Capture all your aquatic GoPro adventures
using the Seawolf underwater remote operated vehicle.  And water the ocean on land in mid air with
these Giant Squid Hanging Planters. Because it’s episode 53 of LÜT. There’s nothing like cooking great food
in the great outdoors on a rock. The Roccbox is a portable, lightweight stone bake oven
that heats up an insulated internal stone floor. It’s perfect for roasting meat, cooking
a 90 second pizza or cooking anything else in this 500 degree rock in a box.  For a rock you can snuggle up to the living
stones pillows are the perfect pebbles. The 100% eco-friendly stone pillows come in many
different sizes and are available in mix color rocks and river rocks. But unfortunately not The Rock. Pillow.  Smell what the Flavor God is cooking with
these healthy and delicious seasonings. The low salt, chemical free and filler free seasonings
are made fresh to order and there’s even a VIP club to get early access to limited
specialty flavors like pizza and chocolate donut. Do not allow anyone to pilfer your precious
confections after attaching the Sammy Screamer Motion Alarm. It sounds an alarm when it’s
moved and notifies your smartphone so hang it on a backpack or stroller to keep your
stuff safe. Save all kinds of broken stuff thanks to Sugru.
A moldable glue that feels like Play Doh but bonds permanently to glass, metal, wood and
most plastics. The silicone rubber is also stable at high temperatures, waterproof, and
can be shaped. Shape up as you travel on the elliptical bicycle. And cycle through your Instagram pics to decide
which would make the best temporary tattoo. Picattoo allows you to pick twelve images
from your Facebook or Instagram accounts and get them shipped to you for free as temporary
tattoos. Infuse your tea with a yellow submarine. But you may prefer we all live in a low-energy
ecocapsule. The portable house fits two people and includes a bathroom and a kitchenette.
And it has off-grid energy capabilities in the form of a wind turbine, solar cells, and
rainwater collection. Collect every monster eye handmade by an artist
in Italy. The Little Shop Of Monsters features rings, bracelets and single eyes created in
acrylic resin. Ranging from Ghostly Eyes to Reptile Eyes. iPad sound covers from onandoff have built-in
stereo speakers boosting the volume by up to 400%. Speaking of speakers Sony’s bluetooth LED
lightbulb has a speaker that can wireless play music – successfully uniting sound and
light. Floating light. The rechargeable USB floating
light turns any glass into a lamp. The bright LED last three hours which is plenty of time
to peer into the future. Super Awesome Future Fortune cards are a new
spin on tarot cards replacing the classic artwork with modern imagery like cat lady
and blender. Blend chocolate and households objects by
ordering molded chocolate tool from The Chocolate Vault. They have all your handyman chocolate
needs including electrical sockets, spark plugs and hack saws. See your candle spiral after lighting the
spiral light candle. The unique coiled wick recycles itself by melting the wax into the
center – leaving you with a normal pillar candle to fill your room with its warm glow. Grow your own…hairy….uhh… Motion simulators! BMIgaming sells 3D, 4D,
5D, 6D, and 7D motion simulator rides. No only do the seats move and vibrate – they
also have air, bubbles, snowflakes, water drops, joysticks, 3D images and stereoscopic
sound and light guns to destroy zombies. Destroy nutshells like a colorful robot. Just don’t drop any on your amazing 3D liquid
floor. The decorative epoxy flooring has a 3D image printed under a translucent layer
– transforming rooms into works of art. Finally, work adorable figurines into your
beverage imbibing routine by adding a Fuchi-ko on the cup. Small toys that sit on the edge
of your cup because they are…why not? They’re really cute. Almost as cute this fungi house backpack.
And if you’re not down with the fungi. Get down with Chill Nye. And as always – thanks for watching.

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  2. They say work until your bank account looks like a phone number. I just need to work until I can afford everything on vsauce videos

  3. I've seen fuchi-ko on TV, she's really popular in Japan and was created by 2 guys who design small things like this for a living e.g. firefly mini torches, clips, keyrings etc.

  4. Off topic, but I just had an idea for a really serious card game called Cardcore. I know it might be kinda cheesy, but it's cool, and the idea MAY be inspired by Broforce.

  5. My company i work for shown on a Vsauce channel again! So cool! Chill Nye shirt and many more at

  6. Reptile eye???


  7. Help. I can't find the Lüt video with the small customizable wood and glass houses that are shaped like house silhouettes. Does anyone have a link? I'd really appreciate it.

  8. I dreamt of the first 12 seconds of this video a few weeks ago, but this is the first time I've watched it.
    What the actual hell

  9. I would send those pillows one by one to my enemies. Over months they will become more comfortable with them. Than one night I will change them all with real identical stones. When they jump into them they will all break their bones. HAHAHAHA

  10. after a hard internet day of slaying thots and questing for memes, its nice to finally bust open a chest, and check out your lüt

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