Mickey & Minnie Treats | Pinch of Luck

Mickey & Minnie Treats | Pinch of Luck

Hey guys! It’s Jana! And welcome Pinch of Luck! Today we are going to make the cutest Mickey Mouse Treats! I’m so excited, they are so adorable! This is also a very special episode, it is collaboration with my friend over at Hmong Baker. So I will put her links and everything down below. She is going to
make a cake that goes with all of these treats! Talk about a party all-in-one! All of the ingredients and tools we will be using will be down in the description below. So Let’s
Get Lucky! Our first treat is some Mickey Mouse Pretzel Bites! They are just so yummy
and so easy! First you want to unwrap all of your Rolos and throw them in a bowl. So you want to grab your cookie sheet and put your waffle pretzels right on there. Now you want to take your Rolos and throw them on top of your pretzels, right in the middle. Now that they’re all laid out we’re going to throw these in the oven at 350 for only 3 to 4 minutes. So keep your eye on them, once the outside of the Rolo starts getting a little shiny they are ready. Take it out and we’ll do our next step. Alright guys, we got them out of the oven and now we have to work so fast, well not like super-duper
fast, but kind of fast! I have already separated out my M&M’s with just the red and the yellow. So we need to take a big M&M and that’ll be Mickey’s face, squish it down in there. And then two mini M&Ms, will be his ears. Make sure that your M’s are down. We’re going to throw these in the fridge and then work on our next treat. Which is, Minnie and
Mickey Rice Krispy Treats! I love rice crispy treats they’re so good, it’s like my all-time favorite when I was a kid! It’s so easy to make! So I’ve already made up my rice crispy treats. In a sauce pot throw in some butter and marshmallows over medium heat stir until super melted and throw it in the bowl with rice crispies and mix it all up. Throw it in the 9×13 pan and get your hands a little wet and you can squish it in there without
it sticking to your fingers. WOW! And then I just threw this in the fridge for about
30 minutes and now we are ready to cut it up. So I have this very, very cute Mickey
Mouse cutter. It’s a lot bigger than a regular cookie cutter so we can have extra big rice crispy treats! I’ll put a link down below where you can get this. I’m just going to spray some baking spray on my little Mickey Mouse cutter, just so it doesn’t stick. And we obviously want to get the most out of this, so squish it as far as you can up into the corner and then cut, cut, cut! That was easy! I have my little chocolate melter here, I’m going to throw
my chocolate in and get it all nice and creamy. Now that our chocolate is all melted we’re going
to take our little Mickey Mouses and Minnie Mouses and just dip them halfway in the chocolate. I have
some bows for Miss Minnie, these are so cute! I will put a link down below where you can find these. And I did actually use these before on another Minnie Mouse Cupcake, I will put the link right here, if you would like to see what I did with those. You’re just going to put your bow right in the middle, you know where it’s supposed to be. Now we’re just going to set these in the fridge for about 15 minutes or so and make our next treat! Alright our last and easiest treat to make! Is Mickey Mouse Popcorn! So delicious! So I just used microwave popcorn, you can make whatever kind of popcorn you want. I used kettle corn,
because you know, I like sweet stuff! Duh! That’s why are here! So I already popped up
my popcorn. I have my mini M&Ms separated with some brown, red and yellow. I have some yellow candy melts, some red candy melts and we still have some left over from dipping
our rice crispy treats. So we’re just going to use that too. Can’t waste chocolate! I’m going to go melt these down in the microwave and throw all the chocolates in some Ziploc bags. Alright guys, got all my chocolates all melted down. So I have my popcorn all popped
up so we’re just going to throw a little bit into our bowl. We are just going to do this
in layers. So I have a little popcorn, Tah-dah! And then I’m going to drizzle in
my chocolates. take a little hand of M&Ms and throw them on there. And then more popcorn,
drizzle, drizzle, drizzle, M&Ms. Wow guys, I don’t think you can get any better than this! These are awesome, so easy to make, great for any party! Wow it looks so delicious! Don’t forget to check out my friend, over at Hmong Baker, she made this cake to go with all this
yummy goodness! She makes amazing and easy cakes, just like we do! I’ll put her link
below and the video. A big thank you guys who are coming over from her channel too, welcome to the fun! I think we got Lucky! (Ding) If you guys make this, send me a picture on Twitter! And if there is anything you want to see, just leave a comment below! And as always
if you loved it, like it, subscribe to it and share it! Thanks guys! (Kiss)

12 thoughts on “Mickey & Minnie Treats | Pinch of Luck

  1. Hi, Jana. Those Mickey Mouse treats look absolutely delicious and mouthwatering. You really inspire me to make really simple ideas and run with them like you. You are just wondering in the kitchen, and so are your kids. I can't wait what you are going to make next week. See ya next Wednesday, Jana. Byron. 😉

  2. Awwwww I love anything Mickey! I've made the pretzel bites for Easter (using pastel m&m's & made a flower) buuut I made them using kisses never thought of ROLOS! Those seem like they would taste better! 😋

  3. Your Videos here and on the other channel are so nice and funny and i like them. Keep your house clean …smile.. and your soul happy. Greetings from Germany <3

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