Mickey Mousecapade – Game Grumps

Mickey Mousecapade – Game Grumps

Arin [doing a shitty AVGN impression]: Mickey Mouse…
[Dan laughs] [Dan and Arin laugh uncontrollably] AVGN Arin: First of all…
[Dan laughs] [Dan and Arin continue to laugh uncontrollably] ♫ Hey I’m Grump ♫ ♫ I’m Not-So-Grump ♫ ♫ And we’re the Game Grumps ♫ AVGN Arin: What the heck is up with this game?
[Dan laughs] AVGN Arin: Are those paintings or windows?
[Dan laughs] AVGN Arin: Jeez, game designers. Make up your minds. Dan: Uh, okay, so this is Mickey Mousecapade, and right before we started Arin and I were watching a walkthrough where one of those guys was doing, like, one of those fake-ass Like, Video Game… Angry Video Game Nerd voices, and now Arin can’t stop doing it. And it’s cracking my shit up. AVGN Arin: What is this bullshit?
[Dan laughs] AVGN Arin: Two cats? Why not three? Jeez, what were they thinking? [Dan laughs] AVGN Arin: This game’s a bunch of poopy ass-dicks. [Dan laughs] AVGN Arin: Covered in chocolate feces… [Dan laughs] AVGN Arin: What is this, some kind of angel? I don’t want religion in my game! [both laugh uncontrollably] Dan [through laughter]: Oh my God… AVGN Arin: Jeez, walking chairs? What’s he in a hurry for? To get sit on? [both laugh] Dan: Stop!
[Arin continues to laugh] [both continue to laugh] Dan [through laughter]: Ohh, I can’t handle it. AVGN Arin: What’s this flashing bird flashing for? Is he the police? [both continue to laugh uncontrollably] Dan: Holy shit! AVGN Arin: Jeez, you open up a treasure chest to get a key. Isn’t that ass-backwards? [Dan and Arin laugh uncontrollably] Dan: Oh my God! AVGN Arin: What’s the deal with these wall grenades? [Dan and Arin laugh] AVGN Arin: You’d think they’d explode a little bit bigger.
[Dan continues to laugh] AVGN Arin: Come on, game designers! Get with it!
[Dan keeps on laughing] [yet more laughter from Dan] AVGN Arin: This game’s a bunch of poopy ass-drippings covered in semen!
[Dan continues to laugh] [Dan sounds as though he can’t breathe due to laughter] [Dan and Arin laugh] [Dan coughs while Arin keeps laughing] [Dan goes back to laughing] Dan: Oh God, the Skittles. I’m gonna throw up Skittles.
[Arin laughs] AVGN Arin: Are you okay, Dan? Or do you need a lobotomy? Dan [through laughter]: Shut up! Jesus! So stupid!
[Arin laughs uncontrollably] [Dan and Arin continue to laugh] Dan: Oh my God! AVGN Arin: In this game, you play as a retarded mouse named Mickey!
[Dan laughs] AVGN Arin: He’s got his girlfriend with him… AVGN Arin: But she should be too busy in the kitchen! [Dan and Arin laugh uncontrollably] Dan: [through laughter] Oh my God! Dan: Oh! No!
[Arin continues to laugh] AVGN Arin: Some…
Dan: My Minnie! AVGN Arin: Sometimes your girlfriend gets kidnapped by a bird. AVGN Arin: Just like her… AVGN Arin: …Bitch. [Dan and Arin laugh uncontrollably] Dan: Oh God! Dan: I can’t deal with this! AVGN Arin: This game has nothing to do with Disney, except that it sucks! [Dan and Arin laugh] Dan: [through laughter] So stupid! AVGN Arin: What a bunch of poopy anus farts covered in dick waffles…
[Dan laughs uncontrollably] [Dan and Arin laugh uncontrollably] AVGN Arin: Being poured all over a fat girl’s titties! [Dan seems to be having trouble breathing] [Dan and Arin continue to laugh like maniacs] Dan: Oh! My lungs are gonna collapse! [Arin laughs while Dan struggles to breathe] Dan: Minnie, you fucking bitch, where are you? AVGN Arin: I’ve never experienced such assitry in my life!
[Dan laughs] AVGN Arin: Well, except maybe after I took that long diarrhea dump when I ate IHOP! Dan: [through laughter] Oh my God! Dan: How many, fucking, um… Dan: Okay, so Minnie’s in one of these statues. I gotta find her. Oh, damn it. AVGN Arin: This is the dumbest game mechanic ever. You have to keep going through a window. AVGN Arin: And if it’s not the right Minnie, you have to come out again! AVGN Arin: Jeez, what were they thinking?
[Dan laughs] AVGN Arin: This game’s a bunch of poopy dicks..
[Dan laughs even harder] [Dan and Arin laugh uncontrollably] AVGN Arin: That’s been dipped in… vomit!
[Dan keeps laughing] AVGN Arin: From a cow’s butthole! Dan: Yay! Minnie! Dan: Oh my God… AVGN Arin: So you get your girlfriend back, but she doesn’t even do anything! AVGN Arin: Why would you even wanna get her back? AVGN Arin: …Bitch. [Dan and Arin laugh uncontrollably] AVGN Arin: And then you get to the first boss. She’s a fat-ass witch AVGN Arin: And she shoots cotton balls. Who gets hurt by cotton balls? AVGN Arin: Apparently Mickey! And his… b-b-bitch. [Dan and Arin laugh uncontrollably] Dan: Oh. Oh God. AVGN Arin: Gosh, this game sucks so much. Who designed it, Satan? [Dan and Arin laugh, not quite as heavily] Dan: Oh my God. Would you say it reminds you of anything, Arin? Like a, like a– Dan: Maybe a certain type of feces, of some kind? AVGN Arin: Yeah! It reminds me of a pile of diarrhea dick farts
[Dan laughs] [Dan continues to laugh] AVGN Arin: Covered in cheesy vomit with a side of gorilla poop!
[Dan keeps laughing] [Dan and Arin laugh] Dan: This may be the most mature episode of Game Grumps that’s ever happened.
[Arin laughs] Dan: Oh, come on Minnie. I need you. AVGN Arin: I’ve never played such a bad game in my life– Well, maybe I have! AVGN Arin: It’s called Mickey Mousecapade 2! [Dan and Arin laugh] Dan: Oh, I can’t deal with this anymore… AVGN Arin: How are these spiders coming down? They don’t even have web! AVGN Arin: What the heck, game designers? Get it together! [Dan and Arin laugh] Dan: Oh God, I’m gonna fucking barf. [Dan and Arin laugh] AVGN Arin: You’re gonna barf, just like this game makes me barf
[Dan laughs] AVGN Arin: Out diarrhea dicks! [Dan and Arin laugh] AVGN Arin: I pissed a cactus out my dick
[Dan laughs] Dan: [through laughter] What?! Dan: What does that even mean? AVGN Arin: I farted on my mother’s face, and she liked it better than this game! Dan: [through laughter] Jesus. [Arin laughs] Dan: Ohh. This is gonna be the– this is– Dan: I don’t know if I’ve shown my mom Game Grumps yet
Regular Arin: Uh huh. Dan: But this is definitely gonna be the first episode she sees, just by fate.
[Arin laughs] Dan: And she’ll be like, “Cool living you’re making, Dan.” [Dan and Arin laugh] Arin: Glad you get to giggle at fart jokes all day. Dan: Really proud I sent you through college. [Dan and Arin laugh] Arin: Sheds, like, sheds a tear. Dan: Oh, God. Arin: It’s like, tear of joy, or tear of mmm… something else? Dan: Are you sensing that this door is requiring something? Dan: Mmm… yeah! Dan: Oh, we can do it! Let’s get outta here!
Arin: Good, wow, oh wow. AVGN Arin: Wow, glad I escaped that game. Wait, there’s more? Ohhhh nooo!
[Dan laguhs] AVGN Arin: This game sucks better than a dick– b– farting on a… bagina. [Dan laughs] AVGN Arin: Covered in poop! Dan: [through laughter] Oh my God. Dan: Did you say “bagina?” Arin: [through laughter] Yeah! [Dan and Arin laugh] Dan: Oh, actually I remember this board as being super hard, ’cause like… Dan: Rogue waves just come, that you can’t, fuckin’, like… Dan: Wait, is that a fucking fox? Dan: Ahh! AVGN Arin: Whoa! [Dan and Arin laugh] Dan: I feel like now everything we’re doing is, like, in that voice, whether we want it to be or not.
[Arin laughs] Dan: Like… [doing a shitty AVGN impression] Oh no! AVGN Arin: Whoa, waves? Like that? That’s not according to plate tectonics! Dan: Like, dude, is that a foxbird? [Dan and Arin laugh] AVGN Arin: And then you have to avoid these birds that are constantly taking a shit. AVGN Arin: What did they eat? Taco Bell? [Dan laughs] Dan: This episode of Game Grumps sponsored by Taco Bell. [Arin laughs] AVGN Arin: And then when you get to the end of the screen, there’s a bouncing alligator. AVGN Arin: And he’s got no hands! Wait, maybe he does. AVGN Arin: Come on, des– game designers, make up your minds! Dan: [through laughter] Oh my God, dude. Dan: I can’t handle it. AVGN Arin: This game’s a bunch of diarrhea dick hairs.
[Dan laughs] Dan: [through laughter] Dude. Dan: It’s when you compound the types of shit that the game is Dan: That I really can’t ha– I can’t deal. [Arin laughs] Dan: Oh, God. AVGN Arin: The only thing this game reminds me of is the massive shit I took earlier. [Dan and Arin laugh uncontrollably] AVGN Arin: I’ve never been happier to play a game, except every other game I’ve ever played! Dan: [through laughter] Oh my God! Dan: Are there really a ton of guys like that? Arin: Oh, totally, dude. Dan: Oh, Jesus. Arin: I mean, once AVGN hit the scene and like, and made everybody laugh, Arin: Everyone was like, “I can do that! Let me put up my own videos!” Arin: And yet they all forget that you need to be talented, charming, and funny. [Dan laughs]
Arin: To pull it off. Dan: [through laughter] Oh my God. Dan: Oh no! Oh! Arin: So if Minnie dies, you die? Dan: Yeah, you just fucking, like… Dan: Die from grief, I guess.
[Arin laughs] [Dan yells as though he is dying Dan: No!! AVGN Arin: If useless-ass Minnie dies, you die. AVGN Arin: What is this, a marriage? [Dan and Arin laugh] Dan: [through laughter] Dude.
[Arin laughs] Dan: Plea– Wow, there is a fuckin’ massive jump in difficulty from level one to level two. [Arin laughs[
Dan: Wow! Dan: I was dealing with, like, chairs. Dan: And now it’s every creature in the ocean, and foxbirds. [Dan and Arin laugh] Arin: Foxbirds… Dan: There’s no… Arin: And jellyfish, and waves, and then Crocodile Man. Dan: Yeah.
Arin: Who, by the way, they don’t swim in the ocean. Arin: They swim in lakes and ponds. Dan: Yeah. [laughs] Dan: Lotta people don’t know that. Dan: God! Damn it! Arin: Sheez, man. Dan: Right? Dan: All right, I might not be able to make this happen. Arin: I think you can make it happen. Dan: Can you give me strength by perhaps listing a bunch of different types Dan: Of things that can come out of an anus? AVGN Arin: This game reminds me of a piece of dookie butt… [Dan laughs] Dan: Dookie butt?! AVGN Arin: …that smells like I put my hand in my mother’s butthole! [Dan laughs] AVGN Arin: I ate chili today just so I could take a shit that’s better than this game! [Dan and Arin laugh] Dan: [through laughter] Oh my God… Dan: [still laughing] Oh my God. AVGN Arin: I dug up a grave because I hear that you take a shit when you die
[Dan laughs] AVGN Arin: And it’s probably better than this game!
[Dan laughs] AVGN Arin: What a bunch of ass drippings!
[Dan laughs] AVGN Arin: What a bunch of kooky, docky poo poo!
[Dan laughs harder] [Dan and Arin laugh] AVGN Arin: What a bunch of brown and red feces!
[Dan laughs] AVGN Arin: Yeah, that’s bloody feces!
[Dan laughs] Dan: [through laughter] Stop!!
[Arin laughs] [Dan and Arin continue to laugh] Dan: [wearily] Oh, God… [Arin laughs] Dan: Dude, we’re gonna have amazing abs from laughing like goofballs
[Arin laughs] Dan: For fuckin’ forty minutes straight.
[Arin keeps laughing] AVGN Arin: When you have better abs, it makes you poop better!
[Dan laughs] AVGN Arin: Which means you’ll poop out a better game than this! Dan: [through laughter] Oh my God. [Dan and Arin laugh] Dan: [wearily] I can’t deal. Dan: Oh! Dan: Oh no! Arin: You… dude. Dan: Oh. I’m dead.
Arin: Wow. Dan: I think that’s the game. Arin: Good job.
Dan: I think I lost. Dan: Oh, man. Dan: [through laughter] Well, this has been a super fun fuckin’ episode. AVGN Arin: What a piece of bullshit! You play the game and die, and you get a game over? AVGN Arin; What, do I just bring the game back?
[Dan laughs] AVGN Arin: Come on, let me try again! [Dan and Arin laugh] Dan: Ugh. Was this game sent to us by anybody? Arin: No! Dan: Oh, okay. [laughs] Arin: BYE!! [Dan laughs]

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  1. The FIRST second and you already know what's going to happen through this entire episode. This is why I love this episode so much.

  2. If you don't think laughter is contagious, watch this video. I've watched it about twenty times, and I STILL laugh the entire video.

  3. You know it's a good episode when the first fucking 20 SECONDS of it sounds like it belongs on a Game Grumps laughing fits compilation.

    Fuck this whole episode is like one big Game Grumps laughing fits compilation XD

  4. When I saw the anamation I thout it would be that one Micky mouse. Game

    …the painting one…the one nobody remembers 😐

  5. Nobody:

    Nobody in the world:

    Not a single cell in this earth:

    Arin:Micky Mouse

    Everyone who has a sip of a drink in their mouths: PFFFEfngbsinf

  6. 🎶He’s gonna take you back to the past

    To play the sh*tty games that suck a**

    He’d rather haaave, a buffalooo,

    Take a diarrhea dump in his eaaarrr,

    He’d rather eat, the rotten a**hole,

    Of a roadkilled skunk, and down it with beer

    He’s the grumpiest gamer you’ve ever heard,

    He’s the angry Nintendo Raptor

    He’s the angry Atari, Sega Raptor

    He’s the Grumpy Video Game Raptor🎶

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