done with doughnuts, and now we’re on to the second
part of our adventure, today. What are we doing, Maya? – Birthday shopping! (Lucy Laughs) – When we flew out, to
Phoenix, we had a whole suitcase, full of toys, that
we were using in a video, that we filmed here, for Tic Tac Toy, which she already filmed. We gave the toys away to our friends. And so, now, we have an
empty, suitcase to take home. So, I thought we would
let Maya go pick out her own birthday presents, this year. So, we’ll have to see what she picks out. (upbeat banjo) – Our toys. – [Lucy] Oh, you found our toys. Yep, there they are. Woo hoo! I don’t think these are
on her list, though. Because we have plenty, at home. – I found this.
– [Lucy] Oh, I forgot. We need to find the Go Glam thing. – Yeah, Maya was looking for the Go Glam nail set. It’s really cool, you can actually, like, put stickers on your
nails and do your nails. So, it’s a fun, super fun, kit. We’re not seeing the Go Glam. We are shopping, like, two days, I guess, three days, after Black
Friday, so, probably not the best day to go shopping. It’s actually Cyber Monday, today, so, they might be out of Go
Glam at this location. – They’re probably out of lots of things. – But we can find some other stuff. – Yeah! – [Lucy] Oh, that’s the big Hatchimals. – Oh, they’re the-
– I saw these – Long neck ones.
– This says – [Lucy] Uh huh. – It could go to 2.6. – [Lucy] What? – [Avery] 2.6 feet.
– It could go to two feet. – [Lucy] Two, yeah,
that’s a tall Hatchimal. – [Avery] That’s half of me. – Do I want this? (soft upbeat music) – I’ve been wanting that for so long. – Rainbow Surprise, the Poopsie Doll? – Yes, yes, yes. – Yes? We saw that in Arkansas, at the big Walmart there, didn’t we? – Yes, yes.
– All right, let’s see. This is hard to get. Oh. There you go, girly. Whoa. What is this, exactly? – It’s like, a Poopsie Doll, where you can put slime in their outfit, their shoes, it’s’ very fun. – Yeah, so it’s a big doll, isn’t it? – Yes.
– It looks like, so, you get one of these four dolls, a 14″ doll, an outfit, so you make slime, to put inside the outfit. – I really want, either Rainbow Dream. – Rainbow Dream? – Or Pixie Rose. – Or Pixie Rose? But we don’t know who we’re gonna get. – Yeah, that’s the fun part. “Which doll will I get? “Collect them all.” – And Addy and Avery found something. What did you find, girls? Our ad! – Yeah. – We’re in the Walmart catalog. There’s our toys.
– Yeah. – I want this! – [Lucy] What is that? – Then this will probably be all my money. – SlimyGloop Rainbow, Squishy Swirl, and Candy Cloud SlimyGloop. Maya’s bedroom floor
in covered with slime. And you got slime this morning, are you really gonna get more slime? – Yes! – Yes? – Yes! But first, we have to see
how much money that would be. That’s probably all my money. So, let’s check. – Right, we have a limit. Definitely have a limit. And Maya, there’s a bunch of
FurReal animals, over here. You love FurReal animals. – It’s Cubby, it’s Cubby! – There’s Cubby, there’s Cubby. Cubby, yep, Cubby’s pretty cute. – [Maya] I bet he’s $100. – He’s a pretty hefty price. These are cute. Oh, you want the-
– Here’s mini ones. – Aw, look at the little unicorn. (unicorn toy neighs) That one’s cute. – Mm. (Lucy laughs) – I’ll think about it. – You’ll think about it, okay. This whole thing is $10. Wait, all that slime,
it was really just $10? Jason went to scan it.
– Just $10. – $10! Like, that’s a bargain.
– Bargain prices. – Bargain price! (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) What one are you gonna open first, when you get home, Maya? (Maya laughs) What do you think? All the slime? – Yeah. – Yeah? And Jason, how do you feel about Maya buying pretty much everything
that’s slime related. – I’m not too comfortable with this idea. (Lucy Laughs) – Is it gonna be all over your floors? – [Avery] Yeah, no. No, no! – Hopefully not. – Hopefully not, I hope not, girl. (upbeat music) Our next stop, for Maya’s
birthday extravaganza, is Uptown Jungle, which is
a super fun indoor park, that we loved, when we lived here. And we have new friends with us, today. We have Avery, of course, Carlyn, and what’s your name? – Macy. – Macy! Carlyn and Macy are the kiddo’s cousins, who just moved to the Phoenix area, so they get to join in on the fun, too. – Yeah.
– Are you guys ready to go play? – [Group] Yeah! – All right, go on, kiddos! (soft upbeat music) When we first arrived,
at Uptown Jungle, today, we actually walked in, and they told us, “It’s toddler time for another hour”, and that we’d have to
sit there, for an hour, before the kids got to play. Which was gonna be torture
for the kids, of course. So, luckily, we told
them, “The girls will be “very, very gentle and
very, very careful”, and they let us come in for toddler time. So, it’s nice, because
the place is really empty. And our kids pretty much have free range, for everything. (upbeat music) Colin and Jason are playing basketball, and they lost the ball, up here. Should I help them get it? Should I help them get it? There you go. (Kids scream) It’s my turn, to go
down the big red slide, And it’s so steep. And I’m a little bit scared. Check this out. Oh my goodness. Maya’s down there,
telling me it’s not scary. Oh my goodness, okay. (Lucy screams) Okay, it was a little scary. But it was still fun. (Lucy laughs) Avery made hers, but
you missed yours, Jason. How does it feel? (Jason breaths heavily) (Lucy laughs) – That’s a workout.
– That’s all you have to say? – Whew. You weren’t here, earlier, when I was sinking them, left and right.
– I’m sure. I’m sure. One of the reasons this
was one of our favorite places to come to, in
Arizona, was because they had an awesome, amazing play place
for the little ones, too. So, there was a place
that Colin could play, and he would love it and
be entertained for hours. And there was the whole rest
of the park, which was lots of fun for Addy and Maya and
any friends that we had. So, it’s a perfect place
for kids of all ages. (upbeat music) Do you remember, we used
to come here all the time when you were a little one year old? – Yeah! – You remember it here? – Yeah! – Yeah? (upbeat music) There are Uptown Jungles all throughout the Phoenix area. This particular one was
always the girls’ favorite. It’s in Mesa. Which was about a 40 minute drive for us, when we lived in Phoenix. But we still came because it was worth it. And all the kids would be happy for hours. Should we go back out and
find the birthday girl? – No. – Let’s go back and find Maya! Let’s go find the birthday girl! (soft music) This is Addy’s favorite
part Uptown Jungle, they have so many climbing walls. Maya, are you gonna climb today, too? – No way. – No, you don’t wanna try it? Will you try it today, for your birthday? – Sure. – Yeah! – But only that. – Okay, only that one. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – These two, behind me, are
supposedly, the hardest ones, but Addy just whizzed up that
thing, like it was nothing. You’re a rocking climbing
pro, you’ve always been my rock climber, you know that? – I wanna go rock climbing in a place where it’s full of rock climbing. – Really, like real rocks? Like, legit rocks, not
fake rocks, you mean? – No, like that, but like- – Like a whole wall, oh, I see. – But, like, a whole obstacle. – You know, I knew she
would be a rock climber when she was, like, six months old. Because you’d climb all around Gymboree and My Gym and climb things like crazy. You’ve always been my climber. And the birthday girl! Maya, keep going, girl, you’ve got it. You can go to the top. You can do it, girl. I know you can. – My hands are slippery. – Your hands are slippery? – Do I just step down, do I just jump? – You can jump down. – Okay. – Oh. – That’s fun. – High five, girl. I’m proud of my birthday girl. My seven year old. Nice job! It’s funny, because we lived
in Phoenix, for eight years, and then, as soon as we
move away, our cousins move in town. So we just missed having
cousins living near us. But at least we get to visit them, when we come back in town. – I’m already scared, up there. – You’re doing great, girl! – Oh my gosh, I can’t
even make it to that one. – You can make it. – No, I can’t. – Yes, you can, I know you can, girl. You’ve got this. Maya’s always been so much
more cautious than Addy. It’s so funny to see,
just how different their personalities are. (upbeat music) I think Colin is somewhere
in this obstacle course. I’m gonna go find him. Oh, I think I see his head. I see his head, over here. – C Bear! Come here. Come on, big boy! Come with me, over here! Oh, whoa. Can I see you run through
the obstacle course? – Yeah! – Okay, let’s go! Go, buddy, go! Run! We call this, behind us,
the giant spider web. There’s all these
different layers of, like, webs you have to crawl
down, to get to the bottom. There’s Maya! – Let’s do it again, guys. Come on. – That’s a workout. – Is it a workout? – Yes. (upbeat music) (kids scream) – We’re trying to use all the
balls so all of them can fall. (upbeat music) – We got every ball! Oh, no, one more! – [Lucy] One more? Put it in! – This is the last ball! – [Addy] Oh, no! – No! – [Lucy] Another ball! – The last ball! – [Maya] It fell out from the ceiling, way up there. – They’re gonna press the button, and a bunch of balls are gonna
come falling down on them. – [Group] Three, two, one! (kids scream) (Lucy laughs) – Now, do it again! You did it! – We picked up this whole place. (soft upbeat music) – Well, we’re back in
the rental house, now. It has been a busy day, but believe it or not, we’re gonna be heading
out again, really soon, for another birthday
celebration, for Maya, at Peter Piper Pizza,
with a ton of friends. But I think we’re gonna go
ahead and close the vlog, now. I hope you had fun, hanging out with us, for Maya’s birthday, today. Maya bug? – What? – [Lucy] Happy birthday,
my seven year old. Let’s all do one more big,
happy birthday, for Maya. – [Group] Happy birthday, Maya. – [Lucy] You say happy
birthday to yourself? (Maya and Lucy laugh) We’ll see you guys, next time, on Tic Tac Toy and Tic Tac Toy Family. What do we say, everybody? – [Group] XO, XO. Bye!

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