Newcastle Christmas Lights 2018

Newcastle Christmas Lights 2018

Will and I are here to turn on the
Christmas lights which were really looking forward to I know Will especially has been talking about it for week’s so it’s something that we are please to be involved in and I suppose a bit of an honour to get involved in Q. and quite a big year for Rugby, what is happening next year? A. Yeah so we’ve got the European Finals in 2019 and England Internationals as well so I think all in it’s pretty positive in terms of what’s
happening North East and rugby wise and obviously we are here to champion our sport Very very excited definitely as Lord
bear it’s a wonderful opportunity to officially switch on the lights on
behalf of the City Council I’ve shopped here for many many years enjoying
Christmas with all the lights and again this year second to none a fantastic array of lights and the crowd is fantastic you can hear them in the
background maybe I’m so excited I’m from Newcastle so you know every year I’ve
come down for the Christmas lights and this is the first time I’ve ever been
involved in it and it’s just so exciting tonight we’re down here home with the
NSPCC with Metro radio with the Newcastle Falcons and all to switch on the
Christmas lights and they’re being sponsored this year by the NSPCC they’re
doing that to highlight there and ‘shine a light’ campaign which is about shining
a light on child neglect at Christmas it’s going to be it’s a great occasion
here today it’s really there are thousands of people here to see the
lights come on and I just can’t wait to see them all lit up and ready for
Christmas 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Its Christmas!

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