New Year 2017: Shedding the Old Skin | Sadhguru

New Year 2017: Shedding the Old Skin | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: In the journey of the planet or
the planetary movement, winter solstice symbolizes and represents for the northern hemisphere-
a new beginning, a new possibility, fresh lease of life. It’s like the planet is on a molt. Many creatures on this planet, particularly… (Laughs) when I think of any animal the first
thing I think of is a cobra, I’m sorry (Laughter). The cobras’ mul… molt that means they…
when they think it’s time or when it is time they leave a layer of their skin out. A fresh beginning. So coming of the New Year is like a molting
for the planet and for all life. This is now… at this time of the year it
is particularly relevant for the northern hemisphere because life is going into a certain
gear which is full of harvest, full of flower, full of fruit. Lot of people think a new year is coming means;
they must do the silliest things possible. Yes. That’s how they welcome the New Year because
we have this idea, having fun means you got to do something silly. When will we change this idea that we can
do something very profound and have fun? Is it not time? Is it not time that our idea of a party becomes
something profound we do and that’s our party We learn to enjoy profound things not necessarily
silly things. So the coming New Year do you have the…
do you have the courage to commit yourself to something which is larger than yourself? Participants: Yes. To make something happen in this world which
is bigger than you. Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: That’s what being human means. Every other creature functions according to
its instinct, lives and dies according to the natural laws. Being human means we can transcend the so
called natural laws and make something happen which is larger than ourselves
because you cannot save this life, you can only expend this life. Because if you sit here also it will die. If you walk also it will die. If you create something fantastic it will
die. If you do something very profound it’ll
still die. If you do something silly also you will die. Anyway you cannot save it. Yes? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: You cannot save this. You can’t frame this life and keep it somewhere. This got to go. Only thing is – how? And this how is the privilege of being human. No other creature has this how to expend their
life, it’s all fixed. We have this how in our hands. How have I… how am I going to expend this
life, this how is in our hands. How beautiful, how profound, how magnificent
or how silly, how useless, how lethargic. ‘So, Sadhguru are you preparing us for a
New Year resolution (Laughter)’? I won’t do anything silly like that (Laughter). The quality of human life will only truly
change when we change within ourselves, otherwise we could be in the most beautiful place feeling
miserable. To create what you want within yourself, you
got to bring yourself together. At least that we must be able to do. Yes. It’ll be good if you can create something
fantastic in the world but at least, something fantastic must happen within you, isn’t
it? If something fantastic is happening here (Referring
to oneself) how can the world stop you from creating something fantastic in the world? The world has no such power to stop you. We need to understand this, without making
something truly fantastic happening here, if you attempt to create something fantastic
in the world it could become tyrannical, it could become a disastrous process. So without taking a resolution… just coming
to your senses doesn’t need a resolution (Laughter). Do we… Should we do an amendment to the constitution
that all Indians should be joyful to start with? It doesn’t need a law. It’s doesn’t need a declaration,
it doesn’t need a constitution. It’s time for you to molt, that is- to shed
the old skin and come up fresh and alive. A crawly creature like a snake has this much
wisdom, tch, we could expect that much from you. In some way, why don’t you tear down your
old nonsense? Let something new happen. When a snake or a cockroach or whatever else
molts, they become very fragile for a period of time. It’s a big risk living in nature without
skin for few days or weeks, it’s a big risk. Just a bunch of ants can get you, you know? They can take your life. So it’s a huge risk that they take but even
these little creatures have this much wisdom. It is time you take that risk with your life. You tear down something about you which has
hung on with you for a long time but it’s no good. Tear it down in the next few days. Let’s see what life does to you. Let’s see what your Sadhguru does to you,
please tear it down (Applause). I have been waiting for a long time for the
thick skin to go (Laughs). Tear down that skin let’s see what we can
do (Laughs). You want to see what we can do? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Tear down your old skin you will
s… I’ll show you what we can do (Laughs). I can make you drip with ecstasy if you tear
down your rubbish.

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  1. best way to start 2017.. listening Sadguru in loop.. i wish i remeber and bring into practice every bit.. blessed to start my year with so much positivity.

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  3. This has been a very inspiring message to hear to start off the new year. Thankyou Sadhguru for all of your guidance; All my love to you (happy new year) 🙂

  4. Sadhguru you always say so deep meaning things in such simple words. I'm just thinking what do I need to tear down.

  5. I want to start my new year 2017 by thanking respected Sadhguru for the everything you have given to me and the millions of people all over the world. Thank You Sadhguru. Love You.

  6. Agreed…Amazing how you put everything in very simple words. Your talks are very inspiring and I admire your work. Thank you.

  7. very unfortunately I listen your speech. most truth full says about the secret of Life. one more thanks to your ammezing voice..

  8. "It's time for you to mount, that is to shed the old skin. Come out fresh and alive. A crawly creature like a snake has this much wisdom, could you expect that much from you? "

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