My House Party Went Terribly Wrong! #animated #story

My House Party Went Terribly Wrong! #animated #story

Hey there, I’m Rachel. I’m a freshman in
college and this is the story of how last summer I threw my first and last
house party, without my parent’s permission. It was easily one of the most
exciting and nerve-wracking experiences of my entire life. Last summer, my parents
decided to go visit a few of their old college friends in Utah for a few days.
My little brother and I stayed home because it was an adult trip, but also
because our dog Maxine was pregnant. They left us with just three instructions: no
sleepovers, no parties, and take care of Maxine. Pretty straightforward, right? Now,
you have to understand: normally, I’m a good gir.l Honestly. I tried really hard to do what my parents asked, but these were extreme
circumstances. All summer my best friends and I had been trying to figure out
where we could throw the perfect party for our last hurrah.
One last bash before we all split up and went to college. But nobody’s parents-mine included- would let us have a party at their house. And it was already August.
So, we were pretty much losing all hope. We were super sad because we’d wanted to
make that one last great memory, before the next chapter in our lives. So, the day
after my parents left, my best friend, Marla calls me up: “Hey Rachel,
why don’t we use your place for the party? It’s big, beautiful and you have a
pool -it’s the perfect spot!” “I don’t know.” I told her “My parents were really clear.
Nobody’s allowed over.” Marla is a really good persuader.”Time’s running out! Listen,
they’re gone for another two days. If we throw a party they’ll never know. I’ll
stay around afterward and help you clean up, and if you get in trouble, I’ll take
the blame. I promise.” So, ah… yeah. Party at Rachel’s! We were
gonna have it that night. Marla handled the invitations and was bringing all the
food and drinks, so all I had to do was clean up.
And bribe my brother so he wouldn’t tell. My brother is… something. He promised
to call my parents right then and there unless he could invite a couple of
friends. I was so mad at him. I mean who wants a bunch of freshmen at an almost
college party? But eventually, we agreed that they’d hang out up in his room and
my friends would be downstairs and out at the poo.l Marla showed up around 8:00
and we started to set up for the party. We blew up
balloons, set up the snack table by the pool, and laid out a buttload of cheap
towels from Target. It accorded to nine my brother’s little friends showed up
and we sent them all up to his room. And then finally it was 9:30 and our friends
started showing up. It was great hanging out with all my closest friends by the
poo.l We were having a blast when suddenly I heard the doorbell ring. This
late, that could only mean one thing. I glared at Marla. “This is supposed to be a
small, friends- only party. Who else did you invite?” Her eyes widened “Small,
friends- only? I thought we decided on a big summer bash.” “AT MY HOUSE???” I yelled,
leaping to my feet and running over to the front door. I flung it open and saw
like half of my senior class milling around on my front lawn. Some of them
were drinking beer, a few had cigarettes, and they all wanted to get in. I was
shocked and terrified that my parents would find out. How could they not? This
was probably the biggest party in the history of my neighborhood. I turned back
to Marla: “You are so dead!” I hissed She smiled apologetically. “Hey the door is
open!” -a voice yelled from the crowd “Let’s head in!” I stood speechless and on the
verge of tears as like fifty people fled it past me into my parents immaculate
home. As the last of the people filtered through, I made eye contact with a tall
dark-haired guy at the very back. Running over to Marla, I grabbed her sleeve and
yanked her into the kitchen. “You invited MATT?” I whisper yelled. “What the heck Marla?
I’ve liked him for years and now he’s going to see me humiliated in front of
all these people, when I tell them all they have to go home. Thanks a lot!” “Why
would you tell them they need to go home?” Marla asked, frowning. I couldn’t believe
her. “Are you kidding me? There’s already food dropped everywhere,
and beer cans in the pool. Having this many people here is going to wreck my
house. There’s no way on earth but my parents won’t find out. Marla sighed: “Look,
I think it’s going to be fine, but do what you have to do.” So I left the
kitchen and started walking out to the pool. I felt like an idiot, having to tell
everyone to leave, but I knew that I couldn’t let them stay and ruin our
house. Then someone touched my shoulder. I turned around and…
there was Matt! He smiled at me and my mouth just dropped open.
“Hi Rachel!” he said. I struggled to pull myself together. “Hi Matt!” he smiled again.
“I think it’s really cool that you’re having the end of the summer party. The
party’s awesome and the place looks great.”
“Oh -I bet my lip- thank you.” Maybe throwing the party wasn’t such a bad idea. I made
up my mind. I didn’t want to embarrass myself in
front of Matt, and I didn’t want all my classmates thinking I was a loser. So I
wasn’t going to call off the party. I’d enjoy myself and have a good time and
when it was all over, I’d make Marla clean up all by herself. I smiled at Matt.
Nothing was going to ruin this evening. “Do you want to dance?” I asked him
suddenly. He looked surprised then he smiled at me, and said “Sure!” and we headed
to the patio where the music was playing. We started to dance and I felt like
maybe he wanted to kiss me. went out of the corner of my eye I saw someone
flying down the stairs. My brother shot out of the house looking around wildly.
When he spotted me, he raced over. “Rachel!” he gassed, out of breath “I need your help
upstairs. It’s Maxine, she’s having the puppies!” I couldn’t believe it.
How could this happen in this moment? Worst timing ever. But I had to deal with
it. I grabbed my brother: “Go tell Marla to get rid of everyone. I’ll head upstairs and
take care of Maxine” I turned to Matt: “I’m so sorry, but the party’s over. My dog’s
having puppies.” His eyes widened “Hey, I can help. My mom is a vet. I’ll call her
right now.” I thanked him and rushed upstairs. All my brother’s friends were
clearing out of his room and poor little Maxine was lying on her doggy bed,
yelping in pain. I sat down next to her on the verge of hysterics and started
rubbing her head. “Everything’s gonna be all righ,t baby girl. I love you.
Everything will be all right.” Ten minutes later Matt’s mom ran up the stairs with
Marla, Matt, and my brother following close behind. She pushed me gently out of
the way and started to tend to Maxine. Marla hugged me. “I got everyone out, don’t
worry about it!” At this point I was sobbing like a baby.
So I hugged her tightly before turning to Matt’s mom. “Do you need any help?” I
asked. She smiled at me “I just need you to get a bucket of warm water and a pile
of towels. I can handle it from here.” My brother and I followed her directions
and about an hour late Maxine was doing wonderfully…and so were her four puppies! They were adorable, snoozing together
curled up against Maxine’s fuzzy tummy. We all thanked Matt and his mom for coming
to our rescue. Matt gave me a hug and then he handed me a slip of paper with
his number on it. I know, I blushed and promised to text him the next day.
Marla helped me clean up the house, apologizing the whole time for inviting
so many people. We hugged and made up, and then my brother and I went back upstairs
to watch the pups. Everything was going to be all right. Or so I thought.
The next day, my mother called. Marla’s mom had told her about the party. She was
very upset, and she told me she’ll deal with me once she is back. Oh my… But
eventually, everything did have a happy ending. Yeah, my mom was upset at first,
but she quickly got over it – after all I helped Maxine and the puppies, plus I
was about to leave for college and that made her much more forgiving. Matt and I
started dating and Marla, Matt, my brother, and I each have an adorable little puppy.
Mine is called snowball because she looks like a little white furball! So,
yeah, that’s the story of my house party. Sure, it was not the perfect party we had
been dreaming about; the guests had to leave early, and my parents got pretty
mad because of it. But Maxine gave birth to healthy puppies
and it helped me get together with Matt. So overall, I think it was a win even
though it was a crazy night. Have you ever had a party that went out of
control? Share it in the comments below! Thanks a
lot for watching and subscribing and see you guys next time!

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  2. For real though, your channel is so underrated!
    Your animations are great, your voice actors are doing an amazing job and the stories are cool too.
    I hope more people sub to this channel hehe

  3. Hi!
    Awwwww, puppies! Glad to hear the dogs are fine. What a story! It’s so crazy!!! Other story channels need to know that if they want a good video, they need to bring in ones with good ol’ dogs!
    Once again, the VA sounds like an actual teen telling a story instead of a VA. Geez, you have good VAs!
    Why does this remind me of a certain Phineas & Ferb episode? Well, at least it had a sweet ending… and then it didn’t, then it did 😅
    Great story My Crazy Story!

  4. You got lucky because it's your dog wasn't pregnant I say would have been grounded for life but the news has the dog is okay and also you know you learn to tell your friend if you want to do a party tell them specifically what kind of party you want so if next time you choose to throw a party make sure you be prepared and more prepared than ever

  5. I had at least four parties at my parents house. I never once got caught. The key was inviting only responsible friends and keep the guest list not too big.

  6. I remember my mom was throwing a New Years party me and my cousins were in the room sleep until there was a fight there between my mom and other people me and my cousin were 4 at the time so my mom got us up and we sat on the porch waiting for my cousins Annie mom to come get us

  7. Please do this story: Hi im Kayla and i was a straight a student in 5th grade i liked this boy and he liked me back 5 weeks later i started losing feelings until he asked me out i was so so happy 😅All my feeling came back i said yes of course 💟 I had this friend her name was Nicole i was so happy to tell her about it until she pushed me and said oops I WAS SO MAD 😠 The next week i saw Nicole kissing my boyfriend i screamed at him "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE" I ran inside and cried for the rest of the school day i hid from my class when school was over i ran in my class to quickly grab my backpack 🎒 Until my boyfriend "Alexander" started chasing me down the hall luckly there are no cameras in that school hall he pushed me in the bathroom were girls and boys can go in he locked the door and gave me a kiss 💋 Most people would hate that me i gave him a hug and a dirty look and said cheater in a whisper😰😰😰😰😰IM SO STUPID because the next day nicole told alexander i hate you and i SAID U WANT ME BACK YET he said yes and i said really😅Im in sixth grade know and me and alexander are still together but I wish he never did that💟💟💟💟💟💟💟The end

    Btw i have black hair two braids and a yellow croc top black legging and checker vans and a yellow scrunchy oh and one green eye and one blue eye♍♍♍♍This is my friends story

  8. One night I threw a party bc I thought my parents were gone and I saw my dad smoking pot in the next room talking and drinking with my friends

  9. Wow. That was so cute and so cool. I am so happy about Rachel and Maxine. Well, i am hoping that Matt wont leave Rachel ever and have one "puppy" for two of them. (And i HOPE she wont get in trouble for that.)
    I dunno if you catched my drift. 😉

    ALWAYS listen to your parents. Being a rebel is cool and exciting. But still. They know the BEST!

  10. my dog had puppies 2 times and the first time there where 9 but only 6 lived and the second time there where 11 and 9 lived, we only kept 1 puppy and her name is Nala

  11. Wait, how did her parents let her get a puppy after throwing a party. My mom would be furious and wouldn't let me leave the house.

  12. My brothers throws house parties like every day (he lives next door) and once during one of his raging parties that goes on until like 3 a.m. he had over some boys that were not invited and they refused to leave. It got kinda crazy because some of them were what we call batu heads (crystal meth users) and things could of gotten a lot worse than they did but I wish my brother would take that lesson but no he still goes crazy and throws parties everyone knows about so anyone can just show up.

  13. How can you think the party was terrible if your mom did not punish you you got a cut puppy and a boyfriend and your dream to have a party came true!?!????!!!?!!!?

  14. Imagine if your party ends up like this,
    1 a boyfriend
    2 a cute little puppy
    3 you didn't break off with your friend
    4 your mom forgaveed you
    5 a happy ending

  15. Me: thinks about throwing a party at home.

    My mom: 👀

    Mom: Get that thought out of your head before I'll have to slap it out myself.

    Me: 😶

  16. When I was there for the meeting with something else to do with the rest of the week is going in for surgery ☹️ if Donegal you can call me at your convenience please let the way home from now on I will see you then and there at your convenience to discuss the details of my first time doing this ❤️

  17. She : one hour later my dog gived birht to wonderful puppies

    Me: i wonder how long it takes to give birht to real baby’s

  18. If your reading this random comment:

    1) Thank you!

    2)Hope you have the best day!!!

    3)be awesome!!! (Don't forget) 😎

  19. This is why i plan on buying a house with a pool so i can have parties since i was never invited to major parties except birthday parties but because i am a positive guy i believe one day i'll have my own house in which i'll have my own parties.

  20. I really love the American culture of treating dogs like an actual human family member, but in my opinion this had got into the shocking stage that they worry even in its given birth? In our country we just normally get surpised when our dog gives birth we’ll just be seeing them giving breast feel to their puppies, my dog would not stop barking calling me if she gives birth to show her puppies. I dont think there’s no much differences tho, only like this gotten way much that really shocked me 😶

  21. This was the best story ever i even cried at the same time she started crying i loved this story so much i love animated stories that involve cool stories or animals in a postive way i loved this

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