Neck Tattoo vs Mountain Dew | Shayne Smith | Dry Bar Comedy

Neck Tattoo vs Mountain Dew | Shayne Smith | Dry Bar Comedy

I’m happy to be here. I feel some of you are like okay. What’s going on with this guy, you know? Are we at a show or are we being robbed, you know? You are at a show, but you might also be getting robbed; time will tell, okay? Let’s talk about me for a moment. We’ll start with some basics. I live across the street from a 7-eleven all right It’s not funny yet, but okay cool I drink a lot of Mountain Dew okay, it’s like my only vice I drink a lot of Mountain Dew. I’m in that 7-eleven constantly drinking Mountain Dew okay, getting refills I’m in there so often that everyone who works in that 7-eleven They have a nickname for me when they see me they call me Mountain Dew guy Yeah, do you guys know how much Mountain Dew I have to drink not to have the nickname throat tattoo guy It is a lot It’s so much mountain do you guys it’s a lot It’s… For me to walk into 7-eleven and the guy to be like Mountain Dew guy and the new guy who works here to be like not throat or face tattoo guy? He drinks more Mountain Dew than the fact that he ruined his life by tattooing his face The guy’s like yeah, what aren’t you getting about this you know? Yeah, I also know it was a bad idea to tattoo my face. Just so we’re all on the same page, okay? Yeah Yeah, I uh? When I tattooed my face well, I didn’t when I got my face tattooed When I got my face tattooed I was like there will be positives and there will be negatives You know I want to be honest with you guys it has been mostly negative so far. Okay. I can’t even think of one positive, I’m gonna be real with you guys uh So I’m here to make you laugh tonight, but I’m also here to say if some of you are thinking about tattooing your face Probably don’t, okay I saw – I saw some of you come in and I don’t think you could handle it all right, it’s not Could not hack it. It’s it’s rough out here All my tattoos are real, I shouldn’t have to say that But sometimes after shows I meet people and they’re like wow crazy man You look crazy. Are those all real? And I have to be like what what are you talking about right now? Of course they’re real. What do you think I drew all these on today? I just wake up every day and draw these on Like what would I stand to gain from drawing fake tattoos on my throat and face? I just wake up every morning, and I’m drawing them on like you know what I just want to old people to be afraid of me That’s what I’m about you know I just wake up every day and draw tattoos on my fingers like I just want to struggle in job interviews. You know When one time after a show, a lady comes up to me, and she’s like don’t be so hard on yourself And I’m like thank you so much. Will you give me a job and she was like it’s nice meeting you Comeback! I need work. Subscribe to drive our comedy for even more of the world’s largest collection of clean comedy

100 thoughts on “Neck Tattoo vs Mountain Dew | Shayne Smith | Dry Bar Comedy

  1. Not a big comedy lover, but your my favorite comedian now, hands down. So funny I can’t wait to see more of your stuff shayne

  2. Draw on tattoos every morning? Guess he hasn't heard of temporary tattoos… I love temporary tattoos. I use them on myself and to add flair to my painted rocks.

  3. You know the great thing about dating a self destructive guy is, when he breaks up with you, things must have been going great.

  4. I’m pretty sure on his right forearm that is a Celestial Being tattoo. The main characters group from a Gundam 00. Anyone know if he has anything where he explains his tats to see if that is right?

  5. Shane Smith, you are very good looking. I was never good looking in my life. I have been watching several of your videos lately, and I find you to be extremely funny. Good luck in your career.

  6. Really curious the story behind the face tattoos. They honestly do not seem like they fit his style/personality at all (a lot of tattoos on the arm are common enough now though). Wondering if he used to be more into another subculture where that look would make sense (bikers?), was extremely drunk, had a complex from being bullied and thought getting tattoos like that would intimidate people, had an addiction to getting tattoos?

  7. "Do you know how hard it is to not be called throat tattoo guy?" Not as hard as it is for me to laugh at this skit. Next.

  8. I think his face/neck tattoos look awesome! Such a shame society is so judgmental when it comes to tattoos and people's appearance.

  9. Elon musk should hire this guy to be his pr guy. Because you know this guy would do amazing in a meeting with share holders.

  10. Is this guy GAY . I think he is . Not that it matter nor u care just wondering . Or maybe he is from LA alot of white people from LA have that kinda gay Persona about them and that gay accent. I met a bunch of people from LA to head that gay accent and I would think they're gay and then I would see him what the chick and I would be surprised. Maybe there just so much gay in west Hollywood would that gay voice or accident just sticks to people

  11. As a person with tattoos, I dnt understand wat tats have to do with the ability to do a job or have great skills in any sort of job field?

  12. If I’m being honest, I’d go on a date with him. He doesn’t seem threatening at all, even with all the tattoos.

  13. i have one arm sleeved to my finger nails my chest stomach and back done and even i wouldnt get my throat and face done

  14. I can’t tell if he has his septum pierced or not? But he makes me believe that if I get my face tattooed I could have a great life.

  15. Come to texas we all have face tats and jobs and get paid very well f i say so my self
    Meaning i support my wife and 2 kids and im the only one who works

  16. They ask if your Tattoos are real because they can't imagine someone, anyone doing that for reals! lol

  17. Those middle class white boy looks combined with the tattoos. He’s a lightening bolt of appeal fired directly at my groin ?

  18. Eating lunch at work and he said Mt Dew so many times, I got up and went and bought a Mt Dew from the vending machine. ?

  19. Shayne Smith's delivery and humour reminds me so much of DeAnn Smith, and they look enough alike to be related. Brother and sister perhaps??? Enquiring minds want to know …

  20. If it weren't for the tattoos then I would have sworn this guy was my youth pastor at one point

  21. At 0:30 I was like, "Mountain Dew is your only vice? What about…" Then it all got explained.

  22. His face tattoos say something, but his glasses, skinny jeans, and flannel say something else. They say that he is one Fossil watch and satchel away from being a barista in a locally-owned coffee shop that sells organic, fair trade, single-origin coffee, which you can order with almond, coconut, or oat milk, and all their bakery items are gluten-free. He does live-edge wood cutting in his spare time, but you probably haven't heard of it.

  23. Shayne, please never go to Japan, over there you get ostracized for a "live Laugh Love" tattoo in your wrist….. you'd probably be publically lynched

  24. Remember when tattoos used to be an indicator for a hardcore motherfucker… now they are just a fashion statement by hipster douche bags that have never been in a fight

  25. I don't respect people with neck tattoos or face tattoos. I don't think they are emotional stable. They have a lot of internal problems.

  26. You know, I find it hard to judge people for their looks when there are seemingly "normal" folk willing to dress up as a clown. What ever the reason clown appearances are fricken ridiculous and I've seen nothing that compares to that level of colorful creepiness.

  27. But seriously, why did he get a huge, ugly, brightly colored tattoo on his neck? Is he insecure about it and that was his way of embracing it?

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