New Year Fitness Routine: Getting started in the gym

New Year Fitness Routine: Getting started in the gym

For your warm-up what you really want
to have is something that targets the body parts you’re going to use so if you’re going to do a full-body warm-up or a full-body workout it’s pretty sensible
to do a full-body warm-up that means just getting onto a cross
trainer or even just using a very light bar to mimic all the movements you’re
gonna do It should take seven to ten minutes The cardio workout is a
45-minute workout with a series of intervals in it Three minutes slow about 50% of your workout two and a half minutes quite
fast about 70% of your max and 30 seconds at a full-out sprint You go back to recover,
do that seven times that’s your 45 minutes The cardio
workout is one way of burning lots of fat and that’s what we’re trying to do
here as well as get fit After 15 minutes of exercise your body’s main source of
fuel is fat but after 20 minutes your body begins to
produce a hormone called cortisol this stays spiked until about 45 minutes after which your body turns
itself into a fat-burning saw hours after you’re finished that workout In the weights workout what we’ve got included are squats, calf raises, bent
over rows, low pulls, chest press and bench press hits every area of the body and makes
you look good over the long term The weights workout is a good generic
workout for any beginner It hits the full body
so legs, back, arms, chest all those mirror muscles you wanna get to What benefits is it’s going to make you look good and it’s going to burn lots of fat Cool down should be more about static stretching basically stretching off the muscles
that you’ve just worked really really hard this will help loosen you
up a little bit and it’ll help you be less sore the next day

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