– Hey everyone! It’s me Colleen and you are about to watch my baby shower/ Christmas
party/ birthday party/ celebration of all the
wonderful things in life party. But first, I wanted to tell you about something really really exciting. Every single year for my
birthday, I do a big fundraiser and raise a bunch of
money with your help to give to kids who are
struggling with cancer. And I’m doing it again this year, so I wanted to give you guys all the information so that you don’t miss out. You can win tons of cool
prizes and it’s just amazing. Over the past three years, we’ve
raised over $130,000 total. So, I really wanna keep
that up and do it again. It’s become my favorite
tradition with my birthday is raising money for kids who need it. The fundraiser is going
to be on December 1st on this channel. It will be a live-stream at
12p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Literally, all you have
to do is donate a dollar. If you donate $1, $5, $100,
any amount that you donate enters you to win a bunch
of really cool prizes. And you’re also helping kids with cancer. So, please join me on
December 1st at 12p.m. Also, disclaimer, the
video you’re about to watch is a hot mess. I was trying to film my own baby shower. I didn’t hire anyone, so it’s just kind of a jumble of fun footage. But, if you want to see a
really great version of the baby shower, you can go over
to my brother’s channel. Watch the baby shower
from his perspective. It’s great, I’ll put the link below. (burps) Without further ado,
here’s the baby shower. Enjoy! Whoa, yes I’m starting this
video looking like this. You’re welcome. I’m having my baby shower today. I’m so excited. I did not want a baby shower,
I’m very anti baby showers. I don’t really like baby showers. So, my baby shower isn’t
really a baby shower it’s more just like a Christmas party. But, I am very pregnant
and today I started off with filming random videos,
which is why I look like this. So, I’m gonna go put on
some make up and do my hair. Look how big I am. This is wild. Like can you even
believe I still have like six weeks left? Where’s the baby gonna go? Like I don’t even know
how I could grow more. I’m so huge. People are about to come over so I need to start looking like a human. Oh God. It’s a couple hours
later and now I am just getting ready for everyone to come over. I’m so excited. I went to Target and I got
a little Christmas jacket. So, basically here’s the deal. I didn’t want a baby shower, I’m not a big fan of baby showers. I don’t want my friends
to feel obligated to buy me my baby things, I have everything I need for my baby. So this is just kinda
like a celebratory like, it’s my birthday this
week, I’m having a baby, let’s all hang out, and
my favorite thing in the world is Christmas, so
it’s Christmas themed. So, my house is exploding
Christmas right now. I need to change to my Christmas outfit. Let’s do this. (upbeat music) Hi! Look who it is! – You look very creative and festive. – I love it. Gorgina! – Honestly, when I saw these,
you don’t even know like gingerbread houses are like crack to me, I just love it so much. – You know, I was like
confused because I kept seeing Daniel walk around and I
didn’t see you and I was like “Did Joey leave?” He’s like “No he’s over there with the kids” (Laughing) Look who else is here choking on water! – I know, I’m gagging. – He’s gagging, I thought
you said gagging in urine. I was like “Oh!” – Later. (Laughing) The most pregnant person
that has ever lived. – Do you have a new date? – No my doctors won’t
change it, they still think it’s January 1st. – No offense, but… – You’re wrong. My doctors are dumb. – (Laughing) – For your own sake, no offense, but your doctors are idiots. Look who’s here! – Ahhhhhh! Hold on, hold on, I’m not really here. – My God. – I’m a Christmas Tree! Happy Birthday! Merry
Christmas! Happy baby shower! – I’m here too, but apparently
that doesn’t really matter. – It does matter, but you
shaded me in your last video. – Calling Ballinger,
you don’t want Gladis. – So, you are no good to
be have to feature us. – Aw! She watches my videos. – No I just saw that one clip on – – Oh you horrrrrible human! – People are doing gingerbread houses there’s a lot of people here. I can’t believe how many people showed up this is wild. But we’re going to do a
game of white elephant, which is my favorite game ever
to play at Christmas time. I don’t know how we’re gonna
play with this many people. I feel like it’s gonna be such chaos. I- I literally don’t know
how it’s gonna happen, but we’re gonna try. – Play a white elephant
game with this many people is going to make me go into labor. – Yeah! – Wooo! – Yay! – We’re going to be here
for the next two months. (Laughing) – This is insane. We’re gonna try to play white elephant with all of these people. This is bananas! This is gonna be the longest
game of white elephant ever. This is gonna be chaotic. By the way, look what Jojo brought. I am so curious, I hope it’s
a cardboard cut- out of you. – It’s not, it’s better. – Oh, there’s nothing better
than a cardboard cut-out of Jojo Siuwah. (Christmas music) – Whoa! – What is it? – Oh my God! – It’s a Rhinestone vlogging camera! – It’s a camera! Bailey is near tears, but
you can steal from her. – Yeah – They were there. – No crying! – Nobody cries on Christmas! (upbeat music) – No one will steal the
rhinestone camera from me. You will? – Want it for myself. – Steal! Steal! Steal! Steal! – Woooo! (cheer) – Nice! – A hundred dollars! – What!? – We’ve been playing this
game for like an hour. We’re only on number 34
and there’s 50 of us. This is insane. Everyone’s stressed. – I’m stressed because Bailey’s stressed. – Booooo! – What did they steal? – I stole from a child! – Woo! – Well the sun has gone down. It’s really dark outside,
so we’re almost there. We’re almost there. – Yeah? This bob frost! What? Yes! – What is this? – Ballinger family merch! – Link in bio to shop. – That was the longest
game of white elephant. That was really intense
now everyone’s gonna leave, because we’ve all been
here for seventeen hours. We got through it! – Yes we did! – It was long, but we got through it. Are you making a gingerbread house? – I’m trying to eat it. This side’s up, but not this side. – Yeah that’s true.
How was white elephant? Did you win anything? – Nightlight. – A nightlight? That’s pretty cool. – That! If you put this
stuff on top of it, it reflects. – Whoa! – I did not play the white elephant game, uh, there were too many
people, so one less person seemed to be helpful so I did not play. This is insane, I cannot
believe how many people came. This is a really bad
angle I’m really sorry. Is this the best baby shower ever? This baby shower has
nothing to do with babies. There hasn’t been one baby thing here. The only baby thing at this baby shower, is my actual baby bump. And all the other babies
Rachel Platton came, she’s pregnant. Rosana Patino’s sister Molly,
she’s pregnant, she came. Christina is here, she’s pregnant. There’s a lot of pregnant people. There’s not really any baby stuff, we didn’t play any baby games, because it’s not really my jam. Most people except for family have left, and now I’m opening some presents. This one’s from Rachel. – It’s for your birthday,
not for your baby. – She didn’t tell me what it
is, so I’m really excited. It’s big sweatshirts and
sweatpants because I’m so fat! Yay! All I wanted is
big, cozy sweatshirts! – Yeah! – I want a thousand
trillion billion of them. Thank you so much. – You’re welcome. – Thank you Aunt Kathy! Oh my goodness it’s your jam! – Succulous! – Cactis, that is so his thing! – I love succulent! – Who figured Alice!? Rose so sweet, from
Roe and Holly and Mike. I got a bunch of sweet
gifts, we’re so excited, some things were very
sentimental and obviously worth keeping, and then
things like diapers, and onesies were given to moms in need, because our babies got tons
of diapers and onesies. He doesn’t need any more. So now we’re just hanging
out, I ordered some pizza. I put on pajamas, because
a tight dress, no bueno. – Okay Georgie you’re gonna be in the way! – Show happening, apparently – Oooohhhh! – Wow! – Hey Gab, show them the wheels! – Ooohhh! (upbeat music) – There it is. – I can’t do it. – Whoa! – Every time Parker’s at my house there’s a Jojo performance. – Your favorite drama, I won’t play it, play it, play it, I just do what I wanna. – Whoa! (pop music) – No drama! – I am tired. We played some ruthless games of Mafia. Now, everyone is going
to bed because we are all so freaking tired. I had so much fun, thank
you to everyone who came to this birthday/ baby shower/
Christmas party/ thing. I threw it together last
minute, and I’m so happy people showed up, so thank you so much. I love you guys, thanks for watching, if you like this video, you can subscribe, you all thanks, and I’m so tired, and also pregnant. And I’m gonna go to
bed, good-bye, love you. Thanks for watching everybody,
just a quick reminder one more time, the
fundraiser is December 1st, at 12 , noon, Pacific Standard Time. We are raising money for kids with cancer, please join me it will be so much fun. Please join us to spread
awareness and raise money for kids who need it for my birthday. It would mean so, so
much to me please do it. Um, and I can’t wait
to see you guys there. As soon as I have the
link to the fundraiser, I will be tweeting it and
posting it on my Instagram so you guys can start donating. It doesn’t matter when you
donate, or how much you donate, you are entered to win a
bunch of really cool prizes. As soon as I have that,
I’ll post it, so follow me on social media. Also don’t forget to go check
out my brother’s channel, and his vlog of my baby
shower. I love you guys, Thanks for watching, and
thanks again to everyone who came to my baby shower and
my birthday party to support. I love you guys, I hope you’re having a
wonderful Thanksgiving, and happy day! I love you, I’ll see you
next time, okay, bye! (Latin music)

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