100 thoughts on “New Tape Shows Donald Trump And Jeffrey Epstein At Mar-A-Lago Party In 1992 | TODAY

  1. Epstein's airport that he used to get girls in & out of the country, Teterboro, is only 30 miles from Trump Tower, and 40 miles from Trump's Bedminster golf club.

  2. You try and try and try yet you still fail , fail, fail. Fake loser news you are so pathetic it's beyond belief instead of praising the man for what he is doing and continue to do you try to smear him and his family. Trump 2020 in spite of your constant harassment of a man that REALLY has our great nation in his heart. Can you say the same for The divider in chief Muslim Barry Hussein or scally wag CROOKED HILLARY? I THINK NOT!!!!!!!

  3. Does anybody remember a certain picture that came out after Barry Hussein Obama thankfully left the white house? The one with Barry Hussein Obama shaking hands with the Muslim brotherhood TERRORIST Louis Farrakhan???🤔🤔🤔🤔MMMMMM

  4. She took money then, she took money afterwards to stay quiet, now she’s looking to take money as a settlement. We need to redefine the term “victim”.

  5. Trump barred him from here after Trump found out he hit on one of his friends daughter but Clinton embraced Epstein. Where’s the news on that

  6. How meany times trump visited Epstein pedo island as Clinton's bushes so forth Epstein sighned his will 2 days before his death strange ain't it maby his death was faked and a look a like got murdered


  8. Melania met Trump at Epstein club, the Kit Kat Club which is owned by G Maxwell.
    Oh by the way they also have a club like that on the island which is underground.

  9. He doesn't look like "the joker", he looks like a half-breed Jew with deformed teeth. These Jews have been assaulting women since the dawn of time. People are just NOW hearing about it! Harvey Weinstein? I could list a hundred more. "Casting couch". and who owned all the movie companies? Jews.

  10. Notice the forehead of Trump in the 1992 video is Caucasoid where the forehead protrudes in a domelike fashion. Whereas the White House Trump has a flat Mongoloid forehead. This is not obvious at first glance.

  11. Inthe video when you see Trump talk in Epstein’s ear I bet he was telling him I already picked which girls I’m taking home tonight.

  12. So….about Trump, a billionaire alpha male who likes beautify women is a crime?

    About Epstein, idk the guy, but….we’re supposed to blindly and faithfully believe all these tattooed skankss wh0ress, that probably ran around with a million men who are now trying to portray themselves as innocent little angels 👼🏻 victims,
    demanding MONEY 💰 ? P L E E E A A S S E E !!!!

  13. Both Epstein and Trump are defendants in a lawsuit for molesting a 13 and a 15 year old. Both Trump and Epstein are sick predators.

  14. And these Idiots are ruling the world…..
    Simple and truth is that….
    In this era of deception.
    WORLD MUST GO OPPOSITE TO THE POLICIES OF USA for the sake of humanity.

  15. Seriously? Could you dig into everyone else! Why is this showing up on current when he’s been dead for 3 months?! Why to go YouTube in keeping up on current news.

  16. Zero news from the liberal media about the recent evidence that Epstein was indeed murdered. Instead, they just create misleading stories to pin him to Trump. Trump kicked the guy out of Mar-a-lago, but what about Bill Clinton? Uh oh, crooked libs.

  17. That tall dude in the beginning though… how tall you should be to make Donald Trump look short who himself is pretty tall.

  18. Jefferey Epstein is a terrific guy. He likes women as much as I do and some are on the younger side. -Donald Trump

  19. I love how the anti-Trumpers say, “oooh, Trump is gonna get exposed” Exposed for WHAT??!? Epstein was a billionaire, of course he’s going to be seen with other billionaires. So they selectively dig up a 1992 clip of him and Epstein, OOOOOOHHHHH!! Just IMAGINE all the celebs/high rank officials they DONT show you…. BUT they’ll show you this cuz the propaganda news is all anti-Trump. Why don’t we focus on Clintons 26 flights on Ebstein’s Lolita Express. A PROVEN occurrence via flight logs: https://www.scribd.com/document/419520444/Epstein-Flight-logs …Oh, and by the way, which was also partially leaked by that ABC anchor by Project Veritas. Stay tuned for more leaks…. if you’re actually intelligent to know what a leak is and the magnitude thereof!!

  20. They had a fallout because he went after Trump's ex wife and they had beef over a golf course. Y'all are on a witch Hunt 🤣🤣🤣

  21. some memes reaction:
    0:05 when you realize that you will be president
    0:26 you and your homie looking for hot fine chicks

  22. Then Trump soon found out Epstein was 'creepy'! Happens all the time. All ya got is footage from 1992? 🤔 If they were long time friends, you'd have recent photos. You left out Epstein moved next to him, Trump invited him once to his home for a party to be neighborly. Epstein hit on one of his friend's teen daughters and Trump had him leave & never invited him back. Research folks! Focus on Bill & Prince Andrew! Bill rode 26 times in Epstein's plane to pedoland. Prince Andrew stripped of his fake responsibilities. Any footage of this? Trump was not listed on his plane or creepy Island. Hillary was there too many times. Real Journalism gives facts.

  23. I bet all those girls are missing children that have been brain washed so they can be used by Satanic Pedophile gangs to black Mail Politician's. ( ;

  24. This was 1992 when no one knew what he was doing. When Trump was alerted to what Epstein was about in 2004 he kicked him out of his Mar-A-Lago place. Bill Clinton on the other hand carried on his relations with Epstein and flew 27 times on his 'Lolita Express' airplane (according to flight records). This is just another dig at Trump. I wish the media would report on the real stories instead of just trying to dump on Trump all the time. By doing so they are party to allowing real criminals get away with their crimes. Shame on you 'Today Show"

  25. A bent person protected by a bent system. The public have had enough, this is it people forget about extinction rebellion. This is our opportunity to bring down the people and the system that protects them. The royals are crumbling the rest will follow. Wake up people this is your children's future.

  26. Show the part where Bill Clinton flew on Epstein's Lolita Express over two-dozen times, how Bill and Hillary and numerous other leftists were as thick as thieves with Epstein up to the time of his arrest.

    Now show where Trump flew on it even once — oh that's right, Trump never did, and had actually disassociated himself with Epstein long, long ago.

  27. Show the part where Bill Clinton flew on Epstein's Lolita Express over two-dozen times, how Bill and Hillary and numerous other leftists were as thick as thieves with Epstein up to the time of his arrest. Now show where Trump flew on it even once — oh that's right, Trump never did, and had actually disassociated himself with Epstein long, long ago.

  28. A PICTURE FROM >30 YEARS AGO< AND WITH ALL CLOTHES ON! A BS pic and a BS "news article" in UK TABLOID STYLE! ..disgusting. No UK Royals found on pics yet? Well 6 years ago they did!!

  29. Trump wanted Epstein dead, among others, because Epstein knows the truth about the Illuminati elite, which Trump has always been a part of!

  30. This is what the democrats keep referring to when defending clinton..27 year old footage, before Trump figured Epstein for what he truly was, and clinton kept going back for MORE!!!

  31. Ever after death he is being protected. Would love to see Epstein's photos, his diaries, his client lists, guest list, staff list…. somehow we all know the files will go missing from police storage/& the prosecutor's retention files in every state he has been charged an offence. Power+money creates a lot of sick behavior, that is open for blackmail and Jeffery was a master… glad he is dead.

  32. they enjoyed lot..only useless men who commenting about them are waste and non supportive.women nowadays using these type men to do nonsense in nature.

  33. Trump BANNED Epstein from his hotel after learning about what a creep he was. Trump has also never visited pedo island (unlike Oprah, Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Stephen Colbert, Anderson Cooper, Ben Affleck  etc. etc.). FACTS

  34. Trump pointing out women, and Epstein looking at them thinking to himself, "No thanks. I like them a lot younger than that…"

  35. lol look at your desperate hungry Zionists trying so desperately to tarnish Trumps good name. Don't you schmucks know how it works? The harder you try to get rid of him to more we will love him. Morons.

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