Melted Snowman Clear Christmas Card

Melted Snowman Clear Christmas Card

Hi, everyone. This is Ann Clemmer and Stamper
from I have to tell you that this card is my most
Pinned card of everything that I’ve ever done.
It’s all over Pinterest. But now we’ve gotta update it.
And I hope that I do it justice when we make it with
the Stylin’ Snowfolk set in the new catalog. We’re going to start off with the Window Sheets.
They come in 12 X 12 so you’re going to want to
cut them down to 8-1/2 X 5-1/2 and score it in the middle.
Now you really want to be careful with these. You don’t want to have dirty hands.
You don’t want to have anything sharp on your table.
You want to be very nice to them because they are not
quite as forgiving as card stock is so just be mindful of that.
You don’t have to treat it really lightly, like nylons –
oh, golly – what are those?! But make sure that you use a Bone Folder and
give it a really nice, good crease because that’s
going to make a successful card.
And don’t go getting one of those cheap plastic things.
That’s not a bone folder. Ours are made from real bone
and will last you forever. So now we’re going to start off making the
belly of the snowman with the 1-3/4 inch Circle Punch.
And we’re going to sponge him with Baja Breeze. You know, those Sponge Daubers are just perfect.
They’re really small and you can just lightly go around the edge
like I am. Or else you can lay them down onto a piece
of paper and then go backwards and get a little more of
a defined edge, but I tend to be a light sponger.
I guess I’m sponge challenged! So now we’re going to get out some Mini Glue
Dots. And you know, you could use some Mono Adhesive,
you could use SNAIL. I don’t know about SNAIL, because I used
Sticky Strip on the original card. But you know, I think that the Mini Glue Dots
are really going to be the thing that we really should use.
Once you see me put one on, well then, you’ll know how I put the rest of them on.
I probably put 4 or 5 all the way around the edge, pretty much evenly.
Now you’re going to think I’m going to put this on the front of the card
but actually I’m going to put it on the inside of the card
because you want to have a finished card. You want this to look as if your snowman is
floating in air and the best way to do that is to have a finished
inside. So now we’re going to take some Cherry Cobbler
ink and we’re going to put some buttons on here.
These are the buttons that come with the Stylin’ Snowfolk
stamp set and I’m going to give you the number for that in a minute.
And I try to get that all the way up to the edge
because really only one button’s going to show unless you
decide to put your card together a little bit differently.
Oh, here we go with those Mini Glue Dots; there are 4 or 5 on the back of this.
Lay it down carefully and put it on top of the original circle.
So you want it to be layered just exactly even.
Now this one is a 2-1/2 inch Circle Punch and this is for the bottom part of the snowman
and I’m putting that on the inside and lining that up
in the right place according to the body. Now I already put the Mini Glue Dots on this
so this is a label backing that I’ve used because . . .
You know we make personalized stamps and we’ve gotta give
the dog his props. And since I had the Mini Glue Dots on there,
I could use that label backing and it wouldn’t stick to it.
I want to lay this down and make sure that I have the personalized
stamp going the right way and then lay it down.
And once again you want to make those circles match
because you want them to know that this is a handcrafted card.
You don’t them to get it confused with that “H” place.
So anyway, you’re going to think that this is a little pinhead,
but it’s really not. It’s a 1-1/4 inch Circle Punch.
And I like to start with the mouth on this snowman.
For some reason he lines up better when I start with the mouth.
And so we’re going to give him a carrot nose and that’s with Pumpkin Pie.
Now remember don’t stick your stamps really hard into these
new stamp pads because they’re very juicy. And then back to the black Staz-On which is
the best thing to use on Whisper White card stock when it comes
to black. Now always put the top on that jet black Staz-On
because if it’s fast drying on your card stock, it’s going to be fast drying on your ink pad
as well. Now I’ve already got one of these that I sponged
before we started. You know, it’s funny – I got the
same face twice. Boy, I’m lucky.
This is the scarf from the Stylin’ Snowfolk stamp set.
Well, I wish I would have made it in Cherry Cobbler,
but that’s fine. I put that together with SNAIL but here I’m
going to secure it and put a second piece of adhesive here
and that is with the Stampin’ Dimensionals. I’m going to put that all the way around and
then I’m going to add his hat on, too, the same
way. I’m going to have a little bit of SNAIL Adhesive
on there to secure the hat initially and then I want
to secure it down really good with the Stampin’
Dimensionals. Then you get double coverage.
Now in hindsight I probably should have finished the back
on the inside for the hat and the scarf but you can do that
on yours, okay? Because you don’t want to watch me back up
this whole thing. You can put that hat just like I’ve got it
there or else you can slide it down and have just the one button
showing. But I’m trying to make this pretty true to
the original card. Now here’s that “Got Treats?” from – or “Got
Merry?” from the Got Treats set. And it’s punched out with the Window Punch;
it cut off a little bit. Those mittens are from the Stylin’ Snowfolk
stamp set. You know you’re going to have to have it if
you like snowmen. I mean he’s so cute and you can make them
with glasses, scarves . . . you name it. There’s lots of ways you can
make it. So we’ve got these little mittens here and
the hardest part is to figure out where to put it on the front
of the card. Now . . . what’s that, Stamper? Stamper, what
did you say? Okay, don’t put the mitten down without putting
the back of the sign. Okay, gotcha, gotcha. (laughter)
Oh, that Stamper. He’s such a tough director. You know, he always knows best.
So I’d better back up that sign because it really looks better
if you can’t see the adhesive on the inside. You know, this is a nice card, and you will
want to give it to your best friend so that they will keep
it for a long time. So there you go.
You know, this is good but there’s one more thing that we could
add to this. Just one more thing – it’s those googly eyes.
Googlies are just in the Holiday Mini this year and I think they’re great.
Maybe I should call it the Holiday Not-So-Mini. So hey, this is Ann Clemmer and you want to
stop by and try out our monthly newsletter.
We’re coming up on Twelve Weeks of Christmas soon.
And try our VIP program we call the Master Stamper.
Or just stop by and stamp with us and just have a good laugh.
Because this is Ann Clemmer and Stamper, from, just trying to put a little
ink, paper, and fun into your day!

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  1. It's cattle bone, #VampyRagDoll. A resource that will break down in land fills & a byproduct of something that is widely consumed (tho not by everyone).

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