My Gimpy Christmas

My Gimpy Christmas

– Tree’s really coming along.
– Thank you. I thought you were going to help me trim it. Sorry about that. I was stuck in traffic. I mean, I was having a dream
that I was stuck in traffic. Whatever. I’ve already done all the ornaments,
but you can put the star on. Okay, now we’re talkin’! Done. I feel good about that. We should celebrate. Why don’t you pour us a couple of egg nogs? In a sec. But first… – Happy Holidays!
– Merry Christmas! Hm…uh, my bad. – But I thought you were J–
– I’m not…not anything, really. Okay. One, two, three. – Happy Holidays!
– Happy Hannukkah! Or whatever.: Happy Holidays
to you and yours from My Gimpy Life! See you next year!

35 thoughts on “My Gimpy Christmas

  1. Happy Non-Denominational Winter Gift Exchange Holiday!… Of course it will always be Christmas to me! ; ) Really dig your series. Keep it up!

  2. I was about to make the reference to Peanuts and the last scene popped onto my screen. Happy Holidays to you too Teal

  3. AWESOME! It is so fitted that you became a cartoon because you have such an animated personality in real life Teal. You make me laugh with every episode of this show! Happy Holidays to the whole Gimpy Life cast! HBO needs this show so badly! I would never miss an episode. Even thought I don't miss anything this show puts out anyways! LOL!

  4. Happy Whatever to All! 

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  5. Any version, so long as you intend to wish me the same happiness you wish for & associate with the season, is all right by me!


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