Non-binary Father Christmas / Santa Claus??

Non-binary Father Christmas / Santa Claus??

I am sorry if I seem like I am attacking non-binary community but I am just explaining that we are two different communties within the LGBT….

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  1. Non-binaries believe that if boys and girls are pigeonholed into male and female gender roles, that promotes the patriarchy and rape culture so according to non-binary culture we have to deny the existence of male and female gender roles and look like a plank of wood

  2. Question for you is not normal but here it is. How does, or does other transgenders in other countries affect you? Such as I am Transgender from the United States. Has our politics affected your politics on transgenders?
    Our country is ripping its self apart from the inside right now. Do you have division within your country? If so how is it being handled?
    Ok, I will stop there and if you choose to talk about it, cool beans, if not, cool beans.
    Have a great Saturday.

  3. OMG Alley, it's a minefield out there. Saint Nicolas was chosen or evolved into the symbolic present giver, it wasn't Saint Catherine or Saint Lucy etc. The pope will have to beatify a non-binary person before a rebranding job is done that satisfies both sides :-). As an aside I have used the NB tag as I travel from MtF and am sympathetic to other views, but re-editing history does seem a step too far, even for my radical points of view. The daily mail has a reputation for highlighting these divisive stories and probably has a hand in the latest JK Rowling tweet outrage too. Seasonal greetings and love to you xx

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