Mokey’s Show – It’s too early for christmas!

Mokey’s Show – It’s too early for christmas!

(Pain) (Pain) (Pain) (whisper) It’s Christmas What? What? IT’S CHRISTMAS!! MOKEY!!!! …oh no… Don’t you dare, Mokey, DON’T YOU DARE! IT’S CHRISTMAS OH BOY!!! IT CHITMAH!! I KIMAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! AHYUG? KIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!! (pain) IT IS CHRISTMAS!!! I – I want minecraft I wanna… Five nights at Freddy’s (people celebrating christmas) IT’S CHRISTMAAAAAH OOH HOOOO!! IT’S CHRISTMAS! (“It’s Christmas”dance) AH! HA HAA HAAAAA!! It’s too early for christmas! no AH HA HAAAAA ( Sad People ) STAAAAAHP!!!! OOUCHHH!!! no HO HO! I’ll start with your friends! (Dilan explaining) (Dilan explaining) AHYUG! (Broken heart) You are next! Mokey! SANTA!!!!!! HA!!! You are not real! (pain) Jesus? HHAA HAA HAAAAA!!! YOU ARE NOT- …Thanks Jesus Santa… …is real! HOOO HOOO HOOOOOOO!!! santa! IT’S CHRISTMAS! it’s… …christmas! (Happy ending) I KRIMAH!!!!! I KRIMAH!!!!! WHO are you and WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I’ll call the POLICE!!! MERRY KRIMAH!

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