MILKA and OREO CHOCOLATE Bars (Eating Sounds) Mukbang | McBang ASMR

MILKA and OREO CHOCOLATE Bars (Eating Sounds) Mukbang | McBang ASMR

Oreo coin flip :)) Hey guys! Welcome to my CHOCOLATE ASMR PARTY with MILKA & OREO! Milka Snowballs Oreo (Christmas Edition) Made of delicate alpine milk chocolate in a snowball shape, it has inside a wonderfully airy milk cream filling with vanilla flavor and pieces of oreo biscuit. The snowballs sweetens the waiting for the first real ones :). It’s slowing me down 🙂 Milka Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar The creamy center with Oreo bits is delicious. The milk chocolate coating is also very good. I’m curious to see how the cream looks. Kinda ..meh… sorry for the mess. Milka Oreo Brownie is filled with bits of yummy brownies and bits of Oreo Cookies. Milka Oreo Chocolate Cookies and crème flavor 100% delicious! Milka Oreo Sandwich This is the best of both worlds! chocolate and whole Oreos! Soo crunchy!! Making the scene pretty :)) Large Milka Oreo Chocolate XXL It’s a giant chocolate bar!! Pretty tasty. Not too much Oreo flavor, more like crunchy chocolate. You can’t go wrong with it tho, and I enjoyed it. The Oreo biscuit tastes so fine! Just a little more flavor than the ones in the Milka. Oreo Eyes? Why not… And then there’s the chocolate castle of course… Thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “MILKA and OREO CHOCOLATE Bars (Eating Sounds) Mukbang | McBang ASMR

  1. я смотрю это когда у меня болит горло и ужасно чешется??

  2. When he put the chocolate close to the camera- I wish I was joking… I thought he was gonna give me some so I said "thank you" out loud?? I should sleep it's 3am..

  3. I just discovered this channel and guess what I am in love with his eyes?Ma Sha Allah love from Bangladesh♥️♥️♥️

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