one of my favorite stories is about a man now this man is walking down a path and finds an egg an eagle’s egg he takes this egg and puts it into the nest of a backyard him pretty soon the Eagle hatches with the chicks and grows up with them now all his life that Eagle did what the chickens then he would poke around in the dirt looking for worms and insects to eat he would fly a few feet into the air like chickens do he cluck around this time pass that ego he grew very old and one day saw something above him this staying it it glided gracefully and majestically through the clouds what’s that the Eagle says oh that that’s an eagle one chicken response he is the king of all birds the master of the skies but we belong to the ground because we are just chickens don’t worry about him you will never be then and that Eagle lived and died a chicken because that is what he thought he was this new year it’s time to take flight you and me both know that you don’t belong where you are right now you don’t belong with some of the people you’re around right now you got no business doing what you’re doing right now you’re being a chicken when you were born an eagle so now the question is how long is it gonna take to make the decision to make the shift and show some courage show some character let me tell where characters funny you know character is the ability to carry out a resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed I’m gonna say that again because some of y’all might have missed it character is the ability to carry out a resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed are you gonna say you want to wanna do something do it for two weeks and then quit like you did last year like you did the year before last you say you want to lose weight get in shape get your business off the ground get closer to God and then turn around and party get lit drink alcohol eat like crap and continue to live below who you were created to be thereby committing the greatest sin known to man no no no no no no I’m not I’m not religious but I’m gonna take you to church watch this see the word sin once they see the word sin comes from the Greek word sin used in archery it means to miss your mark the greatest sin in life is to miss your mark to not be who you were created to be to be a chicken instead of an eagle I don’t know if you guys remember growing up the story of Icarus you know a lot of people remember the Icarus being this guy who he had to the wings made out of wax his father cautioned him not to fly too high or the Sun will melt your wings and what happened it was Icarus his arrogance that caused him to fly too high Sun melted his wings and boom fell to the earth dead but that’s not the full story no no no you you didn’t know there was more to it see Icarus his father also cautioned him against flying too low he said don’t fly too close to the sea or your weight will cause you to plummet into the water see we all know not to be too arrogant throughout most of us but how many of us know not to be too humble to meet too timid too shy too safe it is said that the greatest tragedy in life is not that people aim too high and miss it is that people aim too low and hit I see a lot of people on Facebook now everywhere Instagram I’m talking about the friendzone ha laughs hee hee he’s in the friendzone look at the hover hand but I don’t see too many people making jokes about the other zone the comfort zone ain’t no memes about that ain’t no jokes you know why because a lot of y’all in there well in this new year let’s step out of our comfort zone fortune favors the bold and it is the cave that you fear the cave that you fear that will hold the treasure that you desire forget a new year’s resolution forget it let’s make a new life resolution to be fully and authentically you I don’t know what dream you have but I can guarantee you there’s somebody in the hospital right now playing begging God to have the opportunity that you have right now don’t blow it it is time it is time to go from mediocre to meteoric it is time to go from being counted out to being counted on it is time to fly the evil you are oh do you want to continue to cluck with the chickens [Music]

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  1. I want to say thank you so much because this inspired me so much because I’ve always dreamed of flying high just like an eagle being successful and being counted on and prove to the people who didn’t believe that in me wrong but I always put it on off telling myself that I’ll do it later but years passed now and I still haven’t gotten around to getting my life together but watching this I felt really inspired and I won’t put it off anymore and live what I have always dreamed of thank you so much this really helped me getting my life together 😊

  2. Life is a God's bless. Don't waste it for any reason. Tell yourself this question: why would you create the "new year resolutions" if you don't follow them? Why would you promise yourself to pray more for example, but then getting drunk and saying horrible things to God? You know, when my best friend's mother passed away, I remember, my best friend told me that when she said her last prayer to God, her eyes were open and they were gleaming. Then she closed them, and know she's in God's arms. What a great woman. So then, do you want to leave in doubts and fear, or leave your life the best and having guaranteed a place in Heaven? Do you want to be the chicken, or do you want to be the eagle?

  3. You inspired me and a lot of other people with this video.
    Thank you for making us aware that we need to live to our potentials, and be thankful for what we have, even the things we have which we don't see yet, like opportunities.
    Thanks to your videos I have my focus right, seeing what's important and what's not.
    Thank you for that. <3

  4. You are my real school. School will never tell you stuff like in this video. Will just say non-important shit. I wish i could be eagle. But with the real life and state problems. I will die as chicken.

  5. I've been outside of my comfort zone for an entire month, I am learning more about my dark side than anything I've ever known. I'm seeing the the different sides of all of the people around me, my "friends" my family.

    I have always been one to be trusted and counted out, and I have warned others not to trust me too much, because I knew one day I would turn in a wrong direction and lead things down hill, but they didnt listen, they trusted me and followed me, and now look at where I am, I made a wrong choice and have ruined some people's lives, now I am stuck, not knowing what I should do, and not knowing how to find my way back to the place I call home.

  6. So spiritual even if you're not a spiritual guy bro its amazing dude you're so motivational I love your videos peace my bro

  7. I have goosebumps listening to you man.. Just like you advice us, keep being you and aim for the heights, love from France

  8. He’s talking about reaching new goals….. ok let me just let me get a victory Royale in fortnite and my job here is done

  9. God Bless you, you are carrying out your purpose on this planet, inspiring the hearts of others. You’re changing lives here while most people are just sitting there, wasting their limitless potential. I want to see you all actually take his advice and be who you feel you were meant to be.

  10. You are so, so, SO inspiring it’s literally not even funny. You make me wanna try! You make me wanna do my best! Thank you so much for that!!!

  11. Never start on a new year start on a new now!! Make now happen never leave anything for tomorrow because you never know if you will have a tomorrow!

  12. I am binging your vids and I have so much inspiration rn. I wish that everyone would quit Insta with trying to show how good their lives are when they could be having such a bad time. And yes not that many people that like my post or follow me are actually there for me irl. I love you

  13. I love your videos ur so inspirational and I feel like everyone is an eagle but once u find out you an eagle that’s when ur not a chicken

  14. you are made for much more than youtube and instagram videos. PLEASE sometime in the future run for president!!! you're changing lives RIGHT NOW, but you could change so mnay more. please run, you would change the world for the better more than you aready have <3333

  15. You are just a clever man and because you I want to do everything I wanted and to be anything I wanted just thank you

  16. If you read this comment I want to tell you something brother. You speak true about life but if you all solve this you are a true human- end it for evrything

  17. my new life resolution I will be spiritually more advanced I will be more spiritually advanced in my new life resolution

  18. What if someone is born a chicken and not an eagle.(I mean in the 3rd wolrd) You don't even have an opportunity. What can you do about it? 🤔

  19. Prince EA I know your probably not going to read this but I just want you to know that every time I watch one of your videos it inspires me to be a better me and I thank you for that

  20. What if…. some of us are actually chickens but because of ideas like this live our lives believing that we are eagles. So in the end there is nothing but regret and failure

  21. When I’m down I always watch his videos cauz there so inspirational and especially the school ones they literally help me a lot

  22. My god I used to hate those ted talks or motivational speeches but holy prince ea speeches actually convinces you, now that I think of it he’ll probably even be an awesome president

  23. Bro i dont knw what people think about u .. bt i wanna say that ur words are really helpful and meaningful to evryones life..keep motivating us keep making such videos u ❤️❤️

  24. It should not be correct because if everyone is gonna relate and everyone is an eagle then who is gonna be just the Goddamn chicken?

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