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Hey Vogue, what are you doing here?  Well, I have to go get ready. So if you’d like to join me, 
I’ve got places to be and people to see. Come on! Come in. So I’m just about to start my makeup, I have an event to get to tonight,  so I’m going to jump right in. Eyes first. 
I like to use a little primer on the lid. I like trying new things, new products
to see how they wear. Keep the product light where you need it,
and do the drama where you want it. These are my little travel size 
Dr. Barbara Sturm.  I’m using this every
single day: the hyaluronic serum,  the calming serum… goals… This is a lip liner,  but I like to use a lip liner
to define a crease for my new eye lid. This is like eye architecture,
we’re building a shape.  You want to captivate
on what your best features are. So for me, I’m really bringing attention
to my eyes and my lips. In the midst of my evolution as a makeup artist,  I had a friend connect me
to work backstage with Pat McGrath. She’s fantastic. I’m doing some white paint on the eyelid. It might be too much, but we’ll find out. As an artist, where your passion lies,
you need to create from within that. So I created Miss Fame Beauty. You know, I love creating my own story. So I’m just prepping the skin,
I’m going to apply a face lift tape. Here, and here, and here, and here. And pull the face like that, 
special glue, special tape.  For drag,
this is no make-up. The Kardashians, this is no make-up. For me, I like it to feel
light as a feather, stiff as a board. The art of contour is very important. I don’t like to go crazy with the line work. If you start to over contour a structured face, 
it ages it. You don’t look young and fresh anymore. This is like getting a nose job
without having to go to a doctor. Take over the world with glamour, honey. I didn’t grow up
in the most glamorous environment. I would only get glimpses of glamour
from going to the salon with my grand-mother. This is the mid ’90s. I was of a comprehensive age over fashion. But that was not being held in my house. There was no fashion on that farm. If you’re going to overdraw the lip,
follow your vermilion border. So, it’s like that soft edge. That is your guide to draw
the perfect overdrawn ’90s lip.  So, we’re done with the makeup, and ready for the fashion. Azzaro, you’ve been good to me, but let’s go with what else
I have to offer you. Jean-Paul Gaultier, 
this will look incredible, in every room. I like to have a corset
so I can create the ultimate fantasy. It really balances out the shoulders. Don’t eat too many “pains au chocolat”! Winter weight, who?
Summer body, where?  A few months back, I recognized Celine Dion
wearing the same dress I was wearing. Anyways, we sat together. She was amazing. We had a heart to heart. Her eyes were full of tears. Celine Dion, you’re magic.  Anyways, that was my moment with Celine Dion.
What’s yours? Next.  Now, as much as I love Jean-Paul Gaultier,
of course, more is more,
so on to the next! I’ll be right back. Surprise ! A little Westwood moment for your nerve. If you don’t have time for nails, 
gloves are your best accessory. The name Miss Fame was inspired
by the law of attraction. I wanted to create something
that would catch people’s attention, and then follow it through with beauty of course, and then say something of worth. Alright, now Westwood is always my jam, but I want to see what else I have. Let me see. How about now in Rochas?  So in 2015, I was honored to be brought
to Cannes Film Festival, on behalf of L’Oréal Cosmetics. I was their first artist of my type
to represent beauty. Some of my favorite tips for walking a red carpet:
know your angles, stretch your neck, and have that pose that’s always going to work
with the specific dress shape you’re wearing. Alright, now this look was fun, 
but I’m interested in one more spectacular event. I’ll be right back. How about Valli? Hey, Vogue! I’m just checking out my horoscope, and unfortunately,
I don’t speak French nor read it, but what I can kind of comprehend here
is that I have to be compassionate, and help other people
to attaining their dreams, I love horoscopes. I love Vogue. I’m tempted to try on one more thing. Let’s see what we have. How about now? 
I feel fresh and I’m ready.  I just need my coat.
Can you please hand it to me? Drape me. Hey, we’re coming down right now. Let’s go. Alright Vogue,
it’s been a true pleasure. Don’t forget to follow, 
like and subscribe. Big kisses from Miss Fame. Bye Vogue.  I can’t get enough of you, 
but I really need to go. It’s like crunch time. Bye babes.

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