Meet Santa Claus From His Home In The North Pole

Meet Santa Claus From His Home In The North Pole

Hello there! Merry Christmas! I’m just taking a quick little break here enjoying some hot cocoa. You know it’s very busy up here at the North Pole getting ready for Christmas, ho ho ho. But I am so excited to tell you that we can now finally meet in a video chat all the way
from my cozy home here at the North Pole. You can tell me all about your year
and what you want for Christmas. I hope you’ve been good, ho ho ho! Hey dear, I brought you a refill
and some fresh cookies! Thank you so much! Oh hi there, welcome to our
little home up here. I know Santa is really looking
forward to meeting you. Oh and don’t forget to feed
Rudolph after snack. Yes, of course dear. Ho ho ho! I think I’m gonna sneak some of these wonderful
cookies over there to Rudolph, ho ho ho! You can even stay in your pajamas
and stay warm and comfy. I’ll probably be here by the fire
or maybe over in my workshop. Oh, and be sure to tell all your friends and family
to head over to and reserve your chance to talk with me
before the big day! Ho ho ho! Have a Merry Christmas!

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