– I have your top 10 Black
Friday tech deals 2018, they’re coming up. Plus a huge giveaway. (Cash register dings) (upbeat music) Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite. Yeah, another one of the deals. So excited to be with you. I’ve made a list of the top
10 Black Friday tech deals, 2018.
(claps hands) and if you expand the video
description box right under me, you’re gonna find a link
for every major deal. Now of course I’ve gone through the how to get $300 of free
gift cards from Walmart if you wanna an iPhone deal this year, other smartphone deals. We’ve got gaming Apple deals
and other pieces of tech and I have all of the
top details on Amazon, rank, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Right now, if it came down to 10 items where I would spend my
money on each of these items and all of these top 10
tech deals are not only under 100 bucks right now but you’re saving hundreds
of dollars depending on which items you buy and
how many of them you buy. So this is very exciting for me. Let’s start with the number 10 deal. So if there was a power
bank that I was gonna gra, oh, by the way, I gotta huge giveaway, giving away all of the major
Black Friday door busters, we’ll talk about that in a moment. I cut myself off ’cause
I’m all over the place, overwhelmed and excited. So, $34 and 99 cents right now. If your smartphone went
dead over Thanksgiving or the holidays or you’re just not happy with the battery life you’re getting, great for both Apple and Android. This is down from 50 bucks right now. Insta-Power for your
smartphone, small, compact, ready to rock. I love that deal. In the number nine spot right now. If you’re looking for a
dashcam, this is a point where a lot of us have
gone home for the holidays, you’ve dealt with bad
drivers, bad road conditions. Under 70 bucks right now,
the HP Dashcam is great. Now if you do read the reviews
for this item on Amazon, people were actually reviewing
an older, refurbished camera and they put all the
reviews on this listing so. I’ve tested this one, it works better than a lot of people say. More importantly the next
item has me very fired up because these are incredible. These are the Z-EDGE 4K action cams in the number eight spot. This will not only rival the GoPro but they’re waterproof, beautiful 4K video and in terms of accessories,
you won’t believe what you get. These are under 70 bucks right now, they usually retail for at
least 170, absolutely awesome. In the number seven spot. We’ve mentioned bad weather,
bad different things over the course of the year,
power outages, camping, hiking. One of my favorite collapsible lantern, which you can stand up on its own. It’s $15 and 99 cents, down from about 35. It’s practical, it’s not
a big screen TV deal, which we’ll get to in a moment, but I would say this is just a great way to occupy that number seven spot. In the number six spot right
now, a really solid Apple and Android wireless charger. This is down to under 30
bucks right now from about 60. It’s worth it, it charges quickly. Before you plug anything into
your brand new $1500 iPhone or Samsung device, you
wanna pay some attention to the charging components
and that is great. In the number five spot, not
one but two headphone deals. That’s right, a bonus item. So first, Active Noise
Cancellation iDeaUSA headphones. You can read the reviews for
these, these are unbelievable. Down to 89 from 189, they really do drown out background noise like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve done full unboxing
and reviews of these, absolutely awesome. Now, if you wanna pair of
these, you could pay 160 bucks or you could buy, what
I feel’s probably made in the same factory but I can’t
legally say that, knockoff, where you get the exact same performance, half an hour better battery
life, the same charge case and these are under 50 bucks right now. No, not made by Apple but
they sure look like it, they’re truly wireless, they stay in, they elevate your music
and your call quality. In the number four spot, my
favorite set-top streaming box to unlock more free TV channels than any other device on the market. These are the HK1 boxes, they are awesome. Yes, you can add KODI to them, not that I’m suggesting
that in any way whatsoever but that’s what a lot
of people use them for. For me, I enjoy my free legal
programming, TV shows, movies. Great deal drop and again
this will allow you to stream from your Apple or your Android device. (toothbrush buzzing) Ah yeah, ah yeah! In the number three spot, the
reason my teeth are white, despite all the bubble tea
that I drink, this is your key. The number one sonic
toothbrush in the country. Down by half price, not
only under a hundred, depending on which model you
choose, as low as 69 bucks. But the higher end of these, which comes with different
brush heads, the tongue scrape, all these crazy accessories and the fact that this will stay charged for one year on one battery charge. This is an amazing grab,
again highly practical, you’re gonna use this a whole
lot more than a big screen TV and again it helps and ties
into your oral hygiene. In the number two spot. I’m gonna tie the
Chromebooks, the laptop deals and the fact that you can score some for as low as 130 bucks right now as my second favorite Black Friday deal. Gaming is also technically
in this category because I’m gonna, I don’t
wanna do a top 11 so, we’ll say gaming is in here too. Great gaming deals which I’ve
profiled in another videos and a link located right under
this video description box. And the number one deal,
the 4K smart TV this year with prices as low as 99 bucks, depending on what model you choose, this is the year of the
Black Friday TV deal and I am telling you right now if you expand that video description box, you will find your key to
unlocking the most deals and the biggest savings.
(claps hands) And now, it’s time for a
little bit of information about my holiday giveaway. I’m giving away any
holiday door buster on any of my lists for free to
a very lucky subscriber. All you need to have do is commented, all you need to have
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deals I did, it’s over here. I love you, happy Black
Friday, thank you for watching.

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